Jorge Molls Insights and Views in Life

Dr. Jorge Moll studied doctor of medicine at the Federal University of Rio Janiero, Brazil (Crunchbase). He finished his residency in the same town. He specializes in neurosurgery. A branch in medicine focusing on the brain. To date he is currently affiliated with D’Or Institute of Research and Education in the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. He has always been a person full of passion and dreams. The dream to help build a world-class research, education and health care in his country. His educational background is superb. As Dr. Moll achieved the highest form of education his doctorate degree of Experimental Pathophysiology in São Paulo University.

He is a very busy person. Most of his days are spent to meetings with associates, students, researchers, and the like and scientists that are from different organizations. His advice is not to store ideas and plans. You either go with the idea or use your other ideas as quickly as to not waste time. He also believes it is very important to have a free exchange of ideas and collaboration. Jorge Moll considers that being productive is being open, skillful, and transparent. His belief is that the present career pathways and publication are hindering the scientific innovations. People should have to dream big and take the challenge in a positive way because these challenges will give us the ability to pursue our dreams and aspirations.

For now he has the idea that in starting a company it would be great if it provide the needs of everyone. It makes entering a hospital simple, enjoyable, and memorable. Working with different people and helping each other helps boost the work morale of the workers.


Getting to know Dr. Jorge Moll

His favorite quote by Da Vinci. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” When we say sophistication, it pertains to the process of being knowledgeable and cultured. Living simply is what makes the life more enjoyable. You tend to have lived the life if it is lived simply. Also by being humble, we achieve the simplicity we aim to be able to be sophisticated in our own little ways. We only got one chance in life and we must do it the right way. Just like what Jorge Moll’s favorite quote.