A $555 million patent purchase completed by HGGC

The top global private middle market equity firm, HGGC Global has been on an aggressive expansion bid lately. This expansion bid is being fueled by the firm’s need to grow itself both financially and strategically. From a financial standpoint, this middle market private equity firm wants to increase its revenues. On the other hand, from a strategic perspective, the firm seeks to position in a better place to attract lucrative deals and partnerships. This firm’s expansion bid has led to it purchasing a top patent risk management services provider, RPX.

A wonderful deal

RPX was founded in 2008 and since this time it has been purchasing the most promising patents from all over the world. Today, this patent management services provider boasts of having more than 23,000 very promising patents under its care. RPX has spent more than $2,5 billion purchasing these patents. HGGC paid $10.50 per share in cash adding up to a total of $555 million as it had been outlined in the May agreement between the two companies.

This purchase is expected to pay off handsomely given that the middle market private equity firm has a lot of companies under it that could turn some of the patents under FPX into a fortune. There is speculation that this particular opportunity is what fueled this private equity firm to go ahead with this purchase. In this deal, HGGC worked with partners like Jefferies Finance who was the primary lender alongside GCA Advisors and Houlihan Lokey who were the financial advisors.

About HGGC

This private firm dominates the global middle market equity space with an impressive transactional value of over $17 billion and $4.3 billion worth of capital commitments. The firm utilizes the “Advantage Investing” model to push its success. In this model, all the firm’s players such as the management, founders, investors, and staff work together to create a powerful alignment of interests that drive the firm to success. This is a model that many businesses are now imitating thanks to the success of HGGC. Today, this firm has completed over 90 major deals that have propelled it to this success using the model.


HGGC: Making Other Businesses Thrive

HGGC started as Huntsman and Gay Capital Partners, which was shorted to H&G Capital Partners. However, the company had to change its name because H.I.G Capital sued it due to name similarity. The plaintiff argued that they were quite similar especially when pronounced. As an outcome, the name was changed to Huntsman and Gay Global Capital. The partners decided to settle for this name because they felt it was right to honor the senior partners. However, in 2013, the name was changed to HGGC because Huntsman left the organization in 2012.

The company, which was started in 2007, is a firm in the equity and investment market, and it is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Other than Huntsman, its other founders such as Gregory Benson, Bob Gay, Steve Young, and Richard Lawson have pushed the company towards investments in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions. Their focus is on businesses which are in the middle market.

HGGC invests in businesses that are in diverse sectors and industries as long as they have the potential to achieve the desired results. So far, the firm has invested in business services, financial services, consumer goods, information services, software and technology sectors, industrial services, manufacturing, infrastructure, healthcare, and chemicals, among others. The goal of the company is to align its interests with those of a given partner to ensure that as the company succeeds, the partner is thriving as well.

The company is known to focus on entities that are in the North American market. However, it has not restricted itself to this region as it invests in companies that are outside these borders as long as there is potential. If a company’s revenues are between $100 million and 1 billion, HGGC is likely to invest between $25 million and $125 million. Other characteristics that will increase the company’s investment probability include a figure between $15 million and $35 million in EBITDA as well as $100 million and $500 million in enterprise worth.

HGGC may choose to take majority rights as part of the investment agreement. However, it may also take minority positions but acquire the control rights. One of the recent investments that the company has made is FPX, which is a deal that occurred in 2017. Any parties that wish to contact HGGC may use the headquarter offices or utilize the alternative locations in West Palm Beach, Foxborough, and Salt Lake City, which are in Florida, Massachusetts and Florida, respectively.


Matt Badiali Is Helping Others To Achieve Financial Independence

If you have been following viral news on the internet, you may have seen and heard about Matt Badiali who recently posted a video that went viral. It is a video where he is discussing what he calls freedom checks. He is one of the best financial advisers at Banyan Hill Publishing, and his focus is one natural resource. He says those who embrace this model of investment will experience a lot of benefits because he feels it is an exciting opportunity for anyone willing to achieve financial success. It is a concept he says it is already working and many are making profits with this investment opportunity.

The goods thing with Matt Badiali is that he has been in the investment industry for more than twenty years and this means he has learned a lot of things that many entrepreneurs do not know. Throughout his career, he has achieved a lot, and he has also helped others to understand the best investment options when it comes to natural resources. Matt Badiali is successful in the finance industry, but initially, his primary career was a geologist. He studied earth sciences, and that is why he mastered the art of natural mining resources. However, he received an offer in the finance industry and today he one of the best financial advisers because he is always dedicated to what he does.

Matt Badiali joined a research team that aimed at researching various corporations and creating investment advice to others. He undertook the project with a team, and it was successful. It made him learn a lot of things including practical mining of natural oils and gases. Since then he has gone to many countries after being invited to help companies in mining.

The main reason for his success is that he loves what he does. That is why he is always ready to help those willing to invest in the industry. As an investor, you need the knowledge of such willing entrepreneurs who can provide sound investment decision and enable you to achieve your goals in your investment plan and secure your financial future.

Learn More : www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/

Alpha Alert’s Ted Bauman: Economist and Investment Adviser

Though born in Washington, D.C., investment adviser and author of Banyan Hill Publishing’s The Bauman Letter moved to South Africa as a young man. It was there he began to understand the interplay between politics and economics.

Although he worked in a variety of executive positions during his time in South Africa, Ted Bauman spent the majority of his time as a fund manager for public housing projects. One of the projects he founded has helped 14 million people in 35 countries.

In the latter part of his career (before coming to Banyan Hill) Ted Bauman was a consultant to national governments and the United Nations. This experience further enriched his understanding of how the interplay of politics and economics impacts societies. In 2008 Ted returned to the US and accepted the office of Director of International Programs for an Atlanta-based non-profit.

In an interview on Inspirey, Ted shared a bit of history and insights. Asked about the time to profitability after joining Banyan Hill, he noted that it came quickly, partly because his father was a well-known writer on financial topics, and partly because of his post-graduate studies in economics and history. He offered that it didn’t take long to create content that attracted attention.

In answer to another question, Bauman said that time management was crucial. He noted that he struggled at times with managing his time, but that knowing those time slots where he could be productive was the key to his success as a writer.

In the interview, Ted Bauman stated that his most satisfying time in business began the day he started writing. Bauman is not only the editor of the aforementioned The Bauman Letter, but also the Plan B newsletter, and the Alpha Alert stock alert system.

Ted Bauman was quoted extensively in a recent article in Forbes entitled, Here’s How the Bull Market Dies. The article notes that although an eventual rise in interest rates could, and would eventually end the market’s run, the more imminent danger is a trade war with China. It notes America’s $330 billion trade deficit with China as compared to its only $500 billion deficit with the rest of the world. Further, it points out the nervousness of many US-based companies that operate in China, as they watch President Trump ratcheting up the tariff battle with China. Those companies earn nearly $100 billion a year from China.

Bauman opined that U.S. capitalists would be the first ones hurt in a trade war with China. A few lines later, Andy Rothman, a strategist with Matthews Asia, reiterated Bauman’s concern, noting that about 30% of the value added from Chinese exports comes from Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Both Bauman and Rothman would seem to agree that a trade war with China is akin to not only shooting one’s self in the foot but also one’s allies.



CTO of Stellar Jed McCaleb Explains his Thoughts on the Future of Cryptocurrency

Jed McCaleb is the current CTO of Stellar. In this position, he leads the technical development team and oversees all new technology. Jed McCaleb and Stellar bring banking services to areas all over the world who were previously lacking these institutions. Due to their partnership with IBM, they have been able to go through a large amount of growth in recent years.

Prior to his involvement in Stellar, McCaleb has worked in a handful of other tech industries. McCaleb worked to create a decentralized file sharing protocol that was eventually used in the programs eDonkey and Overnet. The ideas behind these two companies are still used to this day in file sharing programs according to https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/stellar-ceo-want-real-enough-dot-com-bubble-pops/.

McCaleb is also the mind behind the world’s first bitcoin exchange platform. Even though Mt. Gox was founded as a marketplace for gamers to trade virtual goods, McCaleb transformed it into the bitcoin exchange just before selling it to a businessman in Japan. See further details from this Angel.co article.

With years of experience behind him, McCaleb is now predicting the future of his newest industry: blockchain. He believes that the futures of blockchain and financial institutions are interlocked. McCaleb says that with-in the next 10 years all of equity will be kept on record by using blockchain. “I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate,” he confessed over at this website.

Jed McCaleb believes that in addition to banking institutions all over the world using blockchain to secure its transactions, stocks will also operate solely by using blockchain record keeping. This isn’t where Stellar focuses its attention;however, one such company, Securrency, is already offering a way for investors to purchase stocks with Bitcoin.

Money2020 published a blogpost saying Stellar is working to fulfill McCaleb’s prophecy in a different way. Stellar is already working with dozens of companies located all through-out Europe and Asia. If Stellar wants to become the only operating worldwide financial system, it has lots of miles ahead of it on the road towards global operations.

AvaTrade Review: Should You Start Trading Cryptocurrencies with AvaTrade Today?

Cryptocurrencies have entered a new era with their introduction to the forex and futures trading markets. With brokers are now offering new instruments for their traders to enter the booming Bitcoin market, AvaTrade is sure to be one of the first to offer Bitcoin trading to their customers.

There are several digital currencies that are created using encryption techniques, hence the term cryptocurrency. They lack any physical denominations, being only unique, encrypted data. Cryptocurrencies, however, have become popular in recent years because Central Banks and national governments cannot regulate or manipulate them, unlike other Fiat currencies. Because of this, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are becoming the currency of choice for transactions on the internet. Bitcoin has been gaining acceptance with many ecommerce sites that take it as a payment method.

Bitcoin futures trading officially opened on December 10 at Chicago-based exchanges Cboe Global Markets Inc. and CME Group Inc., bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. This has made it possible for brokers like AvaTrade to offer Bitcoin trading to institutional and individual investors on their own trading platforms.

AvaTrade has used solid financing and a focus on user experience to get an edge on its competitors in the online-trading business. AvaTrade makes multilingual support desk service available 24 hours a day for its an entire range of platforms and services. The broker has crafted a trading platform tailored for novice and expert traders alike. AvaTrade offers trading instruments in the Forex, stock, commodity, and index trading markets.

Since 2006, AvaTrade has been innovating the online trading business. Formed by a combined team of financial and ecommerce experts, AvaTrade has made a retail trading experience that surpasses what is found at other brokers. In recent years, the broker has rapidly expanded to execute over two million trades a month for more than twenty thousand customers registered around the world.

Headquartered in Dublin, AvaTrade’s offices are also located in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney. The company has won nine different industry awards since 2009 because of its user-friendly trading platforms.