Kamil Idris Promotes International Intellectual Property Laws

Kamil Idris is a professor and international diplomat who is the former director of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Kamil Idris was born in Sudan where he went onto receive a LLD from the University of Khartoum. Kamil Idris showed an early interest in intellectual property law and graduated with honors. Kamil Idris then went onto receive a PHD from Geneva University in Switzerland. Along with serving as the director of the World intellectual Property Organization, Kamil Idris has also served as the head of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants and the International Law Commission of the United Nations.

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Kamil Idris recently spoke about the importance of protecting intellectual property. He believes that a major force behind intellectual property theft is the growth of intellectual markets. This means that businesses can break international property laws in areas where local authorities do not care. These companies can then sell products on the international market. Kamil Idris also believes that the internet has resulted in an increase in intellectual property theft. This is because businesses can look up products using the internet. They can then find a market for their counterfeit products using the internet.

Kamil Idris believes that there are a number of ways to address international intellectual property theft. He notes that the laws regarding intellectual property are not clearly defined. In addition, a number of countries have not committed to international intellectual property laws. Kamil Idris argues that the United Nations should better define intellectual property laws while setting firm penalties for breaking these laws. He also believes that the United Nations should punish countries that break international property laws. Kamil Idris also believes that global trade organizations should removing banking and transportation rights to companies that break international property laws. This will help to prevent counterfeit good from reaching the global market.