Ricardo Tosto: A Famous Lawyer in Brazil

The legal system in Brazil is tough to navigate. Those who want to be lawyers take too much time learning about the Constitution. By the time one sets off to class, he or she is very old or about 24 years. In addition to that, you must be licensed for to you to start working. That is why being a lawyer in Brazil makes you so famous like Ricardo Tosto.

Six years back, Brazil had about 700,000 lawyers. Currently, many people have finished their career in law. In most schools of law, you must do a bar exam which gives you an opportunity to work in any field of law like contract law, class actions and tax law just to mention a few.

After that, you can also be employed in any law firm. These law firms especially the bigger ones are always busy with full of work. The big firms handle all issues concerning the law, and they may have up to 8000 lawyers. Smaller firms hire about 50-60 lawyers to work there and Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

Most firms in Brazil divide lawyers into three. One can either be an intern, associate or partner. Payment to partners is made according to what he or she brings to the firm. Associates are the salaried works and more information click here.

As mentioned early being a lawyer in Brazil makes you famous. That is why Ricardo Tosto is well recognized. He is best known for doing complex and hard litigation. Due to that, the office in which Ricardo Tosto worked became necessary in handling this common litigation in Brazil too. The office develops both financially and regarding labor action and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

Ricardo Tosto was one of the first people to provide the mass action model which put him in the front place of the legal services. In addition to that, Ricardo Tosto is a market leader, and he is very prominent. His work of litigation is always efficient and organized and resume him.

In addition to litigation, Ricardo Tosto’s office is also known for criminal litigation. Environmental law is also another field where Ricardo Tosto has specialized. He is known well for defending a hydroelectric plant. This law suit was set by the Public civil action to prevent the construction of the facility. But due to the help of Ricardo Tosto, the plant is still operating. Those are some of the achievements of Ricardo Tosto just to mention a few and https://ricardotosto.blog/.

How Things Have Changed for the Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

When Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey first started the Frontera Fund, they were doing everything that they could to help with every civil rights issue. They wanted to make sure that they were doing things the right way and that they were going to be able to bring changes to people through the help that they had for their lives.

This was something that the men were committed to and something that they continue to be able to do but they are now more interested in helping immigrants.

They know that these people are the ones who are having the hardest time with civil rights and they have to make sure that they can give them all of the options that they need to make their lives better.

It is something that the men have committed to do and something that they are hoping they will be able to make things better for people.

While Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are working to make the Frontera Fund better, they are still going to try and bring changes to the areas that they are in so that they can do more for people who are in different situations.

This is a huge part of the foundation that they started and it is something that has made sense for a majority of the people who are trying to make their lives better.

The Frontera Fund has been helpful and has been demonstrative in making things better for different people. It has allowed more people to try and change the options that they have.

There have been many other groups that people have been able to use to make things better.

This is a big part of what Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey but it has not been something that they knew how to do from the beginning. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

They were just journalists when they started but they are now able to do much more than what they wanted to do in the past. Since Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know how to try new things, they decided that the Frontera Fund would be the best way for them to truly make a difference no matter what they had going on in the situations they were in.

There were many different ways that people could try things and that they could do more with their lives. They wanted to make sure that they were helping others with the situations they were in and with the businesses that they had.

They have been able to give them the moral support, money and other things that will help them. Through the opportunities that they have with Frontera, they are doing what they can to make their lives better.

Jason Hope discusses the implications of widespread Internet of Things tech

One of the most promising developments of the last decade has been the introduction of the group of technologies broadly encompassed in the term Internet of Things. This new array of high tech gadgets and systems promises to radically change the way in which everyday Americans live. From self-driving cars to automated shopping, the Internet of Things is on the precipice of deeply transforming people’s lives, making things easier than they have ever been before.

One of the most vocal proponents of the Internet of Things is internet entrepreneur Jason Hope. Hope made a name for himself throughout the state of Arizona as the inventor of the premium content streaming model of mobile content delivery. Hope was able to beat companies such as Apple to the market by more than 10 years, pioneering a form of business that has turned into a multibillion dollar industry. In addition to this, Hope has founded dozens of other highly successful startups, making him one of the nation’s most talked about internet entrepreneurs.

With a resume like that, it’s no wonder that when Jason Hope speaks, the internet listens. One of the areas in which Hope sees the Internet of Things totally disrupting the status quo is in the realm of automation. Hope says that the Internet of Things and the technologies that will become a part of it will allow for a level of automation that has never before been imagined in the following: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

Hope points to many technologies that are already here. For example, Amazon is in the process of developing its own drone delivery systems. These promise to almost completely eliminate humans from the logistics equation, allowing for near-total automation of the order, fulfillment and delivery process. Hope says that we should expect to see similar levels of automation in almost every industry. He believes that this will take place within the next 10 years.

Duda Melzer’s Family Business

Eduardo Sirotsky is the President and Chairman of the RBS Group. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer succeeded Nelson Sirotsky on January 1, 2016. The company is a family organization. RBS Group was founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, Melzer’s grandfather. Since its formation, Duda is among the third generation members of the family to possess the company.

Having business knowledge from his family company, Eduardo Melzer established his organization known as Digital e.Bricks. Eduardo is also a partner at the e.Brick ventures. The company specializes in the investment firms under the digital industry. Over the years, e.Brick Ventures has grown with operations in popular countries including the United States of America and Brazil.

RBS Group provides journalism services, entertainment and contents through social media including radios, televisions, internet portals and newspapers to the Brazilians. Under Melzer’s instructions, RBS Group has developed affiliations for its 12 radio stations. The radio stations housed by RBS Group include Radio Gaucha, Farroupilha Radio, and 102.3 FM. To enhance the company’s information delivery, RBS Group carries operations in digital companies. Visit Clicrbs to know more.

Currently, Melzer associates with e.Brick digital in the digital media and technology sector. For more success in communication, RBS Group engages various publishers in its activities. Eduardo belives that the benefits that a company gets come from working with different entities. Eduardo Melzer also values the importance of operations feedback. Melzer thus works with Consumer Behavior Analysis firms to analyze information on the company’s performance. Mr. Melzer accomplishes this by connecting with HypermindR, a consumer’s analysis operator.

Duda’s educational experience was fascinating. Duda went to University of Pontifical of Rio Grande de Sul. There, Eduardo graduated with a degree in Business Administration. At the age of 44 years, Duda still valued education. He went to the Harvard Business School and attained a master in Business Administration and two other prestigious courses. His institutional knowledge is a supplement to his success.

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See more: http://redeglobo.globo.com/rs/rbstvrs/noticia/2012/07/eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-assume-presidencia-executiva-do-grupo-rbs.html

José Auriemo Neto Brings New Life to Brazil with JHSF

Brazil has seen a big surge in real estate. They are a growing country and the people who live in the country have noticed all of the changes that are happening. It is something that has made it easy for people who live there to be able to enjoy things and for people who are doing different things in their own businesses to be able to try new options. Since José Auriemo Neto has been working with JHSF and with the options that he has, he knows that there are going to be new opportunities for him to make changes in the market. As a developer, he feels that he has a lot of power in the market and that he can be directly responsible for the changes that are going to happen to Brazil in the coming years. He wants to make sure that all of these changes are positive ones and more information click here.

José Auriemo Neto worked by starting to create commercial developments. He did what he could to show people what they would be able to get out of the real estate development sector and that gave him a chance to try new things with the opportunities that he had. He wanted businesses to be able to come into the area and learn the different things that they could get out of the developments that he had built. When he was satisfied with that, the businesses started to hire people. All of those people needed a place to be able to live and learn more about Jose.

The second part of his plan was to develop residential properties. He wanted to make sure that all of the people who came to work in Brazil would have a place where they could live. He made sure that he made the developments unique and provided the people who were living there with all of the luxury that they needed. Now that he has been able to sell out the commercial and residential developments, he is going to begin working on retail developments. He knows that this is the next step to keep all of the people entertained and Jose’s lacrosse camp.

OSI Industries: Making Great Impact in the Food Industry

OSI Industries is a leading global food processing firm. OSI industries have their headquarters located in Aurora in the United States. They have stretched their wings to branches all round in 17 countries. The company entitles itself to a certain level of discipline with incredible efforts to meet all of their clients’ demands. This has established good word for the company which in turn brings in a favorable market. OSI group has about 20,000 employees working for them from all their branches. They deliver food products to various facilities that require food supply in humongous amounts.

Merge of the OSI Group and Baho Food

The Baho food company has been serving within Germany and Netherlands along with other companies specializing with meat and food snacks. The OSI group acquired part of the Baho Food Company and are still working together. The Baho Food Company has been doing incredibly well for almost two decades now. The industry together with other five successful food firms has been the main suppliers for Europe.

Baho is pleased to merge with OSI industries. David McDonald couldn’t be less enthusiastic about the idea. He thinks it will be good for both companies and will bring about better products. The OSI industry will widen their horizons of supply in Europe bring about more diversity and awareness of their products. It is an added advantage for the Baho group considering the unique relationship between OSI Group and their suppliers & customers.

Tyson Foods Plant trade

Tyson Food Plants had been on the verge of a catastrophic episode when the company was not doing very well. Hundreds of jobs were lost in the process, and this was one of its lowest moment. The OSI industries came to their rescue, and the disaster turned to victory. They provided them with the infrastructure to establish their business back to their former glory. The Tyson Food Plant then partnered with the OSI group, and it has been a turning point since then. They are doing well and supplying meals for a lot of clients. To know more about OSI Group click here.

Information about Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey grew up in Nawark as a son of constructor worker. He later moved to west in the 1960s to join Arizona State University. In the year 1970, how dropped out of the university after publishing the inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times in response to the coverage of the media of campus anti-war protests.

Lacey was then the executive editor of the New Times and Larkin who is his business partner. The two were heading up the advertising side, and they gained a lot of prominence by exploring the social and political issues that were in touch to the society. This gave a lot of attention to the New Times and became one of the best newspapers in the Arizona.

New Times took a different step in the year 1983 and purchased Westword. The primary intention of doing so was to expand the conglomerate to a multi-billion dollar and reach as many people as possible. Some of the like-minded newspapers include LA Weekly and the Village Voice.

The two editors, Larkin and Lacey, were the arrested at their home in the year 2007. The reason behind their detention was the revelation of the grand jury subpoenas through the Phoenix New Times.

Their arrest was initiated the Joe Arpaio who was the sheriff of the Maricopa County, Arizona. The charges of Larkin and Lacey were then dropped within a period of 24 hours following the public demand and the subpoenas quashed in that process.

Both Larkin and Lacey decided to sue the county sheriff and compensated $3.75 million after winning the case. The two then made a common decision to set up Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. This was put in place purposely to distribute the proceeds to immigrants across the Arizona. The commitment of the two led to the First Amendment, and the company picked up with a good reputation.

The two then sold the Village Voice Media, the group of long time executives of the enterprise. The move went successful and the chained reached approximately 9 million readers monthly.

The primary purpose of Larkin and Lacey was to create a society that is free of discrimination and provides equal chances to all people despite the race and background.

As a matter of fact, the records of Lacey in contribution to the civil and human right set itself clear through the transformations and commitment that he put to work to end discrimination.

Read more: Michael Lacey | About.me and Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

James Dondero: A Successful, Experienced Financial Services Professional

James Dondero is a financial services professional based in Dallas, Texas. The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, he has been involved in the equity and credit markets for more than 30 years. Under his guidance and leadership Highland Capital Management has amassed assets under management in excess of $14.9 billion. The company has also received numerous awards. They include a 5-star designation from Morningstar for Global Allocation, the Lipper Award for their Floating Rate Opportunities and they were top-ranked by Morningstar for their Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund.

A 1984 graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia with the highest honors, James Dondero earned degrees in both Accounting and Finance. He’s also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. Immediately after earning his degree, Dondero joined Morgan Guaranty’s training program. In 1985 he became a Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express. He was promoted to a Portfolio Manager by the company and handled fixed income funds valued at about $1 billion. Dondero left American Express in 1989 and joined the newly formed Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary as Chief Investment Officer and led them to become a $2 billion company before leaving to found Highland Capital Management.

In addition to his work with Highland Capital Management, James Dondero lends his experience and expertise to a number of other organizations. He’s Chairman of the board at CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank and NexPoint. Dondero is also a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote and MGM Studios. Plus he’s involved in providing support for a number of charitable causes and organizations. They include Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, the Tower Scholars Program at SMU, the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute.

As part of the work James Dondero is doing at Highland Capital Management he works in concert with several affiliates. They include Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Capital and NexPoint Residential Trust. In his over three decades of work in the financial services industry James Dondero has earned a reputation for excellence.

Find more information on James Dondero on Twitter.

Jose AuriemoNeto and JHSF help to Transform Brazilian Society with their Amazing Properties

Jose AuriemoNeto is one of Brazil’s leading realtors. He is the CEO and leader of JHSF which is a premiere Brazilian property developer. This realty organization has been in business for a very long time. AuriemoNeto picked up the reins of this organization from his father before him. Now that he’s in charge, he’s taking JHSF to a whole other level.

JHSF develops dynamic real properties that cater to upper class clientele. The structures and complexes that this organization produces are very upscale and bring tremendous value to Brazil’s economy. These properties consist of high end housing communities, malls, mega shopping complexes, hotels, corporate buildings, exquisite restaurants and even air fields.

The developers at JHSF focus on upscale clients as a means to stimulate the Brazilian realty market. Upscale clients typically have the resources to pay and they can typically pay off their debts in a short amount of time. This in turn provides JHSF more income for producing more properties and attracting big money clients to Brazil and more information click here.

Did you know that expensive property production is typically the surest way for a country to increase its value? Wealthy people can dump millions into an economy and cause it to prosper. Just think if 10 billionaires decided to spend 1 billion dollars each, within a certain city.

Their immediate 10 billion dollar payments would instantly cause a seismic shift in terms of a city’s economic prosperity and value. That is exactly why JHSF creates properties for wealthy and foreign clients and investors. They are indirectly helping to push the overall value of Brazil’s real market in an upward position.

Jose AuriemoNeto knows that his organization produces some of the best and well received properties in all of the nation. His structures help to make Brazil a great place. He brings in jobs, produces housing and helps people to relax and be entertained. Jose AuriemoNeto understands the importance of property development and how it impacts Brazil’s realty market and what JHSF knows.

Mike Baur’s Role In Ensuring New Companies Have a Lifeline to Impact the Future

Mike Baur is a Swiss-born entrepreneur known for co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory. He boasts of experience of over two decades in the banking sector. Baur left banking and ventured into investing in startups before partnering with two other individuals to start Startup Factory in 2014. He has also participated as a judge in a start-up contest at the University of St. Gallen. In 2016, Baur became deputy managing director at CTI Invest upon Startup Factory’s partnership with the before mentioned.


During the same year, Mike Baur oversaw other momentous Swiss Startup Factory partnerships. These were Fintech Solution and an accelerator program in conjunction with Goldbach Group. Later that year, Baur was featured on The Wall Street Journal which profiled his exploits from banking to start-up investments. During the Swiss Startup Factory’s conception, Baur pointed out that there were similar other platforms, but he was different. He described it as privately managed, unlike the rest that was managed by public authorities.


Mike Baur always had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. He, however, went into banking starting with an apprenticeship at UBS, Fribourg. Baur rose to the assistant managing director as of 2000. In 2007, he became the regional manager in Zurich of Clariden Leu tasked with ‘awakening the bank’s management.’ At Clariden Leu, he took advantage of UBS’s instability brought about by the 2008 financial crisis. He brought on board former employees of the bank mentioned above as well as some big clients.


Upon Clariden Leu’s acquisition by Credit Suisse in 2011, he decided to jump ship from the banking sector. He did this with support from his mentor Jean-Claude Biver as well as his wife. Baur then started putting his money into start-up before meeting Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. It is together with these two individuals that the Swiss Startup Factory concept was conceived. The Swiss Startup Factory sought to conglomerate new future companies with the aim of growing the Swiss economy.


Baur credits his success as an entrepreneur to TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver who guided through his career. The latter played an important role especially in guiding Baur during his transition from banking into entrepreneurship. Baur has been involved in many other ventures, but the Swiss Startup Factory has proven to be the most important.


The factory has seen incubation of many start-ups especially those of young entrepreneurs. This is a crucial aspect of the project as it will ensure new companies have a life line. They will, in turn, secure the future to ensure continuity of growth in most if not all sectors.