Deirdre Baggot: Taking Bundled Payments to the Next Level

Deirdre Baggot has many years of experiences as a clinician and hospital executive. Due to her leadership in acute care episode, she became the pioneer of the bundled payments. She was responsible for ensuring that the bundled payments had continued growth. She is not only a successful entrepreneur but an author as well. Most of the topics she has written on is bundled payments, healthcare reform, and payment transformation. She has been featured on a number of media outlets, which include the morning edition of national public radio, planet money, and all things considered. Ms. Baggot has led the CMS bundled payments for acute care episode. In addition to that, she has worked at the University of Michigan health system and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

Deirdre Baggot has got recognition for her tremendous work in bundled payments; she gained national acclaim. She also got invited to be the keynote speaker for several medial conferences such as the American heart association, the American college of healthcare executives, innovation summit, bundled payment summit, healthcare financial management association and pay for performance summit.

She got the inspiration to start a business when her CEO asked her to join him into consulting. Starting a business requires patience and Baggot had to wait for three months for her business to be profitable. When staring she did not have any experience but did not quit; she had a capable team that enabled her to improve. She got her clients with the help of his CEO back then. Baggot has some books that inspired her are Resonate and Slideology. Deirdre Baggot is not all about work, and there are activities that she does when not working. She loves watching her kids compete in sports. Baggot also loves taking family trips to her hometown in St. Louis. She grew up in St. Louis, and her three sisters still live there.

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