Graham Edwards Noticeable Success with Telereal Trillium

Every day it seems there are more and more people becoming successful with their endeavors. Spotlights are shed on various accomplished businessmen and women for their deeds in the workplace. A wonderful example of one of these individuals is Graham Edwards, CEO of Telereal Trillium. With many triumphs attached to his name, it’s hard to ignore this man’s list of victories. Let’s take a look then!

Before his time with this company, he worked as a fund manager and chief investment officer for separate companies. His transition to Telereal Trillium would prove to be prosperous and ideal. Edwards has spent nearly two decades with T.T., and performed exceptionally for his business. T.T. is now the owner of British Telecom PLC (A.K.A BBC) as well as the UK Department of Work and Pensions. Both organizations provide communications and customer service for the United Kingdom.

Now, for a little background on the company itself. Telereal Trillium was organized in 1997 to accommodate the UKDWP. Two years later the company was attained by Land Securities, who effectively renamed the company to Land Securities Trillium. That same year, in a venture to acquire British Telecom, they joined with Telereal (established by William Pears Ltd.) and thus became Telereal Trillium.

With its headquarters in London, the company’s main priority is management of commercial properties. They currently have an impressive 8,000 properties and growing. As one of the United Kingdom’s biggest property companies, T.T. boasts a six million dollar portfolio. That’s an impressive feat.

When all is said and done it’s obvious that Telereal Trillium has benefited considerably from the expertise of Graham Edwards. Without the wisdom of Edwards, the company may not be where it is today, but that’s purely speculation. This man is experienced and knowledgeable, more than qualified for his position. The successes of Graham and Telereal Trillium will echo for years to come.

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