Rodrigo Terpins: Right Mix of Sports and Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Blood

Only a fraction of people make success in two or more highly diverse areas, and such people are generally gifted, highly organized, and very much passionate about what they are doing. All of these characteristics significantly contribute to their success in every field they are investing their time and effort. When it comes to Rodrigo Terpins, a well-known Brazilian entrepreneur, it is absolutely true. Apart from being a highly successful entrepreneur, Terpins is also highly interested in sports. He consistently makes an appearance in the rally tracks of Brazil and around the world and grabbed many titles in his name.

Interestingly, his father, Jack Terpins was a brilliant basketball player during his young days and held various roles in different sports associations in the country. It can be said that a great sports culture is there in the blood of Rodrigo. For him, winning in rally tracks is just like conquering new islands in the business world with excellent planning and proper execution with a clear focus on the goal. Even in the 22nd edition of the renowned the Sertões Rally that held in early February 2017, Terpins could finish as third in the T1 Prototypes category. Interestingly, in the overall ranking, he secured the eighth place with that achievement. Check out Terra to see more.

Regarding the achievement, Rodrigo said that he achieved more than what he expected, and the partnership with Fabrício and the amazingly competitive car helped him to make an exemplary job on the rally track. In the 25th edition of the car rally which held in August 2017, he took a two-hour lead while comparing to the second place in the category prototype T1. Terpins is also the winner of Cross Country Rally Championship of Brazil in 2017. Interestingly, he is participating the event regularly from 2002 – the year it was started. For more details visit Crunchbase.

While coming to the entrepreneurial career of Terpins, he is serving as a Director to T5 Participações, a holding firm of different non-financial institutions. Earlier, he was serving as the Director Operations at the leading department store in Brazil, Marisa S.A. Terpins was responsible for strategic planning, electronic commerce, commercial automation, and department of import. He completed his education at the renowned Saint Hilaire. You can  visit