The RealReal Has Established Retail Growth Across The Board

“The RealReal opened in San Francisco six years ago. The company sells high end, authenticated resale items for the home, men and women. Julie Wainwright is the CEO and founder of the business. She has decided the next round of private financing received by the business will be the last prior to an IPO only. Julie Wainwright specializes in clothing from brands including Louis Vuitton and Gucci. She is trying to raise new funding for $100 million from investors. Since the launch the business has raised $170 million.

The fundraising efforts can be looked at several different ways. Its possible the business is not yet at a level appealing to acquirers and investors. Its also possible the company requires more capital and time to achieve growth as a standalone business. The case may be the investors of the RealReal have realized the luxury goods secondhand market is a much better opportunity than originally believed. This would mean they have confidence a bigger market share is possible if investments are received for the growth of the company.

A consignment model is used at the RealReal. Once an item has been sold, fifty to sixty percent of the proceeds are shared with the individual. The company has their own authentication team to eliminate fake merchandise prior to being seen on the website. The site originally specialized in luxury fashions for women but has expanded to include menswear, watches, jewelry and home décor. In addition to the website there is now a physical location in New York. This is one of few online businesses with venture backing in the sector of fashion retail. As they expand the market they are attempting to gain business from eBay.

The RealReal’s site was looked upon as the enemy by numerous luxury brands for years. This has started to change because the RealReal is driving a lot of sales across the board. The company is now considered a growth area. A good example are the brands Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. A lot of the sellers for the RealReal will purchase a new item from the same brand they have recently sold.” Find out more about The RealReal:

IC System is Leading the Way in Collections

Ruth and Jack Erickson founded IC System in 1938 in St. Paul, Minnesota. They are an accounts receivable company that provides clients with collection agency services. They have been nominated as a finalist by the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2013, 2014 and 2015. They value their relationships with clients and take pride in treating everyone with respect and dignity. They focus on innovation and performance and encourage a cohesive work environment. They follow the compliance and regulatory standards of the CFPB and TCPA and apply current technology to provide accurate service.

Additionally, IC System supports their community and has created the Employee Charitable Help Organization. This organization assists a variety of charities such as the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross with their philanthropic efforts. They also support the Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics Wisconsin and St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities. They train their staff with current auditing and enforce policies that ensure their standards are met. They have an audit department that consists of the chief financial officer, chairman and president of the company. The chief executive officer, chief compliance officer and director of audit are all responsible for monitoring fiscal activity.

IC System secures their organization by using the auditing services of FRSecure. This company ensures that IC System is protected from credit card fraud. They follow guidelines enforced by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act and the Federal Trade Commission. They follow procedures initiated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. They care about the environment and practice methods that reduce pollution such as using conserving energy and building efficient infrastructures. They enforce policies that allow employees to contribute to the company’s productivity and goals (Glassdoor).

There is a diverse range of companies that utilize IC Sytems services. The healthcare, dental and communications industries employs their services. The small, medium and commercial businesses employ their services as well as utility companies. The government and financial services industries also use their services. They are a secure and stable company and a trusted source within the collections industry.


Jeff Yastine Helps Investors Make Safe Productive Investments.

Jeff Yastine works at Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as the editorial director there, a position he has held since 2015 on he joined the firm. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial world working as a financial journalist and stock market investor. View Jeff’s profile on

Currently, Mr. Yastine is the Total Wealth Insider’s editor. He also contributes to Sovereign Investor Daily, as well as Winning Investor Daily, some of Banyan Hill’s publications, on weekly basis, through which he helps investors gain understanding on economic, entrepreneurial, and financial trends. He also helps investors identify opportunities that can help maximize their profits that have been analyzed by other editors in the financial arena. This does not only help American investors expand their wealth but also make safe investments in stable and growing companies.

Jeff Yastine previously used to work as a correspondent and a business anchor at The Nightly Business Report between 1994 to 2000. He was, therefore, able to interact and interview several successful entrepreneurs and financiers such as Herb Kelleher, Warren Buffett, Michael Dell etc, through which he learned many investment secrets. Additionally, being a business reporter has given him a chance to identify investment opportunities that have turned out successful in the stock market and other different sectors such as agriculture, retail, and biopharmaceutical industry. Follow Jeff Yastine on

His many years of experience which has enabled him to master the market trends helped him warn investors on the crisis that faced the real estate sector in the mid-2000s. Mr. Yastine was a nominee in the Business Emmy Award of 2007 due to his investigative work.

Jeff Yastine is popularly known for the Kennedy Accounts. This is after he posted a video, which definitely went viral, revealing the noble goal of John F. Kennedy creating these accounts. Yastine shows how the Kennedy Accounts can turn a small investment into multiple times its initial worth.

However, due to the many investment scams all over the world, people have demonstrated the same fear with the Kennedy Accounts. Nevertheless, deep investigation on the accounts has shown that Kennedy Accounts are genuine and completely safe to invest with.

Jeff Yastine attended the University of Florida for his journalism studies. He began his career as a reporter in a local TV station in North Carolina before joining PBS in 1993.


The Oxford Club Provides Valuable Benefits for Investors

The Oxford Club represents exclusive membership in a group that is populated with investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to outperform the index and reap substantial profits from the market. Emerging trends can be a very lucrative investing situation and that’s a primary focus of the researchers who help write the investing products of the club.

The analysis and knowledge of macro and micro factors that drive global markets are what sets apart the experts at The Oxford Club. They are seasoned, talented professionals with a great depth of finance and investing experience which gives them an edge in researching the markets. Furthermore, they utilize strategies that have been proven over time to outpace the general indexes and reduce portfolio risk in the process.

There are three monthly newsletters that provide the backbone of The Oxford Club’s research products. The Oxford Communique is their flagship and they also feature newsletters based on income strategies and opportunities in natural resources. This gives members multiple choices as many are drawn to particular markets and the possibilities that they offer.

The Oxford Club is also home to 12 different trading services which give members the chance to piggyback on an expert’s choices and high-level analytical skills. A good example is the one focused on options strategies as income generators and smart ways to purchase stocks at a discount. The amazing versatility of options, unfortunately, comes with a high level of complexity and this trading service allows investors to use the talents of an expert in the field.

The founding of The Oxford Club occurred in 1989 when a small group of investors and entrepreneurs came together to figure out superior ways to invest. They became convinced that networking with other talented professionals in various fields would provide the best opportunities to profit from emerging market trends. It is still a part of what they do today almost three decades later.

Memberships are available at three different levels and each provides a growing range of benefits. This private network has more than 157,000 members in over 130 countries around the world and they have been instrumental for many who have realized financial freedom with their help.

The Trabuco: The Ancient Siege Machine Conquered The World In The Middle Ages

The Trabuco originated on the battlegrounds of ancient China and by the fourth century had spread worldwide to bring down fortress walls all across Britain, Spain, France,and the Middle East, and eventually made it’s way back to China in the weapon’s more advanced state. In essence, there were two types of Trabucos on ancient battle fields. The first was the balancing Trabuco, which was man powered by attaching straps to the long firing beam which was constructed within the frame of the weapon. The beam, which supported the weapon’s artillery loading sling, was pulled down by teams of men when ready to be fired, launching the Trabuco’s missile, usually a large boulder.


The second type of Trabuco, the counterweight Trabuco, which proved more popular and wieldy than the earlier balancing Trabuco, was developed when the earlier form of the weapon reached the Middle East by way of the nomadic Avars sometime around 600 A.D. according to The counterweight Trabuco functions in much the same manner as the balancing version of the weapon, with the exception of replacing the man powered sling with a lever mechanism, nulling the need for teams of soldiers to operate the weapon, and allowing the Trabuco to launch it’s payload much further. Persian engineers are said to have developed the more advanced version of the weapon, which shortly thereafter would make it’s way to Britain, France, and Spain, where the Trabuco would play a major role in rival kingdom scrimmages of the age according to

The Trabuco would also play a large roll in the Crusades, in which the weapon was used sometimes as a primitive chemical warfare deployment system. The sling of the Trabuco would be loaded with the dead, whom were infected with the plague, and launched into enemy camps on both sides in hopes of infecting enemy soldiers with the disease. Cannons would replace the Trabuco’s place on the battlefield as gunpowder rose to prominence, though history does record it’s use by cornered armies running low on gunpowder down throughout the centuries. Commonly constructed by historians and hobbyists these days, the Trabuco has seen modern combat sparsely as a weapon which can be inexpensively developed and used by protesters and revolutionaries.


The Midterm Elections Will Be Trying Times For Ends Citizens United

The Big Money 20, a list of politicians known to have links o big money interests, are up for reelection this year and End Citizens United wants to do everything it can to make sure that the Big Money 20 are out of office. It isn’t a particularly difficult goal when you realize that so many of these on the lost have been involved in unsavory ordeals.

All you need to do is take those that seem to be most vulnerable and give their opponent the funding necessary to succeed. So far it seems that End Citizens United has done a great job of making sure that this happens.

The most amazing thing about the midterms is that it has brought people out who normally don’t get involved in politics. Those who are tired of Trump and what he has done are looking for ways to help fight against what he has done. This is where the PAC comes into play. They are doing everything they can to make sure that people understand what is at stake. Once people realize what they’re trying to do they’ll realize here is a serious need to devote ourselves to doing everything and anything to fight against corporate takeover of politics through campaign contributions.

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There are certainly reasons to believe that the midterms are going to go in the favor of the Democrats. We can see from polls that the left is now favored in the midterms by double digit points. That turn of events is making it much more likely that the GOP loses its control over Congress and opens it up to the left. If Democrats can take back Congress, they can help to undo the damage that has been done with the Citizens United Supreme Court case that happened 8 years ago.

End Citizens United was created with a specific goal in mind and it wants to make sure that we end big money in politics. Everything so far seems to be going in the favor of the Democrats. They are ahead in the polls, their base is enthusiastic, and there is greater interest in this midterm than previous ones. The Big Money 20 are going to have a hard time staying afloat as more people decide they want to have their voice heard. Let’s just hope the turnout in this midterm election is exactly what it needs to be.


Richard Blair’s Pillars of Success

Richard Blair is the owner of a company called Wealth Solutions, Inc. It’s based out of Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that has a base of $52 million. It has been in the industry since 1994. Blair founded the company just one year after graduating from college. His success continues to grow and he looks to help clients plan for a successful retirement.

Blair’s approach to financial retirement is based on a concept that he developed. It’s called the three pillars. They’re developed as a map for his clients to go by. This makes it easier to follow. He has found great success with this strategy and stands behind it.

First Pillar

This is the first step. It’s in this pillar that he looks at all the client’s information. This includes goals, risks, growth opportunities and more. This is the building and planning stage. This step is crucial to success because it is what the other steps are based on.

Second Pillar

This pillar is where Blair takes into account the market. He will move things around to benefit the client more and keep them from moving backward. He takes the historical data that he has accumulated and compares it to market trends. This is to make sure there is no negative impact on the client’s goals and outcomes.

Third Pillar

On this pillar, everything’s planned. A roadmap is devised for the client to continue to follow. This is the step when he implements the changes that he has made. He will give clients step by step instructions to be successful. He also devises plans to take if anything should arise. Life is unpredictable and he makes sure that clients are prepared for anything that could happen in life.

Richard Blair is a man that has dedicated his life to helping others. He has devised a proven concept. This concept will help clients become financially stable in retirement.


NewsWatch TV’s Avant-Garde Feature



NewsWatch TV is a news network that informs viewers on topics such as travel, technology and entertainment. NewsWatch airs on ION network. The host of the show is Andrew Tropeano. NewsWatch began in 1990 and has been active for over 25 years. AMC Network airs bi-monthly episodes of NewsWatch.

NewsWatch has featured a number of celebrities on their show. Some of which include Denzel Washington, Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Lochte, Will Smith, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

NewsWatch TV airs nationwide in the United States. Their episodes are accessible virtually in most countries. They conduct efforts out of the Washington, DC area.

Avant-Garde Review: Saygus

NewsWatch TV featured Saygus during an international interview. NewsWatch’s team traveled to Barcelona, Spain for the feature. NewsWatch filmed during the Mobile World Congress.

Saygus is a manufacture of smartphones in the United States. They are based out of South Jordan, Utah. Chad Sayers is the founder of Saygus.

The goal of Saygus was to reach a greater demographic and create online exposure. The launches of “Saygus Smartphone” and “Indiegogo Campaign” were the main events for the feature.

After the feature aired on NewsWatch, Saygus out-preformed their original goal, and in turn generated more than $1.3 million. Their original goal was $1 million. Vice President of Saygus, Tim Rush, was very pleased with NewsWatch’s service and performance. He commented on the professionalism within NewsWatch’s efforts. The goal of the feature was to greatly increase sales, and that is exactly what NewsWatch did.


Arts Success at Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is a center of excellence for creative arts. The academy offers multiple art courses including Architecture, Interior Design, Animation and Visual Effects and Fine Arts just to mention but a few. The courses have been accredited by bodies such as Council for Interior Design Accreditation and National Architectural Accrediting Board. They are availed at Associate, Undergraduate and Master’s levels. In 2007, the university received the Western Association of Schools and College’s accreditation.

Life at the university is tailored to the dynamic needs of the students. From time to time, events are hosted by the university, where students get first-hand information on trends in their study areas. Hospitality programs add practical skills to the classroom knowledge while galleries provide information on emerging trends. The Academy of Art University avails housing and meals to on-campus students to encourage on-campus life.

Recognizing the need for quality education in art, the Academy of Art University has over 280 full-time tutors and over 1100 part-time tutors. The vision to be qualitative and professional in service delivery was pioneered by Richards Stephens when he started the university in 1929. This vision has been the university’s guide, and it has been central to providing unparalleled art education.

The university also runs an Automobile Museum. The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum is home to some of the most valued cars in the world. With a collection of approximately 200 cars, the museum captures the beautiful timeline of car evolution.

To apply for admission, visit the company’s website. The Academy of Art University maintains an inclusive policy when it comes to applications. All students are eligible for admission in line with the qualifications outlined on the website. General requirements are A High School Diploma or GED or six college semester credits. Fees chargeable are also available on the admission website.

The Academy of Art University is open to offering financial aid. A student in need must have filed a FAFSA before requesting such aid.

Malcolm CasSelle: The Story Of A Digital Technology Industry Leader

Malcolm Casselle

As the digital world continues to evolve the economies that have been created as a result of virtual trading only continue to grow. Today an unbelievable amount of money and value is exchanged virtually between players of video games around the world. Until recently the only method that gamers had to trade virtual assets was the use of centralized marketplaces. There are several key issues associated with the use of centralized marketplaces. If a gamer is not able to exchange with the same denomination of currency as their native country, they must utilize foreign exchange markets which increase the cost associated with transactions. Centralized marketplaces are also much more subject to fraudulent activity.

Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has a deep understanding of the issues involved in the virtual asset trading community. He has decided and taken it upon himself that he will help to change the way that assets are traded in the virtual world and in the process eliminate both of the largest issues that have been plaguing the community for years. In order to accomplish such a lofty goal, Malcolm CasSelle has developed a new cryptocurrency which is based upon the decentralized blockchain technology. This is the same technology that is utilized in popular cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Malcolm CasSelle has recently launched a new company known as worldwide asset exchange which will serve as a decentralized marketplace and in the process will be able to eliminate the issues of fragmentation and fraud in the virtual asset trading community.

Malcolm CasSelle originally went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was able to complete his Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He has also received a Master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. Prior to becoming the founder of his new company Malcolm CasSelle has already had a long career in the digital technology industry. He is currently still the chief investment officer for online virtual asset trading company Opskins. Even before his time as a key leader in the digital technology industry Malcolm CasSelle has had success as a venture capitalist. He was able to take advantage of the opportunity that Facebook and Zynga presented it during the early stages of the companies.