Chris Burch’s Connection to the #1 Hotel in the World

Three years ago Chris Burch turned a hangout for surfers into one of the most relaxing five star resort on the planet. The billionaire who built his name in the fashion industry rehabilitated the destination and named it Nihi. Nihi is located on Sumba island, a very remote piece of floating land in Indonesia that is mostly uninhabited. Burch came across the wonderful island as he was just looking for a good place to take a surf break. Luckily, for him he found so much more. He then set the gears in motion to build a resort. He didn’t turn the destination into a five star resort on his own however. Each member of his team helps the resort thrive. Because of his team Nihi is largely seen as the #1 hotel in the world and it is based on

Before Burch ever visited the island two other individuals, Claude and Petra Graves came across the island as thrill seeking surfers. Both had the same idea Burch had and decided to create a resort. The resort the pair created would evolve into what is now Nihi Sumba Island, see (

Burch fell in love with the property the moment he laid his eyes on it. He invested around $30 million into remodeling and upgrading the resort. It’s safe to say his investment has paid off tremendously. The resort attracts tourists from all over the world who are looking for a remote getaway. Burch isn’t resting on his laurels however. He is constantly acquiring more land, refer to

Chris Burch hopes that the resort will also be good for the community. He wants it too benefit from the resort’s success as well. He feels it is only right considering how much the island has given him. He adamantly says that this resort is more than about making a profit. It is a place he hopes people can find joy and peace, watch (