Kisling, Nestico & Redick: Wants to Stop Distracted Driving

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is an Ohio law firm that represents people with injury law cases. They have a great reputation due to their rich legal experience in many areas of the law, a large staff of caring and knowledgable attorney and employees. Their knowledge of the insurance industry has helped win their clients nearly half a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts. Customers have stated in reviews how approachable and friendly their staff is. This is why they are one of the fastest growing law firms in Ohio. But more important than how well they do their job is what they do for their community. From local food drives, donations, and scholarships. their firm is making a huge impact on the people of Ohio, particularly the youth. 

KNR knows that many teenagers are killed due to texting and driving. Their “Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship” is available to American students with at least a 3.0 GPA. This is still an alarmingly high amount of fatal crashes every year that was caused by the driver being distracted. Nearly half of the deaths in accidents in which the drivers were distracted were a result of using a smartphone while behind the wheel. And while many people realize how dangerous it is, awareness still needs to be raised so it can be ended as soon as possible. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is doing their part with the Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship. 

Kisling, Nestico & Redick awarded Elianna Norin the scholarship for her creative video entry which beat over 400 other applications. To sum up her entry, a driver puts on a blindfold for 5 or so seconds. This angers the passenger and the camera reveals the driver wasn’t wearing a blindfold but looking at their phone. Elianna plans on going to Savannah College of Art and Design thanks in part to the scholarship. KNR’s scholar is offered each year with a March 31st deadline and the winner is announced one month later. 

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Things You Need to Know about Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele has made a name for himself through the various revolutions he has brought in the field of technology. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley through which he gained skills in his field of specialization. He started his career at the Fenwick & West LLP at Silicon Valley offices, which majorly focused on offering online e-commerce services to its clients. He has gained vast experience in the field of technology over the recent years, and he has shared his expertise with other people, with the aim of helping them acquire successes in their ventures. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Michael Hagele is not only committed to achieving the best in his career, but he has also striven to improve his skills through spending time with determined and successful people. He has closed a vast number of deals with many people in the field of telecommunication and domestic and international fields. His contributions towards the growth of the economy in the country have seen him receive recognition to form a vast number of people. Additionally, he has acquired a chance to serve various roles in different companies including biotechnological ones, aerospace and internet-based firms.

In addition to his position as the general counsel for industries, Michael Hagele is also passionate about exercising. He majorly takes part in mountain biking, and he has shared his counsel with other people concerning the latter. The renowned investor encourages people that are passionate about the sport to ensure that they learn about it form people that are highly experienced as it makes it easy for them to acquire skills faster. Michael Hagele believes that everyone that possess the right equipment and is committed towards learning can acquire the skills easily. He believes that mountain biking is fun with friends and it is one way in which people can keep fit to avoid the many diseases that affect them due to body inactiveness.

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Richardo Tosto’s Recognition For His Exceptional Work

An Overview of Richardo Tosto

Richardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer from Brazil. He has made substantial advancements in Brazilian law. He is considered an entrepreneur and pioneer in his field. Tosto assists businesses in litigation.

Tosto is an active member of IBA (International Bar Association), as well as CESA (Study Center for Lawyer Societies). He served as president for the Brazilian Bar Association in the Sao Paulo sector.

Richardo Tosto’s office is among the most popular in Brazil. Tosto has served international groups, politicians and government professionals. Leite, Tosto e Barros is the firm Tosto works under. Their sector contains 91 lawyers, as well as 15 partners.

Richard Tosto Receives Credit

“Chambers Latin America” has recognized Ricardo Tosto’s firm as one of the finest in Brazil. The employees of Richard Tosto’s firm preform exceptionally in the management of clients. Leite, Tosto e Barros have clientele in a variety of industries, including banking and infrastructure. Engineering and construction are also industries the firm regularly assists. Tosto’s firm is highly dedicated to assisting their clients in all parts of the complex process. Even once litigation is finished, the team follows up with their clients to ensure all needs are met.

During the 2018 issue of Chambers Latin America, they credited Tosto’s firm for their groundbreaking efforts in law. Some of the firm’s clients include GM, Banco Fibra, Rabobank, Paranapanema and Azul Linhas Aereas.

The Latin publication has listed Richard Tosto as a top lawyer for many years in row. Leite, Tosto e Barros have offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The staff includes a total of 300 employees. They work in a multitude of industries including family and probate, social security, environmental, criminal law and foreign law.

Richardo Tosto has served Brazil with quality services for many years. His efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated throughout the country. Richardo on facebook

Attorney Karl Heideck Advises Pennsylvannians Not to Sing in the Bath Tub

Every state no doubt has some bizarre laws on the books. Letting a donkey sleep in a bathtub is illegal in Arizona. There are also some unique laws in force in Pennsylvania.

The Key Stone State has established its own laws governing residential bathrooms. Campers and house trailers are exempt from a law mandating that a child’s bedroom be no more than 200′ from the lavatory.

Further compliance with this law requires the bathroom have a shower stall or tub. One word of caution, if the child or any household member should sing while in that tub they will be committing an illegal act.

Outdoorsmen in Pennsylvania should be aware that employing dynamite to catch fish is illegal. It also violates state game laws to use goldfish, the variety of goldfish known as comets, and carp as live bait. Also, please use a line and hook instead of your hands to land fish.

Big game hunters are not allowed to shoot an animal if the animal is swimming. The penalties for this are such that if you shoot a bathing deer or bear and get caught you will not be laughing. It is also illegal to undertake bagging game in a cemetery.

Ladies, do not have more than fifteen roommates. A sixteenth roommate will cause your home to be reclassified as a bordello. When cleaning your house whatever you do do not sweep dirt under the rug.

If someone uses being inebriated during the ceremony as grounds for ending a marriage they will be confessing to breaking the law. Members of the clergy need to make sure a bride and groom are sober before proceeding with a wedding ceremony.

If anyone celebrates recent nuptials with firearms, fireworks, or literally, with artillery, they will be violating a law prohibiting private citizens from touching off cannons.

Karl Heideck currently practices law in the Philadelphia area. He made a name for himself addressing issues stemming from the financial meltdown of 2008. Karl Heideck has experience with acquisition, liquidity, and risk management. He has also worked on cases involving securities fraud and banking litigation.

A 2003 graduate of Swarthmore College Karl Heideck holds a bachelor’s degree from that school. While at Swarthmore he focused on English and writing. Skills that he uses today to publish a legal blog. Karl Heideck’s law degree is from Temple University where he was recognized as an outstanding student.

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Ricardo Tosto: A Famous Lawyer in Brazil

The legal system in Brazil is tough to navigate. Those who want to be lawyers take too much time learning about the Constitution. By the time one sets off to class, he or she is very old or about 24 years. In addition to that, you must be licensed for to you to start working. That is why being a lawyer in Brazil makes you so famous like Ricardo Tosto.

Six years back, Brazil had about 700,000 lawyers. Currently, many people have finished their career in law. In most schools of law, you must do a bar exam which gives you an opportunity to work in any field of law like contract law, class actions and tax law just to mention a few.

After that, you can also be employed in any law firm. These law firms especially the bigger ones are always busy with full of work. The big firms handle all issues concerning the law, and they may have up to 8000 lawyers. Smaller firms hire about 50-60 lawyers to work there and Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

Most firms in Brazil divide lawyers into three. One can either be an intern, associate or partner. Payment to partners is made according to what he or she brings to the firm. Associates are the salaried works and more information click here.

As mentioned early being a lawyer in Brazil makes you famous. That is why Ricardo Tosto is well recognized. He is best known for doing complex and hard litigation. Due to that, the office in which Ricardo Tosto worked became necessary in handling this common litigation in Brazil too. The office develops both financially and regarding labor action and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

Ricardo Tosto was one of the first people to provide the mass action model which put him in the front place of the legal services. In addition to that, Ricardo Tosto is a market leader, and he is very prominent. His work of litigation is always efficient and organized and resume him.

In addition to litigation, Ricardo Tosto’s office is also known for criminal litigation. Environmental law is also another field where Ricardo Tosto has specialized. He is known well for defending a hydroelectric plant. This law suit was set by the Public civil action to prevent the construction of the facility. But due to the help of Ricardo Tosto, the plant is still operating. Those are some of the achievements of Ricardo Tosto just to mention a few and

Ricardo Tosto; Litigation equals Dedication

Brazil was a colony of Portugal, and because of that, Brazillian Law is based on Portuguese Law. Brazil attained independence in 1822 and was finally able to create its own legal system. The very first Law schools in Brazil were set up in São Paulo and Olinda in 1827. Although the Brazilian legal system has Portuguese roots, it also has French, German, and Italian influence.

For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, you have to go through three steps; pass Vestibular, get a Graduation Degree, and then pass the National Bar Examination. In the year 2010, Brazil was ranked the country with the third largest number of lawyers worldwide. With the many lawyers, you have to stand out and be the best at your craft to make it. One such lawyer who beats the odds and stood out in a large pool is Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo is an outstanding entrepreneur of Brazilian law and a great strategist.

Tosto’s career began in a small room, and he diligently climbed his way up. In just a few years, his office was among the largest in Brazil. Ricardo defended personalities and companies in several cases that opened him up to the Brazilian public, and they indeed take notice. He has Brazillian advocated for politicians, governments, Brazilian and multinational groups, and pro bono for NGOs. He encourages his team to get a taste of “good combat” and holds an honorary position for the litigation in his office. He significantly contributed to the creation of laws that have been of great economic importance to Brazil. He was also a groundbreaker in the adoption of several legal mechanisms. These were later transformed into tools of common use.

Ricardo is the founder and senior partner of the law firm; Milk, Tosto, and Barros. His company is a big cat in matters pertaining to high-value litigation. Under Tosto’s exceptional guidance, the firm handles cases that range from the environment, compliance, and white-collar crime and labor. The firm’s main offices are in Sao Paulo, but it expanded its operations to Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

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