Milan Kordestani Thrives as a Farmer

The Milan Farms have been around since the beginning of 2015. Saffron, as well as organic poultry products, are currently in good supply thanks to the vision of Milan Kordestani, the founder of the farms. He started out with the hope of bringing up poultry in an organic system. This was coupled with a plan to have saffron that was not adulterated in any way. Where did all these come from?

Early life

The young farmer did not enjoy a straightforward upbringing. The divorce of his parents, while he was still young, takes most of the blame for this. He attended elementary school in California before moving to England where he switched schools a good number of times.

Kordestani joined Sacred Heart Preparatory after attending Eaton Square School for a year. His family finally settled in Bay Area and in 2017 he completed his high school studies.


At 10 years old, Milan developed a keen interest in horse riding. A terrible experience while trail riding did not deter him. He simply dusted himself and was back at it again. He was a beginner at Atherton. Milan soon joined world champion horse competitions and won his first crown in 2015.

He competed in the World Horse Championship the same year and finished in fourth place. He gained his highest ranking the following year. He was second best in his age split during the World Championship Horse Show.

Milan farms

The idea for this venture came during his second year in high school. He sourced his first products from farms in different parts of the country. He went into uncharted territory when he chose to use microfibre sponges to grow saffron.

Organic as well as free range eggs are currently available at the farm. They do not keep their clients in the dark concerning the methods they use to develop their products. The plant section is exclusively organic. The animals, on the other hand, are raised transparently.

In 2016, the farm developed its trademark. They have three farms under their wings enabling them to widen their client base. The aquaponic and hydroponic systems used to grow saffron attests to how they embrace innovation. Milan also writes for the Huffington Post.