Jason Hope Contributes To The SENS Foundation

Finally, people can get what they have always hoped to get. Rejuvenation Biotechnologies is promising people eternal youth, something that everyone wants to have. SENS Foundation has been researching about this issue for a couple of years, and the people behind the research and the foundation believe that they have finally found the solution to aging.

Jason Hope, a philanthropist, and entrepreneur, joined the SENS Foundation some years back with the objective of finding a solution to aging. While sharing his thoughts about the foundation and its objective, Jason Hope noted that the foundation’s involvement in anti-aging entails more than just helping people live youth forever. Jason explained that the anti-aging solution offered by the foundation is about enhancing the quality of life to create a longer life than before.

Jason joined the SENS Foundation in 2010. He donated $500,000 to the foundation’s laboratory that was dealing with the anti-aging research. Additionally, Hope continued to support the foundation’s goal by contributing an additional $ 1 million. Jason Hope has in the past supported several technical issues, which he does so by finding out the technology trends in the market. Jason has a track record of discovering technology trends, which explains why he is commonly referred to as a leading futurist in the United States.

About SENS Foundation
Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Foundation is dedicated to coming up with anti-aging solutions without harming the human body. According to the foundation, animals like tortoise have a strong trait of not experiencing aging signs. The strong trait in such animals ensures that the chances of dying for the organism don’t increase as it ages. Unfortunately, human beings don’t have this trait because just like automobiles break down with age, the necessary metabolic activities in human beings break down as you ages. Consequently, humans are more prone to susceptible diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease as they become older than before. However, a young person can contract these diseases, but the risk factors are not as high as those of an older person.

SENS Foundation, through its able scientists, understood what they needed to do with the $500,000 donated to them by Jason Hope. The foundation used the money to discover ways of preventing the bonding of artery-cell proteins. The foundation noted that the move was aimed at preventing the hardening of arteries to avoid triggering high blood pressure. The medical sector treats illnesses after a patient has been diagnosed with the disease. However, supporters of the rejuvenation biotechnologies have a dream of avoiding that trend and ensuring that the medical community pays attention to preventative medicine so that people can live longer and healthier lives than before.

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NGP VAN – Progressive Roots and New Tools

NGP VAN is a technology company based in Washington D.C. They create fundraising and organizing software. They’ve provided a technological advantage in voter outreach to some of the top Democratic Candidates in the recent past. NGP VAN is supporting socially progressive campaigns with new tools like Distributed Canvassing.

Jennifer Willis is the Organizing Product Manager for NGP VAN. She recently explained how their newest tool works and who it benefits. Distributed Canvassing changes the way organizers prepare volunteers, maps, and voter information. This new software helps cut the busy work out of volunteering as well. Its main focus is to distribute turf to canvassers. Volunteers can create their own outreach lists and use them to canvass on their own time. These lists can be used for voter outreach through email, phone, and traditional canvassing.

Distributed Canvassing originated in 2017 from an app named Knock10. The original app cut turf for volunteers, but couldn’t create a universe or script. Feedback from organizers was taken and applied to create this new software. It’s in the early stages of use, but volunteers are already utilizing its convenience. It’s been working well to save precious time and resources for organizers. It creates universes and scripts for volunteers as well. The flexibility of this tool allows it to be used for local programs and even organizations at the state level.

Voter outreach software is being utilized by every political party. NGP VAN updated their software to recognize non-binary gender pronouns in their records. LGBTQ voters make up a large majority of the demographic for Democratic campaigns. It’s important to NGP VAN to address LGBTQ voters correctly. They’re also gender-inclusive in their beliefs. Compassion and equality are the heart of their values.

NGP VAN recently hosted a “Day Without Women” to celebrate their own female employees. Women at NGP VAN went into the community and volunteered instead of attending work as usual. Female employees worked at charities that empower and help women dealing with abuse, homelessness, and recovery. Participating in the International Day Without Women cemented NGP VAN as a progressive company with strong values in the workplace and in practice.

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How Louis Chenevert Became a Legendary in the Investment World

Many factors determine the direction that every company takes. One of the most significant factors is leadership. The CEO of an organization is the driver of a conglomerate and needs to navigate wisely to be able to take the company to the next level. This is why every firm needs to be careful about who they nominate as the President and CEO of the Company.

United Corporation Technologies (UTC) was keen in appointing their CEO in 2006, and their decision made a permanent difference to the firm. The current CEO of the firm says that the mechanisms that Louis Chenevert used are still employed in the firm to maintain the standards of the conglomerate.

Here are some tips on how Louis Chenevert became legendary in the investment world;

Investing in the Future

Louis Chenevert led UTC to invest in future high technology. He was not only concerned in the assets of the company but the employees of the firm as well.

Louis Chenevert believed that it was through organizing and empowering his team that he could accomplish his goals as the CEO. This is why he chose to transfer his employees to other sectors of the firm where their skills would be valuable.

Louis Chenevert saw investing in future technology as the only way of safeguarding the future of the USA.

Creating Environmental Friendly Products

Besides being a successful businessman, Louis Chenevert is an environmentalist. When he realized the high level of global warming, he found a remedy. He reduced the consumption of water as well as the emission of gases. As a result, the products of the company were acceptable in many countries which increased the sales of the company. Louis encouraged other firms to follow the same path.

Meaningful Acquisitions

During his reign, Louis Chenevert made purchases that have been confirmed very valid to the firm. For instance, the Pratt & Whitney acquisition that cost the firm $10 billion and 20 years to develop has been very productive in the long last.

He also made history in the United States for crossing a $16 billion aerospace deal with Goodrich.


Jason Hope: The Philanthropist with Business Expertise

The quest for successful medical intervention has contributed to the emergence of modern, technological inventions. These inventions challenge our lifestyles in different ways. New technologies have massively contributed to better healthcare and medical systems that prolong life. To better this, entrepreneurs have taken up to the industries to invest in viable technologies. One such entrepreneur is Jason Hope.

Jason Hope’s Input

Hope is currently partnering with the SENS Foundation to work on an anti-aging project. The Arizona-based entrepreneur commits to this project because he believes that technology can transform lives in many ways. Hope has pledged $ 500,000 towards the project. He hopes that his donation will be handy in the anti-aging mission.

The Event

The scientific world is vastly embracing the impact of rejuvenation biotechnologies in addressing age-related health issues. SENS Foundation has organized an event that will see to it that the mission is accomplished. Among the attendees are prominent health practitioners, scientists and donors. It is projected that the event will be successful especially with Jason’s input.

The Background Look

Aging bodies go through multiple transformations. The root of these transformations is perhaps piles of unrepaired and damaged cellular, molecular structures. These damages contribute to a breakdown in functional units within the body tissues. Additionally, the body’s microscopic tissues become compromised. SENS Foundation is working closely with scientists and researchers to establish therapies that can curb aging.


The age renewal project will reverse age-related diseases. SENS Foundation will apply the theory of regenerative medicine with the purpose of repairing aging cells. The organization is developing new medicine that encompasses regenerative therapies. These therapies will remove, repair as well as regenerate cells to maintain youth.

The Futurist Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a technology mogul. The father of the Internet of Things believes that technology is the future of the world. He advocates for its embrace because he knows what the future holds for most businesses and professional industries. For Jason Hope, any project that will better the world is worth investing in. He partners with people who share in his vision. SENS Foundation is just one of the many.

Additional Information

Jason Hope has academic credentials in finance and business administration. He cares about the wellness of people. That is why he has donated millions towards health and self-improvement. He reckons that better lives are linked to new technologies. That is his major mission in this world.

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Jason Hope discusses the implications of widespread Internet of Things tech

One of the most promising developments of the last decade has been the introduction of the group of technologies broadly encompassed in the term Internet of Things. This new array of high tech gadgets and systems promises to radically change the way in which everyday Americans live. From self-driving cars to automated shopping, the Internet of Things is on the precipice of deeply transforming people’s lives, making things easier than they have ever been before.

One of the most vocal proponents of the Internet of Things is internet entrepreneur Jason Hope. Hope made a name for himself throughout the state of Arizona as the inventor of the premium content streaming model of mobile content delivery. Hope was able to beat companies such as Apple to the market by more than 10 years, pioneering a form of business that has turned into a multibillion dollar industry. In addition to this, Hope has founded dozens of other highly successful startups, making him one of the nation’s most talked about internet entrepreneurs.

With a resume like that, it’s no wonder that when Jason Hope speaks, the internet listens. One of the areas in which Hope sees the Internet of Things totally disrupting the status quo is in the realm of automation. Hope says that the Internet of Things and the technologies that will become a part of it will allow for a level of automation that has never before been imagined in the following: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

Hope points to many technologies that are already here. For example, Amazon is in the process of developing its own drone delivery systems. These promise to almost completely eliminate humans from the logistics equation, allowing for near-total automation of the order, fulfillment and delivery process. Hope says that we should expect to see similar levels of automation in almost every industry. He believes that this will take place within the next 10 years.