NGP VAN – Progressive Roots and New Tools

NGP VAN is a technology company based in Washington D.C. They create fundraising and organizing software. They’ve provided a technological advantage in voter outreach to some of the top Democratic Candidates in the recent past. NGP VAN is supporting socially progressive campaigns with new tools like Distributed Canvassing.

Jennifer Willis is the Organizing Product Manager for NGP VAN. She recently explained how their newest tool works and who it benefits. Distributed Canvassing changes the way organizers prepare volunteers, maps, and voter information. This new software helps cut the busy work out of volunteering as well. Its main focus is to distribute turf to canvassers. Volunteers can create their own outreach lists and use them to canvass on their own time. These lists can be used for voter outreach through email, phone, and traditional canvassing.

Distributed Canvassing originated in 2017 from an app named Knock10. The original app cut turf for volunteers, but couldn’t create a universe or script. Feedback from organizers was taken and applied to create this new software. It’s in the early stages of use, but volunteers are already utilizing its convenience. It’s been working well to save precious time and resources for organizers. It creates universes and scripts for volunteers as well. The flexibility of this tool allows it to be used for local programs and even organizations at the state level.

Voter outreach software is being utilized by every political party. NGP VAN updated their software to recognize non-binary gender pronouns in their records. LGBTQ voters make up a large majority of the demographic for Democratic campaigns. It’s important to NGP VAN to address LGBTQ voters correctly. They’re also gender-inclusive in their beliefs. Compassion and equality are the heart of their values.

NGP VAN recently hosted a “Day Without Women” to celebrate their own female employees. Women at NGP VAN went into the community and volunteered instead of attending work as usual. Female employees worked at charities that empower and help women dealing with abuse, homelessness, and recovery. Participating in the International Day Without Women cemented NGP VAN as a progressive company with strong values in the workplace and in practice.

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