OSI Industries Leads World In Sustainability Business Practice

To understand how OSI Industries is leading the world in sustainable operation and environmental management, one might look to some of the incredibly innovative projects it is sponsoring around the world.

In the coastal region of Mombasa in Kenya, for example, an OSI Industries company has spearheaded an energy efficient stove project. The effort involves working with local Kenyan families and helping with them to replace their existing cooking methods with energy efficient wood stoves. The new stoves burn many times more efficiently. That means a significant reduction in carbon returned to the atmosphere.

To date, the project has built almost 700 stoves. These new cookers have saved in excess of 1,800 tons of wood. That means more trees staying in the forest and less smoke going into the atmosphere. Since local residents are hired to build the stoves, the project also creates jobs and improves local economy. Finally, experts estimate that 1,215 respiratory cases have been relieved and more than 3,000 people have benefited in terms of health issues.

The Kenya stove projects is directed by Creative Foods Europe, an OSI company. By reducing carbon output in Africa, carbon offsets are obtained by OSI plants operating in Europe, or anywhere in the world.

OSI Industries is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and maintains an international presence with 65 facilities operating in 17 countries. Forbes rates OSI as No. 58 on its list of largest privately owned American companies. The company employs 20,000 people worldwide.

OSI is world renowned for its extreme focus on sustainability practices and working in ways that leave minimal impact on the environment. That includes operating with minimal greenhouse gas emission, preserving fresh water, low-erosion soil utilization practices and more. A long term goal of OSI Industries management is to become a carbon-zero or carbon neutral company. That means it will emit zero net greenhouse gas emissions across its entire international base of operations.

OSI Industries has won numerous awards for its world-class sustainability practices and groundbreaking environmental management. The company serves as a model for how a necessarily energy intensive business model can still function with minimal environmental impact.

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OSI Industries Success Through Rebranding

With more than sixty-five facilities that hold over twenty thousand employees within fifteen countries, OSI Industries is considered a success due to their expanding presence in the food distribution market. However, OSI industries weren’t the brand name built by the German Immigration boom in Chicago, Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky, but instead as a butcher shop and meat supplier company. Otto Kolschowosky saw an open market in the German immigration boom, for immigrants who came to set up fields of crops and invest in farmland.

Later, through time his butcher shop and meat supplying company were rebranded as Otto & Sons. One of their first success was becoming a distributor of beef for Ray Kroc, the CEO of McDonald’s. This was due to Ray Kroc buying out the franchise from the McDonald’s brothers, and having an ambition of taking over the American casual dining industry. This led to Otto & Sons to become a known presence after McDonald’s became a successful brand across the United States of America.

In addition, do the increase in need of the food supply industry, Otto & Son later cut their ties with Ray Kroc to expand nationally, however, still providing beef for the fast-food chain. This led Otto & Son to purchase a facility only to produce and distribute meat to McDonald’s. Due to this change, Otto & Sons rebranded their names to OSI Industries and purchased more facilities to meet the increasing demand for processed meat in the United States.

Furthermore, OSI Industries later started a joint venture with K&K Foods to increase their productions of foods, but also to get more exposure in the market. This led the Industry through contracts to become a 6.1 billion dollars privately owned food development distribution company.

OSI Industry is a supplier of foods for branded food stores, and food service companies. The industries resources expand due to being privately own and well managed. OSI Industries help other retail brands and food service companies by managing their inventory and developing food products that they deliver to these companies.