Dr. Jennifer Walden Gives a Glimpse Into Her Life Through Instagram

Social media platforms offer viewers a glimpse into the private life of professionals from a range of walks of life. The Austin, Texas-based cosmetic surgery expert, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a confident user of Instagram which allows her to provide the public with a look at both her work and personal life. The mother of two and head of her own cosmetic surgery practice provides her followers with all the information they may need about the work she completes from her Austin, Texas offices.

Among the information provided through the Instagram account of Dr. Walden is that regarding the use of new techniques at her New York and Auston offices. Both offices are offering the innovative non-surgical buttock lift which can help patients reduce their cellulite and stretch marks in a minimally-invasive way. Dr. Jennifer Walden posts videos of these forms of cosmetic techniques and many of the more invasive techniques such as rhinoplasty which is one of the most commonly approved surgeries of the former New York surgeon. Many of the photos and videos show the surgeon in mid-procedure showing the professional nature of the work of the surgeon.

Alongside the images showing the work of Dr. Jennifer Walden in both New York and Austin are those showing her happy personal life. The mother to twin boys is obviously a proud parent happy to show off the achievements of her children to her Instagram followers. Other images show the impact of the high-profile media career of the medical expert who has been featured in magazines and Websites in Auston and New York. Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently released her own range f cosmetics designed to reduce the impact of aging and has featured on radio and TV infomercials explaining the benefits of these products to the public.