Greg Secker — Account Expert

Greg Secker is many things in his extravagant life. He is a father. He is an entrepreneur. He is a philanthropist. He is an international speaker. He is a master trader. Perhaps, the most impressive thing he is, is a multifaceted human being. He has founded many companies, including: Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, FX Capital, the Knowledge to Action Group, and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Learn to Trade is one of the global leaders in securities trading education. Their offices are located in London, Sydney, Manila, and Johannesburg. Greg Secker is often called to speak at many occasions and thanks to his motivation and trading courses, many people have been able to change their lives. He is a shining light in the world of finance. SmartCharts Software is an excellent provider of trading technology; they develop securities trading platforms that make traders’ and brokers’ jobs easier. The software is visual and informative. Greg works hard with his team of developers to provide the highest quality product possible. Capital Index is Greg’s brokerage firm. With them, he assists families and businesses wisely invest their savings. His team of brokers create high levels of rapport with clientele and coach them through the best investments and investment strategies to achieve their life goals. FX Capital is Greg Secker’s exclusively managed account for forex investment services. When high profile clients wish to invest in foreign exchange, Greg helps them grow their money. The Greg Secker Foundation is Greg’s philanthropic exploration and a wonderful service to humankind. The organization is one hundred percent committed to helping people around the world improve their quality of life. It is quite a wondrous endeavor.

Greg Secker began his career in the field of investment through Thomas Cook Financial services. He enjoyed his time with the firm and learned the ins and outs of the business. While at Thomas Cook Financial services, clients would often brag to their friends, “Oh yes, Greg. He’s a great guy, he doubled my portfolio!” Indeed, Greg went the extra mile to fish out the best stocks for all of his clients.