How Louis Chenevert Became a Legendary in the Investment World

Many factors determine the direction that every company takes. One of the most significant factors is leadership. The CEO of an organization is the driver of a conglomerate and needs to navigate wisely to be able to take the company to the next level. This is why every firm needs to be careful about who they nominate as the President and CEO of the Company.

United Corporation Technologies (UTC) was keen in appointing their CEO in 2006, and their decision made a permanent difference to the firm. The current CEO of the firm says that the mechanisms that Louis Chenevert used are still employed in the firm to maintain the standards of the conglomerate.

Here are some tips on how Louis Chenevert became legendary in the investment world;

Investing in the Future

Louis Chenevert led UTC to invest in future high technology. He was not only concerned in the assets of the company but the employees of the firm as well.

Louis Chenevert believed that it was through organizing and empowering his team that he could accomplish his goals as the CEO. This is why he chose to transfer his employees to other sectors of the firm where their skills would be valuable.

Louis Chenevert saw investing in future technology as the only way of safeguarding the future of the USA.

Creating Environmental Friendly Products

Besides being a successful businessman, Louis Chenevert is an environmentalist. When he realized the high level of global warming, he found a remedy. He reduced the consumption of water as well as the emission of gases. As a result, the products of the company were acceptable in many countries which increased the sales of the company. Louis encouraged other firms to follow the same path.

Meaningful Acquisitions

During his reign, Louis Chenevert made purchases that have been confirmed very valid to the firm. For instance, the Pratt & Whitney acquisition that cost the firm $10 billion and 20 years to develop has been very productive in the long last.

He also made history in the United States for crossing a $16 billion aerospace deal with Goodrich.

Big News for Graham Edwards and Telereal

Graham Edwards’ name rings many bells in England especially with his involvement in the highly successful Telereal Trillium. He has been the chief executive officer of the company since its start in 2001. Telereal Trillium is a property management and investment company located in England. They have gained much recognition thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards received his degree in economics from the well known Cambridge University in England and has worked for some pretty impressive companies across the country. He has been known to bring in billions in revenue for these companies and has proved he can do it all over again with his involvement at Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards and Telereal made news when it came to an acquisition from a company by the name of Land Securities Group Plc. Telereal wanted to part ways with the company and Graham led the charge in negotiations. He utilized his education in economics and his know how in the property management field to win his company billions. This smart maneuvering earned him many acknowledgements within the industry.

Graham Edwards was also notably at the lead of earning Telereal Trillium 6,700 properties in a lucrative outsourcing deal (( He continually outdoes himself and keeps bringing his company to new heights. In addition to his degree, Graham when on to study for a master’s degree in International Relations at King’s College London. The degree will concentrate on affairs in the Middle East and give Graham the knowledge he needs to take his career and Telereal to the next level. He is on several boards in England including the Institute for Chartered Accountants.

Graham is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, an extremely prestigious title in England. Graham has made major headway in the property management and investing field and continues to generate success for Telereal Trillium. He has gained knowledge of real estate and some of his hobbies include learning more about water and engineering. All those interested in learning more about Telereal can take a look at the company’s website.