Rona Borre Tells All in An Interview of Facts

Rona Borre is the CEO of a Chicago-based woman-owned staffing company that is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States. She founded the company from the spare bedroom in her Chicago condo in 2001. In six months she had a staff of 50 and soon she was the talk of the town with results that were off the charts.

Borre in a recent interview was asked how she did it and what is her special secrets of how to build a company. Her reply was that the secret to any business is to have a great work ethic and deliver a stunning product. Her methods are very simple too, as she works hard to develop relationships with her clients’ top brass so they will have confidence in her and her people and so she can learn how recruits will fit into the company culture.

Talent is easy to find but to find a candidate who will fit a corporate culture is another thing altogether, so time must be spent in relationship building to learn these things.

One thing she learned early on was that hiring staff for her own company was not always a cookie-cutter exercise either. She initially brought on some very experienced account executives from some very large firms. However, these individuals were used to a lot of support, something that is just not available in a start-up company. They failed miserably because they were just not independent enough. Borre learned that she would have to discover and train her own talent, which is what she did with great success.  Related article on

One thing that Rona has found to be a dynamic help to her business growth is big data and the analytics of that data. It is much easier to make decisions when you have the answers to problems and a good data analytics system is a big help in that area.

Rona Borre is very active in the Chicago business community as she has leadership roles in such organizations as the Young Presidents’ Organization, The Economic Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Network. She is in demand as a speaker and as been interviewed frequently by the media.  Read blogs, follow Borre on her page.

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Clay Siegall: The Man Working To Help People With Cancer

Clay Siegall is someone who has a tremendous amount of experience in the medical field and has heavily invested into it. He is known to be an extremely respected oncologist who also doubles as a researcher. He believes that by aiding research, he can give to the world the new technology that can help them combat various kinds of cancers. Cancer is something that hinders the normal life of people, forcing them into a life of constant doctors visits and bodily degeneration. Clay has been working hard towards changing that, to give patients a better course of treatment that won’t come in the way of them leading a healthy and normal life. Since the field of cancer research is a relatively new one, people like Clay are making all the difference, aiding numerous lives all around the globe.


Clay isn’t just a researcher and oncologist. He is also the CEO of one of the biggest cancer research companies in the United States. The company that Clay Siegall works for goes by the name of Seattle Genetics. The company was one of the best fits or Clay Siegall since it was geared towards the kind of research that Clay Siegall had been conducting. By joining a large research company, Clay Siegall now has more resources at his disposal to be able to find a better course of treatment a lot faster than what he would otherwise. Seattle Genetics words in the area of genetic research, whereby their researchers are currently working on a course of treatment for people with cancer, which involves changing or altering their genetic data. The field is one which not a lot of researchers have invested into, which is why Seattle Genetics has grown to be as big as it currently is.


Clay Siegall’s ultimate goal is to find a cure for cancer, and to combat a disease that claims millions of lives every single year. He is dedicated to his field, and has worked hard to reach the stage that he is at today. His expertise in the field combined with his excellent leadership qualities is what has made him such a great leader for Seattle Genetics.


Adam Milstein Talks About Building Jewish Pride And Courage On The Jerusalem Post

Jewish businessman Adam Milstein has written an article about Jewish pride, courage and brotherhood that was was featured in the Jerusalem Post. This article was published on December the 12th in the opinion section. Below is a summary of Adam Milstein’s article where he discusses eight gifts to give during the Hanukah festival.


The first gift to remember and give during Hanukah according to Adam Milstein is the gift or pride. He considers it extremely important to have pride in your Jewishness and to pass it along to the future generation. Without pride, Adam believes that future Jewish generations will fail to uphold and pass along their unique Jewish background. Pride can be installed in our communities through education, community outreach and learning about the family heritage of oneself.


The second gift to bear in mind is courage says Milstein. Courage is what has allowed Jews to survive and then thrive despite incredible odds and hatred thrown against them. Milstein believes that the Jewish people were able to survive only because they showed courage in the face of obstacles. It may not be easy to be a Jew all the time, but courage is a must if Jews are to remain strong, free and prosperous.


Another gift to share and remember during the festival of lights is that of persistence. This trait goes hand in hand with the second gift of courage. Not only must Jews be willing to stand up to discrimination such as antisemitism, they must be willing to do it time and time again. Persistence is needed not only against those who discriminate or threaten the Jewish people, but in everyday life. Challenges such as building a family, creating a business or finishing college require persistence.


The fourth gift to give during Hanukah is that of knowledge. Knowledge has always played a key role in the Jewish people’s lives and culture. It is knowledge that has allowed Jews to achieve great success. Knowledge will also be vital if Jews are to succeed economically. Morality, which is the building block of our society and our families also stems from a rich Jewish tradition of knowledge. You can read the rest of Milstien’s article on the Jerusalem Post.


Securus Technologies Is a Great Way To Reach Out To An Inmate

Securus Technologies is a form of communication that is offering convenience in its highest regards. If you are an inmate and would like to have a visitor, whether they are your relative, friend, colleague, co-worker, or significant other contact you via means of videoconferencing, under the assumption that such a form of communications is available for you to take advantage of at your particular correctional facility, please feel free to ask them about installing the program and signing up for a user account so that they can chat with you conveniently. This way, they will not be required to visit you physically, as they can simply conduct a visitation session from their own home if that is the location that they prefer.


Securus Technologies makes visitation easy for visitors, as appointment scheduling for physical visits at correctional facilities can be rather complicated, time consuming, and offer inconvenient times and dates for appointment session scheduling. Oftentimes, visitors have difficulties with attending a visitation during an appointment time that they were given by the correctional facility officials, as they may have had work obligations to tend to or the distance from their residence and the correctional facility is too lengthy. By utilizing Securus Technologies, a visitor can have assurance of knowing that they will be absolutely happy with the convenience the wonderfully designed and engineered program offers the. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the program, please don’t hesitate to visit its website. There is a menu that includes the specific correctional facilities that are currently offering its utilization, and you can have assurance of knowing that customer service representatives are available to assist you with any concerns or questions that you may have in pertinence to the videoconferencing chat sessions. Contact an inmate via the Securus Technologies communication platform today!

30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying


Wengie Lazy Hacks tells you some lazy hacks to lose weight that actually works!

Wengie’s tips to lose weight;

Wengie starts her 30 hacks off with drinking lemon water, by adding lemon, cucumber, and mint to 2 liters of water. You will get a refreshing drink! This mixture not only helps with weight loss but it helps with clear skin! Speaking of water; did you know that drinking two cups of cold water in the morning helps boost metabolism. Wengie explains that eating from a smaller plate helps you to become fuller faster, because the food fills the plate so it is looks like you have a larger portion. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep its bad for your bodies metabolism. So make sure your are getting your beauty sleep.

Losing weight with lazy exercise hacks;

Some tips to help you to work out more is to wear a device that tracks your steps, noting that you might have a goal that you meed to meet, it is easier to try and meet it. Make goals everyday, look at motivation and start out slow. When exercising make sure you have a snack. If you have smaller meals but more frequently it lowers your glucose level. Try to do high intensity activities that will break a sweat!

Pamper yourself;

Did you know that chronic stress is a common factor for weight gain. Pamper yourself, take bubble baths, get a manicure and just sit back and relax. Clear your mind, sometimes you have to put yourself first and make sure your body is doing okay.

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Chris Burch – Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Chris Burch Creative Investment Company based in the United States. For him, business is not what makes you become the best business individual. For this reason, he has always worked to attain better business management in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. Christopher Burch is also an entrepreneur and active investor in the world of business and finance. He is also one of the first people to invest their money on the internet. For over four decades of professional experience, Christopher Burch has led to rising of more than 100 companies in this arena. During that time when he was working in the fashion industry, he developed many business relations and connections to achieve better business.

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In 1976, Christopher Burch began his activities in the industry as the major principal behind the success rate of these categories of business developments. When he was still an undergraduate student, he developed the Eagle Fashion Company that was adopted by the young on a massive scale. He invested more than $2,000 into the company. For more than one decade of successful business management, the company grew to be worth more than $150 million.  More reading on   In the end, he sold the company for more than $160 million to another company. He used that money to commence his investment endeavors on the internet.  Related article here.

According to Chris Burch, the fashion industry is always working to become a better environment where business is not always geared towards management alone. For him, fashion and technology are related in a manner that cannot be denied by anyone interested in these industries. The two industries, as a matter of fact, have grown in a manner that is unparalleled in this industry. One remaining constant is that both industries grow together in a way that is not depicted in the world of finance and economics. Technology always grows to become fashionable. When time passes, the company ends up working to attain better business management through the growing technology. When technology grows, fashion also grows in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. A fascinating part of the story is how these industries keep growing together. When we look at the past events, we can denote the fact that these industries grow together seamlessly. The boom box developed in the 70s was the best entity that determined better business. This is because it brought about favorite channels. Additional article on

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Highland Capital Management Joins Forces With The Government

Highland Capital Management is a lot different than an ordinary investment firm. One of their biggest differences is that they assist the government financially. The main way they do this is by matching the sum amount given to not for profit organizations, city housing establishments, and more. This help from Highland begins in Dallas, Texas. However, Highland helps organizations and people throughout the United States. Highland Capital Management adds several million dollars within their budget every year, which is used solely to help the government.


In addition to helping the government, Highland Capital Management has established awards for the best non-profit organizations within the United States of America. These awards are for organizations that transform the community in such a way that great potential is pulled out of it. These awards add up to several millions of dollars every single year. This has helped organizations rely on finances from these awards rather than relying solely on the government.


In addition to helping the government in these areas, Highland Capital Management also helps the government when it comes to budgeting. Whether it is on a county, state, or national level, Highland offers its best workers to assist the government in utilizing their money in better ways. Highland Capital Management has employed the best individuals in the country, as it relates to budgeting and saving money. Highland employees have helped the government save millions of dollars within just a few months. This is a free service that Highland happily offers to the government.


Equities First – Where to Secure Loan during Economic Hardship

Securing a loan during economic hardship has never been easy and has even become worse after the Great Recession. Since 1970, US Governmental policy has been emphasizing on deregulation to motivate business, which led to less oversight of practices and minimal disclosure of information regarding new practices undertaken by evolving financial institutions and banks. Hence, policymakers did not sense the increasing duties done by financial firms such as hedge funds and investment banks also referred as the shadow banking system. To some experts, such institutions had turned into vital (depository) commercial banks in offering credit to US economy although not subjected to similar regulations. The institutions in addition to particular regulated banks, assumed essential debt burdens as they continued offering loans without having adequate financial cushion to absorb MBS losses and big loan defaults.

The loans influenced the lending capability of those institutions, slowing economic practice. Concerns about the stability of major financial institutions forced central banks to give money to motivate lending & restore faith with commercial paper markets, which are vital to financing of business functions. Likewise, Governments bailed out major financial institutions and bring about the implementation of economic stimulus programs, taking part in vital additional financial obligations. SMEs which form the larger part of the borrowers and even economy have found it hard to secure working capital. However, with alternative lending services at Equities First, borrowing has been easier and fast. Potential investors can seek their stock loan and pay low interest of only 3 to 4% within three years. Click Here for more.

The 2000s saw the period of subprime borrowers, the segment which was no longer left to tassel lenders. The commercial banks and investment banks facilitated to the situation after relaxation of credit lending standards with subprime not becoming magically less risky. The increase of traction of borrowers seeking stock loans has thus been in the increase with most banks tightening their borrowing plans. Equities First is currently a key leader & lender in the shareholding loaning sector. for more.

The Amazing Database of NuoDB

NuoDB is the best database to support the process of scaling up and distributing key networking techniques to meet the demands and requirements of maintaining transactional consistency and integrity of the vast powerful internet we use today. NuoDb has the best features on the market that includes the best enterprise class security, memory centric, and automated performance balancing. NuoDB’s memory centric architecture makes optimizing storage a breeze on any software, and also more without worrying about disk limitations. Messages between NuoDB processors are encrypted by default because preserving strong support is a must with the SQL database and user based security model. The memory caches in this system automatically adjust for strenuous optimal workloads that are based on the access patterns without sharding database at all. Unlike other obsolete databases, NuoDB expands its cloud database by adding more servers rather than replacing hardware data. This advanced system is designed to run anywhere, and has elastic scalability. NuoDB is a single logical database which allows it to process one million transactions per second making it the most elite professional database system on the market.

The Career and Life of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a respected computer expert, businessman, and author. Pulier is also a philanthropist who has done a lot to transform the lives of needy people in the world. The businessman is based in Los Angeles. In his successful career, Eric Pulier has established several companies. These investments have earned him a lot of wealth over the years.


Pulier was born and raised in a New Jersey. While still studying in New Jersey, the businessman exhibited a lot of passion for technology and media. His parents supported his dreams, and when Pulier was in the fourth grade, they allowed him to start programming computers for his clients. After completing his education, the businessman started his own database company. Although he was very young when starting this business, Eric worked very hard to ensure that it did well in the competitive market. When he completed his high school in 1983, Eric decided to join the prestigious Harvard University for his higher education.


While studying at the well-known Harvard University, Eric Pulier is believed to have worked as the editor of a magazine in the school, known as Harvard Crimson. The businessman wrote a column in the magazine every week for several years. He specialized in English and literature, and his work was loved by many students. In 1988, Eric graduated from the school with honors.


In 1991, Eric felt that it was time to relocate. He chose to settle in Los Angeles. In his new station, the businessman started an establishment known as People Doing Things. The institution was focused on addressing education, health care and many other essential needs of the society. The organization did very well because of using advanced technology in its operations. See More Info.


In 1994, Eric Pulier started another company known as Digital Evolution. The interactive agency was, however, sold to Interactive LCC in 1998. The businessman later on partnered with several other individuals to establish Starbright World. Starbright World is a social network that helps children who are suffering from different terminal diseases. Using this platform, the sick kids can blog, chat and also share the challenges they have.