The Participation of NetBank in the Community

It is hard to find a bank that cares not only cares about your money but also the improvement of your personal financial life. The primary mission and goal of NexBank is to execute and offer flexible banking services and financial expertise to people who look to them for financial assistance. They make it their mission to support institutions and businesses with tailor-made solutions. They also offer seamless service delivery making it extremely easy for businesses and institutions to access quality services. They also connect their clients with more possibilities. For clients that require help, they come up with tailored solutions that make it easy to diversify the needs of their clients.

Apart from the strides they have made when it comes to service delivery, NexBank makes it a priority to contribute to the community by participating in numerous activities like the Texas Bankers Association. The CEO and President of NexBank Capital in 2016 participated in the fifth annual Texas Bankers Association. John Holt participated as a panelist. He served as a panelist for the topic Reinventing Community Banking. This conference is a forum where advisers, consultants, advisers, and bank leaders, where they meet to share their perspectives on the challenges and important opportunities facing bank leaders in the community.

Participants and panelists in the Texas Bankers Association explore various strategic opportunities through various M&A activities. They also explore strategic opportunities through branching and organic growth. This association makes it possible for the bank to improve its services. The three core businesses that NexBank offers is commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. It also offers banking and financial services to corporations, institutional clients, and financial institutions. The participation of John Holt as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association makes it possible for the bank to acquire new methods to serve its customers better.

Krishen Iyer’s Secret to Success in Business

Krishen Iyer is a California resident who is the founder of Management Benefits Services. Iyer is one of the most successful businessmen globally having been in the consultancy and marketing industry for almost two decades. He also established the `Name My Premium’ firm which underwent a significant transformation during his tenure that led to its recognition as the most profitable firm in its industry. Krishen Iyer is well learned and holds a degree in Public Administration and Urban Development from the University of San Diego State.


Krishen Iyer is an optimistic leader who throughout the years he has been in business, has learned how to handle risks without being afraid of making serious business decisions at the correct time. Krishen Iyer has in the past gone through many challenges but has never given up. Instead, he has worked harder to solve such problems. What makes him stand out in the world of business is his recognition of the significance of effective communication with colleagues and customers. He is also very inquisitive and is never satisfied with the current state of affairs. The importance of communication is that it gives you more business ideas.


Krishen Iyer also relies on digital marketing and technical development while running the operations of the company. It has helped him play a significant role in the success of the company by offering marketing solutions through connection with leading organizations that satisfy the particular marketing needs of the client. He urges other business to embrace advances in technology to realize business growth.

During an interview, he said that planning is critical for any business that wants to grow and this has led to his success. He also added that past failures should not weigh you down but act as an opportunity to teach you a lesson. Thanks to Krishen for his hard work and commitment.

Attorney Bruce Katzen will look out for the little guy in financial fraud cases

Justice can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes justice can mean looking out for the little guy. This is certainly the case when financial industry insiders take advantage of their unsuspecting clients to enrich themselves. It is not uncommon for financial advisers, accountants, stockbrokers or other financial service providers to abuse the trust of their clients in an act of financial fraud. If this is the situation you are facing you will need to seek professional legal assistance as soon as possible to make sure you can recoup your losses.


Nobody is more adept at sticking up for those who have been taken advantage of than attorney Bruce Katzen. This award-winning attorney has the experience in financial fraud cases to know the best way to obtain justice for you through the court system. Bruce is particularly suited for financial litigation, not only because of his courtroom experience but also due to the fact that he has training as a certified public accountant. This gives Bruce a unique perspective that is advantageous to finance-related cases since it allows him to combine advanced knowledge in finance and law.


Attorney Bruce Katzen is also highly respected by others in the legal profession. The Best Attorneys of America recently recognized Bruce’s commitment to excellence in providing legal expertise in the fields of commercial litigation and securities law. You can always count on Bruce Katzen to fight for the little guy and make sure your legal rights are protected in a financial fraud dispute.

Attorney Bruce Katzen gives you the personalized attention you deserve

Customer service can make any service provider stand out above the rest of the competitors in any given field. The same is true when looking for a good attorney to handle your finance-related legal issue. Attorney Bruce Katzen prides himself on providing top-notch and personalized service to all of his clients, no matter how small or big the case. All of Bruce’s clients can count on him being there in their time of need.


Bruce is not like some of these other attorneys who can never be reached by their own clients. You will not have to communicate through his secretary or any other intermediary. Clients enjoy direct and unfettered access to legal advice when they decide to hire Bruce Katzen as their attorney. Bruce provides all his clients his direct cell phone so he can be reached directly by his clients whenever they have questions or concerns. This is why clients have consistently rehired Bruce over and over again to handle all of their legal issues.


In fact Bruce’s excellence in serving his clients has been so superior that he was recently recognized by The Best Lawyers of America for his work and expertise in finance and capital markets law and litigation. Bruce can handle just about any type of case related to finance law, including corporate disputes, securities litigation, stockbroker liability and even life insurance benefits disputes. If your money is on the line then you need the best in the business. You need the professionalism and expertise of award-winning attorney Bruce Katzen.

Samuel Strauch- Real Estate Entreprenuer In Miami

     Samuel Strauch, a leading real estate entrepreneur in Miami has advice to fellow entrepreneurs regarding how to treat their employees. Samuel Strauch who is the business leader of a real estate business known as Metrik Real Estate believes that any successful business needs to hire the best employees who will provide the necessary solutions for business growth. Strauch advises employers and entrepreneurs to only employ employees who have outstanding skills and reputation. The employees are the backbone of the company. When you employ the right ones, your business will move from one level of development to another. A good workforce is a strength for the company.

Each business leader should have the right to choose those he or she believes will serve the best interest of the company. When a company fails it will because the leader picked the wrong team to grow the company. Anyone who does not live up to the goals of the business should not be allowed to be part of the company at all. A leader should also be very open to the employees. Honesty is a trait that will move the industry very first. Honesty will not only earn you admiration from the workers, it will also earn you more clients.

About Samuel Strauch.

Samuel Strauch is a dedicated business leader who is ready to make the real estate business in Miami better by providing solutions to home buyers and sellers. He is highly learned in fields related to business. He has a degree in business administration from the Hofstra University. He has also schooled at the Harvard University and Erasmus University located in Rotterdam.


Jeff Yastine Helps Investors Make Safe Productive Investments.

Jeff Yastine works at Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as the editorial director there, a position he has held since 2015 on he joined the firm. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial world working as a financial journalist and stock market investor. View Jeff’s profile on

Currently, Mr. Yastine is the Total Wealth Insider’s editor. He also contributes to Sovereign Investor Daily, as well as Winning Investor Daily, some of Banyan Hill’s publications, on weekly basis, through which he helps investors gain understanding on economic, entrepreneurial, and financial trends. He also helps investors identify opportunities that can help maximize their profits that have been analyzed by other editors in the financial arena. This does not only help American investors expand their wealth but also make safe investments in stable and growing companies.

Jeff Yastine previously used to work as a correspondent and a business anchor at The Nightly Business Report between 1994 to 2000. He was, therefore, able to interact and interview several successful entrepreneurs and financiers such as Herb Kelleher, Warren Buffett, Michael Dell etc, through which he learned many investment secrets. Additionally, being a business reporter has given him a chance to identify investment opportunities that have turned out successful in the stock market and other different sectors such as agriculture, retail, and biopharmaceutical industry. Follow Jeff Yastine on

His many years of experience which has enabled him to master the market trends helped him warn investors on the crisis that faced the real estate sector in the mid-2000s. Mr. Yastine was a nominee in the Business Emmy Award of 2007 due to his investigative work.

Jeff Yastine is popularly known for the Kennedy Accounts. This is after he posted a video, which definitely went viral, revealing the noble goal of John F. Kennedy creating these accounts. Yastine shows how the Kennedy Accounts can turn a small investment into multiple times its initial worth.

However, due to the many investment scams all over the world, people have demonstrated the same fear with the Kennedy Accounts. Nevertheless, deep investigation on the accounts has shown that Kennedy Accounts are genuine and completely safe to invest with.

Jeff Yastine attended the University of Florida for his journalism studies. He began his career as a reporter in a local TV station in North Carolina before joining PBS in 1993.


Malcolm CasSelle: The Story Of A Digital Technology Industry Leader

Malcolm Casselle

As the digital world continues to evolve the economies that have been created as a result of virtual trading only continue to grow. Today an unbelievable amount of money and value is exchanged virtually between players of video games around the world. Until recently the only method that gamers had to trade virtual assets was the use of centralized marketplaces. There are several key issues associated with the use of centralized marketplaces. If a gamer is not able to exchange with the same denomination of currency as their native country, they must utilize foreign exchange markets which increase the cost associated with transactions. Centralized marketplaces are also much more subject to fraudulent activity.

Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has a deep understanding of the issues involved in the virtual asset trading community. He has decided and taken it upon himself that he will help to change the way that assets are traded in the virtual world and in the process eliminate both of the largest issues that have been plaguing the community for years. In order to accomplish such a lofty goal, Malcolm CasSelle has developed a new cryptocurrency which is based upon the decentralized blockchain technology. This is the same technology that is utilized in popular cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Malcolm CasSelle has recently launched a new company known as worldwide asset exchange which will serve as a decentralized marketplace and in the process will be able to eliminate the issues of fragmentation and fraud in the virtual asset trading community.

Malcolm CasSelle originally went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was able to complete his Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He has also received a Master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. Prior to becoming the founder of his new company Malcolm CasSelle has already had a long career in the digital technology industry. He is currently still the chief investment officer for online virtual asset trading company Opskins. Even before his time as a key leader in the digital technology industry Malcolm CasSelle has had success as a venture capitalist. He was able to take advantage of the opportunity that Facebook and Zynga presented it during the early stages of the companies.


Samuel Strauch: Building Success

Armed with Degrees from three different, prestigious universities; Hofstra, Erasmus and Harvard University, Samuel Strauch could have gone into pretty much any business he wished to. At first, he joined the banking industry and cut his teeth in finance. After having learned how to navigate the maze of the financial world, he decided to move to Florida to join his family’s real estate business. Building on his success at his family-owned business, he decided to branch out and start his own real estate business and named it Metrik Real Estate.

Why Florida?

When Samuel Strauch visited South Florida, Miami to be precise, he noticed that the business climate for real estate was changing rapidly. This is mostly due to the fact that Miami was changing from being a vacation/party destination, to a true metropolis where people were moving to settle down and start a new life. After all, Miami is also known as the Latin American gateway. People from around the world were starting to notice this change and Samuel decided he wanted to get into the action. He started by being a broker of sorts, connecting international clients with local investors.

Success to Success

As the principal at Metrik Real Estate, Samuel Strauch has achieved phenomenal success. Today, he is involved in the acquisition, property development and management, and equity sourcing. He credits his success partly because he traveled a lot in Latin America and came into contact with well heeled investors. This, coupled with the timing of Miami starting to change into a serious business destination helped speed things up. When it comes to hiring staff members, he gives priority to hiring people who are disciplined and have a good sense of ethics. Samuel is also an avid participant in charitable causes and dabbles in art collection and photography in his free time.

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Chris Linksa a Veteran Investor

Investors must always desire to gain more knowledge about their sector. For instance, customers want to know what is going on in the markets, how stocks are trading as well as the economy. Investors should always be able to provide this information anytime a client comes up with such questions. Hence, investors should learn always. However, there are five strategies that investors must know and understand. Chris Linkas argues that there are aspects of an investment that categorize investors. For example, as much as investors should learn always, it is not possible to know everything. Thus, the first strategy claims that investors cannot know everything. The market is ever-changing and growing and so investors might not have the full details of what is going on always. Though they have information about clients’ portfolios, company leaders as well as data about markets, they can never know everything (

According to Linkas, investors should not rush to trade due to the trending news. The ”Sell on News” forms the second strategy. There will always be news about trending stocks now and again but a good investor will stick to their goals. Investors should never be triggered to make a trading decision due to the news. The third principle is that any stock or sectors can decline anytime the market is hit. When the market shits, it affects all the stocks including the self-protected ones thus leading to their decline. Moreover, Rumors will always be there but as an investor relying on them always might lead to a wrong decision. Most of the rumors are never true thus the forth strategy. The last strategy claims that investors should not forever ignore a stock. Hit stocks can bounce back.

The company that Linkas works for provides investment management counsel for investment funds, companies, and managed accounts. Chris has headed the European credit based in London since 2012. He was also the head of 20Persons European credit group where he dealt with opportunistic principal investments in areas with UK Euro regions. Chris Linkas has investment expertise in corporate loans, non-performing loan securities, real estate, leases, secondary LP interests and many more. According to Linkas, the main error investors make is to keep hoping on a trailing investment judging the market to be wrong.


The History and Development of The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects is a prestigious organization that was designed to adhere to a certain code of conducts for licensed architectures around the world. The organization is stationed in Washington, D.C., where it began its origin of rules. The constitutional bylaws directly related to the AIA was crafted by 13 architects in 1857. They worked together to construct the overall design by promoting their professional public image. The AIA offers educational benefits, advocacy related to the government, subsequent community restructures, and primal support from the public. Robert Ivy serves as the CEO while Thomas Vonier acts as the President.

The original architects that founded the AIA worked together for several months before they decided to invite 16 other architects. Alexander Jackson Davis, Thomas U. Walter, and Calvert Vaux were among the 16 prominent architects invited to help construct the bylaws. The group worked together to help promote the overall architectural profession. Prior to AIA becoming a recognized organization, many could categorize themselves as architects without being licensed. The American Institute of Architects now makes it possible for licensed members to become part of a very distinguished and famed organization.

By March 10th, 1857, the group drafted the first laws for the architect constitution. The original name of the organization was called the New York Society of Architects. They eventually changed the name to the American Insititute of Architects on April 15th, 1857. They amended the bylaws several times until they finally settled with the mission “to promote the artistic, scientific, and practical profession of its members.” Twenty years later, many architects from other cities were asking to join the group. Chapters were eventually formed in the cities of Albany, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Rhode Island and many others.

Today there are nearly 90,000 licensed architects and prominent professionals related to the members. All AIA members must comply with a certain code of ethics in order to retain their membership within the organization. By following the code of conducts and following the essential rules, they can assure that clients within the community in addition to international clients will understand the professionalism, dedication and high standards that are placed on each member. The organization operates within five levels of membership guidelines, and each level must hold a certain standard. The five levels involve architect members, associate members, international associate members, emeritus members and allied members. The AIA is proud to serve their members with professional development and a wide array of opportunities.

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