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Rona Borre is the CEO of a Chicago-based woman-owned staffing company that is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States. She founded the company from the spare bedroom in her Chicago condo in 2001. In six months she had a staff of 50 and soon she was the talk of the town with results that were off the charts.

Borre in a recent interview was asked how she did it and what is her special secrets of how to build a company. Her reply was that the secret to any business is to have a great work ethic and deliver a stunning product. Her methods are very simple too, as she works hard to develop relationships with her clients’ top brass so they will have confidence in her and her people and so she can learn how recruits will fit into the company culture.

Talent is easy to find but to find a candidate who will fit a corporate culture is another thing altogether, so time must be spent in relationship building to learn these things.

One thing she learned early on was that hiring staff for her own company was not always a cookie-cutter exercise either. She initially brought on some very experienced account executives from some very large firms. However, these individuals were used to a lot of support, something that is just not available in a start-up company. They failed miserably because they were just not independent enough. Borre learned that she would have to discover and train her own talent, which is what she did with great success.  Related article on

One thing that Rona has found to be a dynamic help to her business growth is big data and the analytics of that data. It is much easier to make decisions when you have the answers to problems and a good data analytics system is a big help in that area.

Rona Borre is very active in the Chicago business community as she has leadership roles in such organizations as the Young Presidents’ Organization, The Economic Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Network. She is in demand as a speaker and as been interviewed frequently by the media.  Read blogs, follow Borre on her page.

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Rona Borre Does What She Tells Others To Do

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in the placement of financial and technological professionals. Borre formed Instant Alliance in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo with her only companion being her bulldog, Henry.

Borre had just left a leading global staffing company where she has set just about every sales to record the company ever had. In forming her firm, she wanted to make a mark as a woman business owner and make that make stick. When Borre puts on new account executives, she stresses that most staffing companies miss the boat on one particular topic. That topic is the relationships that must be formed to forge a successful business bond.  To read more tips from Borre, click on

Borre wants to learn everything she can about the business for which she is hiring for. She must know the workings of the leadership and the culture of the firm. What kind of employee are they looking for? Then she and her staff can scour the world for that one special candidate. This method works very well most of the time, and few candidates leave very soon, as attested by a mere 1% attrition rate for new hires.  Check clips on

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