NetPicks and Forex Trading

NetPicks is an educational trading company founded in 1996. They entered business at the perfect time as day trading and online trading had just come around. Futures, stocks, day trading, and swing training. They boast 25 years of actual trading experience and 17 years of educational trading experience. Their trading systems have three goals in mind, a fulltime career, part-time income, and you will be done in minutes, check out (

NetPicks elaborates on what makes them unique, the fact that their full staff of traders takes trade every day based on facebook. They certainly don’t lack experience. They say their system is so successful because you select the objective and they go to work on completing that goal. NetPicks talks about their system are not theoretical or academia “nonsense” overshadowing how they work.

NetPicks recently has focused on Forex trading, this is when you trade currencies based on their values. FX trading specifically allows trading currency pairs in a decentralized market. This trading is done using over the counter electronic financial exchanges. Forex markets are open 24 hours a day. NetPicks services provide live charts and projections over currencies.

NetPicks also describes the benefits of trading through the FX markets. You are able to hedge your position trading in future markets. The FX market is very liquid up to 5.2 trillion in volume a day. Traders also have limited alternatives considering there are only a handful of common currencies used when trading. I suggest researching these markets yourself and using services like NetPicks.