Adam Milstein, a Jew is a founder of Hager Pacific. He and his wife Gila have the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. Adam Milstein has worked tirelessly towards attaining peace in the middles east. He has for long been on the forefront of the Israel-American Council. He strongly opposes BDS movement. He is named the top most influential Jewish life. In his latest article, he majorly explains issues such as anti-Semitism, Islamic radicalism in America. Adam Milstein further says that the there is a rift between the radicals and leftists. Read more at Huffington Post about Adam Milstein.

Generally the article describes what the Islam community has been through and the trauma they face currently. In the United States of America Trump exemplifies racism and the immigration laws seem not to favor them. Trump has been heard to say words like the white supremacist, and socialism in many occasions. This has been reported over 55 times.

Adam Milstein goes further to point out the challenges Muslims face. They include executing gays, stoning women, abhorring feminism and deprivation of human rights. An activist by the name of Linda Sansour celebrated Arabia for treating Muslims fairly well. Follow Adam Milstein on

In Chicago, there was an event to try stop the indecent sexual assault. This is in accordance with the Lesbians and Gay Rights community (LGBTI). Those with the three stars of David were arrested. A Palestinian terrorist was jailed because of saying that she was justified to do that in the USA.

The rift between Iranians and the Jews has created a lot of hate. Since the Iranian revolution in the 1970s, there has not been peace between the two groups.

Radical Muslims are driven by the urge to destroy Israel. This has been true of the wars that never end between Israel and Iran. This hate is of no use but to destroy Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East. It is true to say that the never-ending wars and bloodshed require some sort of intervention and reconciliation. If not, the lives of Americans will be threatened for a long. Hence the need to check into reforms and newer strategies to curb such hateful feelings.


George Soros’ Insight on Leadership and World Politics

One of the most revered personalities in the field of philanthropy and business is George Soros. His hard can be dated back to ten years ago. Aside from business, George is also a force to reckon in international politics and philanthropy. Through his educational programs and by offering motivational talks, George Soros has been able to mentor leaders who are hardworking, intelligent and transparent. The businessman gained a lot of popularity in the corporate world when he placed a bet against the British pound and managed to earn himself a sum of $1 billion in just 24 hours. He is accorded a lot of respect for his wittiness and smart moves in making investments. He has been documented in many newspapers and publication platforms. One of his documentaries is the Tragedy of The European Union. Learn more about George at The Atlantic.

Recently, George Soros decided to fulfill one of his long-term goals in the business world. According to the Wall Street Journal, the business leader transferred a massive $18 billion to the OSF charity so that the organization can continue advancing the gospel of good leadership, democratic governments, and protection of human rights. This act puts George Soros ahead of the pack on matters philanthropy. It is expected that the billionaire will transfer most his wealth to charity during his lifetime.

George Soros does not flinch when it comes to taking part in an initiative that creates a positive impact in communities all around the world. Most of his books talk of how overly relying on capitalistic ideologies affect the economy. As a person known for speaking out against lousy leadership, George has managed to bring to light many conversations about leadership and democracy. Soros also holds various degrees from universities in the US. Among them the Yale School of Management and the University of Oxford. These institutions proudly recognize the excellent work of Soros towards developing the world’s economy. Learn more about his profile at

Many future entrepreneurs look up to George Soros as a mentor. He mentors them on how they can improve leadership and find solutions that will improve the lives of people. During apartheid in South Africa, he was in the frontline and stood with the black students who were denied education because of their race. He offered the grants and scholarships so they could go to school and in turn better their communities. In the US he is a proponent of minority groups that are despised. Among these groups, we have the LGBT community, sex workers and victims of drug and substance abuse.

George Soros is committed in his bid to mentor leaders who can hold the governments accountable. According to George, transparent, just and responsible politics play a significant role in ensuring the society grows. A considerable part of his wealth is directed towards programs that aim at empowering young people. This is so that they can push for better leadership from the leaders they elect. His charity firm known as the Open Society Foundations has achieved a lot of results from looking into humanitarian crises all around the world.


What Makes Hussain Sajwani Prosperous in Business

Hussain Sajwani is one of the major names in the Middle East real estate industry. His company is one of the biggest in the region having undertaken major projects resulting in luxurious and unique properties. He founded the Dubai based company in 2002. This was in an attempt to increase his earnings from his business ventures at the time. During this time, he held a catering firm that provided food to the employees of the oil and gas industries in Saudi Arabia. His operations went to international when he was involved in feeding the United States army. For example, during Iraq war in 1991, his company was publicly recognized for his great efforts. His catering business is still operational.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Hussain Sajwani is successful is his interpersonal skills which have seen him create lots of powerful personal friends and business associates. The unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the United States election brought Hussain Sajwani family to the limelight. Hussain happens to be one of the investors who has had a chance to not only greatly interact with President Trump but also engage in business deals with him. Trump’s real estate company; Trump Organization worked together with DAMAC Properties and Tiger Woods in the design and development of Trump International Golf Club in Dubai.

Another reason that may have led to his prosperity is his participation in the various government projects. He is supportive of the United Arab Emirates government projects. For example, during the Ramadhan initiative launch by the Prime minister of UAE and the Vice-president to clothe the needy children, he donated AED 2 million. His generosity was greatly appreciated by the UAE Red Crescent Manager, Mohammed Abdullah Alhaj Al Zaroni. Sajwani has also empowered the homeless n UAE by building them homes under his company’s hospitality division; DAMAC Maison.

Most businessmen who have worked with Trump Organization are worried about the effect of Trump’s presidency on the performance of this organization. On the contrary, Hussain Sajwani is happy for Trump and sees the presidency as a good thing for their business interactions. He even hopes for more business ventures together with the organization. He has big dreams for his company.

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