Ted Bauman’s 3 Stock Market Crash Predictions

Stock market crashes are rare, but pretty much inevitable. There have been about 24 crashes and Bear markets throughout American history. Volatility and unpredictability are hallmarks of the stock market. Few people have the much-needed experience and discerning eye to be able to make fact-based predictions grounded by historical precedent. Ted Bauman is one of those few people. Specializing in asset protection, privacy, and low risk investment strategies, Ted Bauman has made his living in finance for over 25 years. He studied economics in South Africa, earning a post-graduate degree in the field, after which he gained decades of experience in the non-profit sector. Currently, Bauman serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. Recently Bauman outlined 3 plausible scenarios and his investment predictions for a stock market crash.

1. When Stocks Are Overvalued…

The bigger they are the harder they fall. The old adage applies to the stock market, too. Few investors remember that stocks are overvalued. Even fewer people ever realized it to begin with. This means that if the market was to return to the average ratio there would be a drop in the market that would have a detrimental effect. Investors would realize they can’t recoup their investments with future dividends and would bail out in droves to find profits, but this could create a crash.

2. The Unexpected

According to Ted Bauman, bond markets don’t expect anything phenomenal to happen with the country’s economy over the next several years. An unexpected shift of major proportions could very well cause a crash. A recession, to say the least, is one of those unexpected shifts.

3. The Old Crash and Bounce

Ted Bauman also mentions the possibility of what is known as a crash and bounce. It’s when there is a quick drop in the market immediately followed by a quick recovery. You can see a similar effect when fighters are knocked down and get up too early. There’s usually a much more substantial and dramatic fall coming afterward. Ted Bauman suggests the best course of action is to wait it out instead of panicking and making rash decisions.

More Than A Grain of Salt

With over 25 years of his career expertise and postgraduate degrees in both economics and history, Ted Bauman is a man that understands his financial industry in ways most people do not. His insights and predictions are backed by historical evidence and should be taken seriously by any investor looking to protect themselves from a crash.

The Influential Force Paul Mampilly

Following his graduation from Fordham University in 1991, Paul Mampilly is the person to give others his investment advice on making superb investments at momentous times. After hitting the Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust, he grasped the skill of investing and sustained building his working career with getting employed at an assemblage of legal firms. His inordinate strength comes from his monetary pinpoint on the big picture. Paul Mampilly serves as a senior editor of Banyan Hill Publishing focusing on assisting Main Street Americans to find opulence in growth technology, investing, opportunities and small-cap stocks.

In 2013, Paul Mampilly founded Capuchin Consulting, a firm whose clients are other adept investors making it yet another platform for Paul Mampilly to share the investment acuity he burgeoned throughout his career on Wall Street. His aptitude in investing was witnessed after he increased his original 50million to 88million during the financial crisis years of 2008 and 2009 on an investment competition that the Templeton Foundation runs. He gave a clear definition of a fresh look in great investment opportunities having actively traded in for precious metals markets for over 15 years being amazingly optimistic on precious metal rocks values.In the business world, he admires Elon Musk and the fact that Mr. Musk started Tesla where there was no market for electric cars.

Furthermore, his approbation in Mr. Musk is high because he was willing to invest more of his money when Tesla was facing liquidation. He has an eye on everything as he spends 12 to 14 hours a day following and reading the stocks that his clients have bought. In addition to, he keenly watches firms he considers investing in and is up to date on what is happening in the markets that can alter the prices of stocks.He has been a manager of a trading desk, served as an investment analyst and managed money; actions that an average investor has not been doing over the years making him having a better and more wittier comprehension of Wall Street that an average investor does not have. About Paul Mampilly, he is also a commentator on investments plans and business ventures.

A look at how Wes Edens has been an Integral Part on Fortress Investment Group’s Growth

Ever since its formation as a private equity in 1998, Fortress Investment group has made massive strides in the finance sector and is currently one of the leading alternative asset management firm not only domestically, but also internationally. The firm has always been a pacesetter in all its operations, and was even the first private equity ever; to go public in the NYSE. It began with an asset base of $400 million only, but today manages assets worth over $40 billion which indicates more than a hundred percent growth. With over 1700 investors on board, Fortress Investment group has always been, and is still a force to reckon in the finance arena. The impact of the firm can be felt in almost all areas of the finance arena as it specializes in nearly all the core areas that corporates are part of, from asset-based investing to corporate M&A’s.

Its massive and relentless growth can be attributed to its panel of responsible and experienced leaders, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman and Peter Briger who joined the firm in 2002. Even though Rob Kauffman is retired now, the three other principals have been an integral part of FIG’s consistent growth as they were all well versed with the departments they currently head before coming together to create Fortress. For instance, prior to the formation of Fortress, Wes Edens worked at Blackrock financial management where he was a partner and managing director. He also worked at Lehman where he played the same roles as Blackrock. This helped lay a good foundation for him as it equipped him with the skills and experience to run a more prominent investment firm. Thanks to that, when he joined hands with the other Principals, Wes Edens had what it takes to set Fortress on its full success throttle.

More about Wes Edens

Under his leadership, Fortress Investment group has achieved significant milestones. For instance, he led to firm to purchase Subprime lender Springfield financial services and also Centex home equity Company. Additionally, he is spearheading the operation of the Brightline railway line which connects the magic city, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This project has helped ease the traffic and congestion which is usually observed during rush hours and has made life comfortable for daily commuters between the two towns. The Brightline train which is already functional is the only rail project which is not under the US government thereby creating another win for this asset management firm, and this can be thanked to Mr. Edens. When he is not busy spearheading projects, Wes Edens is often busy tracking the progress of the Milwaukee Bucks, which he co-owns with his partner Marc Lasry. Wes is an avid sports fan and as such owns various sports teams such as the League of legends and many others.