Information about Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey grew up in Nawark as a son of constructor worker. He later moved to west in the 1960s to join Arizona State University. In the year 1970, how dropped out of the university after publishing the inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times in response to the coverage of the media of campus anti-war protests.

Lacey was then the executive editor of the New Times and Larkin who is his business partner. The two were heading up the advertising side, and they gained a lot of prominence by exploring the social and political issues that were in touch to the society. This gave a lot of attention to the New Times and became one of the best newspapers in the Arizona.

New Times took a different step in the year 1983 and purchased Westword. The primary intention of doing so was to expand the conglomerate to a multi-billion dollar and reach as many people as possible. Some of the like-minded newspapers include LA Weekly and the Village Voice.

The two editors, Larkin and Lacey, were the arrested at their home in the year 2007. The reason behind their detention was the revelation of the grand jury subpoenas through the Phoenix New Times.

Their arrest was initiated the Joe Arpaio who was the sheriff of the Maricopa County, Arizona. The charges of Larkin and Lacey were then dropped within a period of 24 hours following the public demand and the subpoenas quashed in that process.

Both Larkin and Lacey decided to sue the county sheriff and compensated $3.75 million after winning the case. The two then made a common decision to set up Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. This was put in place purposely to distribute the proceeds to immigrants across the Arizona. The commitment of the two led to the First Amendment, and the company picked up with a good reputation.

The two then sold the Village Voice Media, the group of long time executives of the enterprise. The move went successful and the chained reached approximately 9 million readers monthly.

The primary purpose of Larkin and Lacey was to create a society that is free of discrimination and provides equal chances to all people despite the race and background.

As a matter of fact, the records of Lacey in contribution to the civil and human right set itself clear through the transformations and commitment that he put to work to end discrimination.

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