Increasing quality of life with Dr. Dov Rand M.D.

Dr. Dov Rand is best known for his innovative practices for hormone therapy to increase your quality of life. With his professional help, you can look forward to healthy aging, that promotes weight loss, better eating, and how to manage your quality of life all around. Dr. Dov Rand, M.D. of Healthy Aging Medical Centers has over 15 years of experience in healthy aging, Physiatry, Physical Medicine, and received training through the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He has a reputation for being a role model to his patients, putting their health first, and continuing to motivate them to put in the work and see the results.

Dr. Dov Rand continues to attend seminars to enrich his medical practice, and completes lectures in order to share the knowledge with other practicing Doctors. He is also working on a self-help guide titled, “It’s Not Too Late to Live Past 100”, to have a further reach within the country about the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy.

Dr. Dov Rand, M.D. continues to research his innovative belief that bioidentical hormone therapy can and will change your outlook on aging. He restores a balance between both good and bad hormones that set in as we age, to offset damage done by not only aging, but living with the stresses of modern society. He understands that stress directly effects cortisol levels, which in turn effect your ability to feel as healthy as you did when you were younger. His patients reports feeling more energetic, with prolonged stamina and strength after working with Dr. Dov Rand. His practices help with the aging setback of menopause, and direct effects of low testosterone.

Not only does Dr. Dov Rand promote bioidentical hormone therapy, but also engages cardiovascular work and strength training in order to feel your best. He couples that with looking at your dietary needs for the maximum benefits of working his program. He wants you to improve your quality of life. Will you join him?

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