4 Reasons Why Freedom Checks are a Wise Choice for the Savvy Investor

Freedom Checks represent an amazing opportunity for potential investors to cash in on this future economic trend. In order for companies to qualify, they must confirm that 90% of their revenue comes from the transportation, storage, processing, and production of natural resources. Once the company meets all the necessary criteria, they are eligible to distribute their revenue in the form of Freedom Checks to stakeholders investing as little as ten dollars.

The primary driver behind these new financial instruments is the Master Limited Liability Partnership. MLP’s are known in the business world as business partnerships; in actuality, they are limited partnerships publicly traded. This rather precarious situation allows companies to receive tax-related advantages that partnerships are entitled to. Profits from these enterprises are not taxed until stakeholders are compensated. Furthermore, companies who benefit from these types of regulations will have a fair cash flow as they are publicly traded companies.

Despite the hyperbole, the bottom line is that stakeholders are taking part in a wonderful opportunity to invest in MLP’s and enjoy the benefit of being paid dividends from financially secure corporations. Many of these corporations have a history of making investors rich. Compared to other investments, this investment opprotunity has the potential for massive returns. Experts estimate that for every 1,000 dollars invested for 20 years by stakeholders, they could see returns as high as 14,930% with these investments. Ultimately, companies who want to take part in this program must meet four simple criteria.

First and foremost, they must have 1 Billion of ‘In-Demand Assets.’ Secondly, companies must demonstrate increasing payouts to stakeholders throughout their years of being a publicly traded company. The third stipulation is that companies should have a proven record of making stakeholders consistently rich. Lastly, those businesses taking part in the Freedom Checks program must have bulletproof financials, meaning, their financial portfolio should be impeccable.

When deciding if Freedom Checks are the right way to go for your investment portfolio, keep certain factors in mind. Investing in these investments are cheap, at only ten dollars; investors are getting a steal on the price of shares for many of the nation’s top performing MLP companies. As always, investors should do their own research before coming to a conclusion, the fact of the matter is many have already started reaping the benefits these impressive financial instruments offer.

The Oxford Club Newsletter “Investmetn U” Explains ICOs

The Oxford Club is a financial publishing company. The club provides its 80,000 members with guidance to prosper and remain prosperous in the global market. The Oxford Club is a subsidiary of “Agora” a publisher of books and newsletters covering investments.

Members have access to research services and investment counseling. The Oxford Club educates its members through monthly newsletters like “Investment U”. In a recent edition of “Investment U”, Adam Sharp spoke about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Sharp described investors in cryptocurrencies like BitCoin as searching for unique investment opportunities. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies available. This proliferation is the result of the code that created BitCoin being accessible to anyone.

A successful cryptocurrency investor himself, Adam Sharp credited the success of BitCoin to four factors. These factors are liquidity, a strong support community, the ability to convert BitCoins to cash, and BitCoin employing world-class developers.

For potential investors, Sharp offered the following explanation of an ICO. He likened it to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of stock. There are fundamental differences between the two offerings.

The are no minimal wealth requirements or investor accreditation required to take part in an ICO. When considering an IPO you explore factors like sales and earnings. Considering an ICO is an entirely different procedure.

The launch of a new cryptocurrency may start with a pre-sale open to individuals who had been tracking the currency’s development. The presale might also be open to the developer’s friends and family. Presale investors usually buy in at a significant discount because of the risk involved.

If the presale phase of the ICO proves successful, the ICO will then be open to everyone. Sharp explained that ICOs are usually not conducted via an exchange but through the website of the currency developer. Existing cryptocurrency like Ethereum can be used to invest in a new cryptocurrency.

Sharp offered a cautionary tale for ICO investors. Recently, a developer announced that they would be keeping, in cash, 8% of the ICO sales. Sharp described this as a “red flag”. The developers should have collected that 8% overtime not upfront.

Connect with Oxford Club: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-oxford-club

Highland Capital Management Joins Forces With The Government

Highland Capital Management is a lot different than an ordinary investment firm. One of their biggest differences is that they assist the government financially. The main way they do this is by matching the sum amount given to not for profit organizations, city housing establishments, and more. This help from Highland begins in Dallas, Texas. However, Highland helps organizations and people throughout the United States. Highland Capital Management adds several million dollars within their budget every year, which is used solely to help the government.


In addition to helping the government, Highland Capital Management has established awards for the best non-profit organizations within the United States of America. These awards are for organizations that transform the community in such a way that great potential is pulled out of it. These awards add up to several millions of dollars every single year. This has helped organizations rely on finances from these awards rather than relying solely on the government.


In addition to helping the government in these areas, Highland Capital Management also helps the government when it comes to budgeting. Whether it is on a county, state, or national level, Highland offers its best workers to assist the government in utilizing their money in better ways. Highland Capital Management has employed the best individuals in the country, as it relates to budgeting and saving money. Highland employees have helped the government save millions of dollars within just a few months. This is a free service that Highland happily offers to the government.