The Work and Success of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar 

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a physician whom specializes in the field of plastic surgery. He is currently based in Dallas, TX. He is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the area. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he has practiced the specialty for at least two decades. Dr. Jejurikar continues his work at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Jejurikar’s medical procedures involve surgery of the nose, eyes, face, breasts and body. Being affiliated with several hospitals in Dallas, he has admitted patients to Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center.

Before his career set off, Dr. Jejurikar enrolled at the University of Michigan Medical from which he graduated with his medical degree in 1997. He then went on to complete a residency training program in plastic surgery at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. He’s also studied at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York.

Dr. Jejurikar has received multiple awards and honors. In 2012, he was awarded the Compassionate Doctor certification award by Patients Choice. He was part of the 3% chosen for the award of the 870,000 doctors throughout the country.

Furthermore, Dr. Jejurikar is a member of several associations including the American Medical Association, Dallas Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jejurikar has used his profession for helping those in need. Every year he takes a trip to the country of Bangladesh where he provides medical service to underprivileged youth, as part of the Smile Bangladesh organization.

Dr. Jejurikar has had medical licenses in three states which are Texas, New York and Michigan. The license for New York is currently not active.

Sussex Healthcare: It’s Many Facilities

Sussex Healthcare has a list of facilities within the Sussex area. They are known by their reputation for having a reputable care home network since 1985. When it started it only had one home available to the public. Since then, it has grown to a network of 15 facilities and more. Along with providing elderly individuals with age-related challenges, a good portion of the homes offer neurological care and assistance with dementia. Here are some of the Sussex Healthcare homes and what they offer:

Clemsfold House

You can find this facility, that’s apart of Sussex Healthcare, is three miles west of Horsham in an area called West Sussex. It’s placed in a beautiful country that offers private and shared rooms. Their specialty is dealing with elderly folks needing help with their care as well as dementia. This home is considered an excellent choice for singles and aging couples. It can hold up to 30 residents. If one is a nature lover, this location may be the best. On the grounds, you will find a nearby lake where residents can walk, watch and feed the birds.

Forest lodge

It’s been called an Edwardian country home that’s is snuggled among eight acres of beautiful and picturesque gardens. It is not too far from Uckfield. Sussex Healthcare has employees that are trained to deal with general elder care and have a knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. They promote mental acuity and offer many fun indoor mental strengthening activities. Residents also get to enjoy gardening outdoors. The building has single and shared room capacity in the private facilities. The dining room is large and has several lounges. You can also find that the lodge has a country store and a cafe.

Horncastle house

It’s not too far from East Grinstead. It is surrounded by gardens, lush grass, fountains and has about 15 acres of orchards. The way its positioned, provides jaw dropping views of South downs. There are 28 living spaces the residents can enjoy, such as private and shared suites. Even though the home is quite old, it has modernized central heating. It is also designed specifically for the handicapped.

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Exceptional Bottle Water Company, Waiakea Water, Hawaii

Waiakea Water is a wholesaler for Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the first and leading Volcanic Water. Waiakea is exceptional premium water because of its patent design, valuable health field’s relations, charity work, and environmental sustainability. It is the best water company known for its charitable work with a variety of health benefits. Their quotes are to drink healthy, drink sustainability, drink ethically, and drink Waiakea. Waiakea Water was founded in the year 2012 being the first Hawaiian volcanic water and premium water of its nature. It is healthy because of several facts such as it is Hawaiian volcanic water, enriched with natural electrolytes & minerals, it is naturally alkaline, 8.8 pH. In sustainability matters, the Carbon Neutral and other eco-initiative organizations certify Waiakea Water. It does not end there, Waiakea water donates water through a Pump Aid Waiakea Mission to reach those that are in need throughout the world. Waiakea Water has been featured in many Awards and Organizations. It is a leading company providing bottled water and beverage in U. S.

Waiakea Water stands out in its product because of some reasons. Interesting to note, it is situated in Hawaii. Being made from this great place, Hawaii, makes the customers relate to natural and quality products. Secondly, it incorporates the culture in the name Waiakea that means broad waters, this builds the prestige of the culture and people appreciate that. Finally, Waiakea Water has a comprehensive and quality filtering process. They have embraced creativity and this has counted for the company.

Waiakea Water stands out in care for the environment which is always a major concern to others. They use vehicles that emit low carbon substances in delivering their products. They are in the forefront in contributing to the wellness of the community through charity events. Whenever a liter of Waiakea water is bought, there is a week’s supply donation of water that goes to the needy. In their initiative to improve on environmental sustainability, Waiakea Water plans to ban the use of plastic water bottles and replace with degradable ones. This will allow less time to break down, unlike the plastic ones that take many years.

The Network Of Hospitals Established By Jorge Moll To Provide Excellent Treatment Services To All Patients

Having excellent ideas in medicine, Jorge Moll observed that Rio de Janeiro, a city well known as the center of medicine was soon scrambling and losing its trajectory in medicine. This was when he realized he had to come up with a serious solution and founded the Rede D’Or São Luiz network where he is the chairman of the Board of Directors. The network rose from an examination center to a network of 32 hospitals in Brazil with great expertise in serving their patients. He leads his team building a strong hospital management team and ensuring they had the trending technologies in hospitals that would help them deliver quality services. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

He majored in performing tests, but in the early stages, they lacked quality diagnosis because the hospitals were mostly public. Jorge Moll was determined to serve many suffering patients even outside Rio city, and this is when he launched the network of hospitals to reach as many as possible by providing perceived and technical quality that would help retain more patients. He faced many challenges but was not discouraged as there was little profits and those making money were the operators who made money through consultations but gave less to the hospitals.

During the Brazil economic crisis, many citizens were unable to sustain the health plans and opted to quit the plans which worsened the situation. Being a cardiologist and businessman, Jorge Moll enrolled a new medical plan to the public called the Total Health Management Model which his main goal was to provide appropriate healthcare services at a low cost. With the plan, they have been able to help many patients. They established a brokerage firm and marketed its services and many clients registered. Their major goal up to date is to serve many patients and help the partners who have helped them grow. The operators can understand more on patient’s treatment pathways from the lower level to high levels of complexity. Watch this video on

Jorge Moll said that the network had been able to provide excellent services to the patients who in turn became loyal. They use medical auditors from the hospitals without affecting the quality of services, applying the high cost managed protocols that facilitate unable patients receive treatment and using the DMI and selected experts from High complexity. Jorge Moll says that the model offers total control of the patients while at the same time offering quality treatment services.


Life Line Screening offers best preventive health services

Life Line Screening is a wellness company that is dedicated to having a healthy society. A healthy society is productive and will be going for the growth in a country. Healthy people are able to exploit their maximum potential. This is a concern for the Life Line screening company. This is a company that has been in the industry for a long time. With about two decades in the country, they have learned all the important aspects of the American lifestyle. They know what ails a majority of the citizens and are therefore able to offer services that address these problems.

Life Line Screening is committed to helping all Americans in the country focus on having a healthy life. To accomplish this goal, they offer screening services that are supposed to check for any problems in our bodies. They mainly deal with testing for cardiovascular problems that normally lead to many diseases in the body. Some ailments such as diabetes and blood pressure can be detected if we people are checked regularly to ensure that their bodies are safe. This is a noble service that this company is providing. It enables people to live safe life knowing that all the issues that may be building up in their bodies can be detected early. Early detection of health issues will mean that we are able to seek medication where necessary and where okay, people are advised on how to maintain healthy living

Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of deaths in the country. There are diseases that are mainly caused by poor eating habits that mainly result in the body developing complications that relate to blood circulation. Excessive fats are not good for the body since they are cause blockage of blood vessels that lead to vital organs in the body such as the heart. They can easily cause health issues that may lead to deaths easily.

Life Line Screening is committed to providing services in this line of the medical field. They hope to help as many people deal with underlying issues. Most health problems develop slowly in our bodies and only strike when we least expect. Life Line Screening, therefore, help us deal with such issues. No health issues can catch us by surprise. However, to accomplish all of this, one is expected to follow a routine of regular screening tests. This will ensure that they do not suffer from the issues that we have addressed here.

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Neurocore: Treating Depression by Training Your Brain to Focus on Positive Aspects of Your Life

What most people suffering from depression do not know is that they can be treated. One of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to seeking professional help is the stigma that is associated with depression. Most people living with people suffering from depression do not quite understand much about the condition. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

One of the interesting facts about depression is that it is not simply one disease. It can manifest itself in different types. Some of the common types of depression include major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder. The good news is that for all these types of depression, there is a cure.

Another fact which most people do not know about depression is that is one of the leading causes of suicide cases in the United States. Statistics also show that depression is to thank for some of the disabilities in the country. With such statistics, the reality is that people suffering from depression are not as productive as their mentally stable counterparts.

In order to cure depression, there are various treatment options. One of the most effective treatments is training the brain to change how it looks at things. Instead of focusing negative aspects of your life, therapy can help you to appreciate the positives.


About Neurocore

According to the neuroscientists at Neurocore, understanding these facts about depression can help in changing people’s perception of the condition. It will also encourage more people suffering from depression and related illnesses to seek treatment.

Neurocore is a network of brain performance centers which use technology to identify symptoms of mental health conditions, for example depression and anxiety. After diagnosing a specific condition, the experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which is personalized. They will also put you through a brain-training program that is best-suited to address your individual needs.

At Neurocore, experts believe that the brain can be trained to change. There are many training modules which can help a patient to develop a healthier and more active brain. The brain centers pride themselves in providing long-lasting solutions to their patients. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Preventive Healthcare Screening is Critical for a Healthy Society

Stroke, cardiovascular infection and aortic aneurysms regularly have no advance side effects — so while planned checkups with your specialist are greatly important, ultrasound is a better and more exact approach than screening potential casualties of these maladies. Life Line Screening can recognize your dangers for a large portion of the main sources of death and handicap for men and ladies. Help Screening offers more than 20 distinct screenings, however every individual just gets the ones that are suitable to their necessities. This is chosen by their hazard variables, family history, medicinal history, and any individual inclinations the patient has towards screening. There are three sorts of safeguard wellbeing screenings: Ultrasound Screening, Finger-stick Screening, and Electrocardiograph Screening and more information click here.

Ultrasound Screenings are effortless and non-intrusive. These are utilized to screen a few therapeutic conditions. A great many people know about these due to pregnant ladies motivating them to watch the development of their unborn child. They ultrasound utilizes sound-waves to see the parts of the body. High-recurrence sound waves are sent to the region and it sends echoes back, which are recorded and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

Ultrasounds are utilized for four unique screenings: stomach aortic aneurysm screening, carotid vein sickness screening, lower leg brachial file screening (fringe blood vessel malady), and bone mineral thickness screening (osteoporosis). The Finger-stick Blood Screening distinguishes hazard variables for coronary illness and diabetes. Results are given in around 10 minutes. The accompanying screenings are finished with the finger-stick: complex lipid board screening (cholesterol), glucose screening (diabetes), high affectability C-responsive protein screening (cardiovascular malady), and hoisted catalysts screening (liver damage).

The Limited Electrocardiograph is utilized to identify unpredictable pulse, a typical heart condition that builds the danger of stroke. It is speedy, non-intrusive, no arrangement or evacuation of garments. The screening results will give you and your specialist with a superior perspective of your general wellbeing and, if important, you can change your way of life or start treatment before genuine medical issues happen you ought to see Lifeline Screening. Life Line’s staff of medicinal services experts utilize the most recent innovation to give healing center quality preventive screenings. Our board-ensured doctors painstakingly audit your outcomes. At that point you and your specialist will have the data you have to cooperate towards enhancing your wellbeing and its facebook.

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