10 Rustic Designs You’re Sure to Love

For that genuine rustic feel, there are a few basics you can keep in mind. First of all, the use of wood (especially reclaimed or salvaged) is definitely a key point. Although it can always be repainted in your preferred colour, fixtures and furniture pieces tend to be heavier for a sturdier look. Metal accents and warm lighting is also used to highlight and brighten up the space.

Here are a few examples of rustic living spaces to inspire you.

Repurposed Barn Structure

Have a barn/garage you’ll like to repurpose? As you can see, this space was converted into a spacious guest room. Honey-tone floor boards instantly brighten up the space and is offset beautifully with a darker tone wall panelling. A partial barn door with metal trim and wooden overhead beams is the perfect addition to this rustic concept.

Exterior Metal Wainscoting

Although wainscoting is more prominently used on home interiors, this here is a perfect example of metal wainscoting for the exterior. Not only does it perfectly suit a rustic design concept, it’s also durable and pairs well with wood accents (in this case the structured beams and columns). The exterior window trim is also made of metal while the interior window trim is made of wood for a double-side effect.

Using Salvaged Wood

For that rustic feel anywhere in your home, the acquisition and display of salvaged wood truly reflects an emphasis on the natural. Take this wooden counter top for example. With the right sanding and polishing, it’s made suitable as a kitchen island top that can last for the longest time.

Emphasis on the Natural

Large pieces of reclaimed oak (not panels) was used to great effect for this bathroom counter. With the addition of warm lighting and a sliding door made of the same material, you’ll end up with a cosy atmosphere that’s just perfectly matched with honey wall tones.

Splashes of Colour

Are you a fan of bright colours and intricate patterns? Beadboard wainscoting can prominently featured in the kitchen on both the cabinetry and walls, but is differentiated by panel sizing. With rustic design, there really is no limit to your preferred colours. The look is completed with accents of colours to brighten up the place.

A Lighter Feel

You wouldn’t normally think of an all-white space when you imagine a rustic concept, but that’s exactly what this bathroom does so well. Just imagine a light, airy feeling as soon as you step inside. Polished silver accents can be seen in several parts and the integration of white beadboard wainscoting and light-tone floor boards serves to brighten up the entire interior.

Mixture of Cool and Warm Tones

A tin bathtub is pretty much expected in a rustic setting and this bathroom definitely doesn’t disappoint. A strategically placed bay window with wooden shutters and slanted wooden panels complete the entire look. Since this design is a mix of both warm and cool tones, the horizontal wainscoting remains a neutral white against limestone wall tiles and travertine floor tiles.

All-Wood Concept

Too much wood? There really is no such thing. The kitchen is a prime example of the right mix of reclaimed wood and carefully polished dark wood panels. With a wooden overhead ceiling and copper plated fixtures, this concept truly represents a traditional touch that’s still welcomed to this day.

A Contemporary Twist

For a lighter contemporary feel, it’s good to mix and match different elements. In this bathroom, the dominant colour is white and black, but the installation of a vanity and wall wainscoting made from reclaimed barn wood provides a dash of nature that pairs well in stark contrast.

An Eclectic Mix

Who doesn’t love the feel of sitting in front of a warm and cosy fireplace? With warm, natural elements dominating the space, you can’t help but feel welcomed the minute you enter. A mixture of reclaimed and polished wood in different tones help to deliver an eclectic flavour to a more traditional concept.

Observe nature and be inspired for your next home renovation idea. Sometimes the perfect solution is going back to the roots of the soul.