Peter Briger: a Finance Executive Making Changes in the Market

The financial services industry is a beehive of activities. Without this industry, people, especially those in business, will not be able to carry out their operations and emerge successfully. This industry has experienced growth that has shocked its stakeholders. Financial services companies are always established by very wealthy and experienced people who can handle and also manage the complex issues that are brought by the customers. Without the right background, companies in this market cannot find their way to success. Most of them struggle and frustrate their customers, and the end result is being declared bankrupt. For Fortress Investment Group, the story in the complicated market has been a good one from the first day it started its operations. The firm employees and founders are given credit for the successful time the company has had in the market. Visit to learn more.

Peter Briger, a serial entrepreneur and finance leader, is one of the names that take credit for the success in Fortress Investment Group. The business world, with all its challenges, is where Peter Briger has earned his reputation and wealth. In many past interviews, the businessman has stated that he has worked and gained so much knowledge in the last forty years. Before he could associate himself with the financial services company, Peter Briger had already made his name in finance, and he was known because of his record in all the institutions he had served. His story traces its way to his childhood when he chose to focus on education than sports.

At the university, young people are allowed to take on courses that make them content. For Peter Briger, happiness could only be achieved in his career life if he chose to pursue a course in finance. The businessman went to various colleges before he could acquire a prestigious qualification in this industry, an MBA. This qualification meant so much to him, and it allowed him to apply for top jobs that were coming up in all platforms. When Fortress Investment started its operations, it emerged that Peter Briger was among the principals, and he was one of the key personalities who was making the most important decisions in the firm.

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4 Reasons Why Freedom Checks are a Wise Choice for the Savvy Investor

Freedom Checks represent an amazing opportunity for potential investors to cash in on this future economic trend. In order for companies to qualify, they must confirm that 90% of their revenue comes from the transportation, storage, processing, and production of natural resources. Once the company meets all the necessary criteria, they are eligible to distribute their revenue in the form of Freedom Checks to stakeholders investing as little as ten dollars.

The primary driver behind these new financial instruments is the Master Limited Liability Partnership. MLP’s are known in the business world as business partnerships; in actuality, they are limited partnerships publicly traded. This rather precarious situation allows companies to receive tax-related advantages that partnerships are entitled to. Profits from these enterprises are not taxed until stakeholders are compensated. Furthermore, companies who benefit from these types of regulations will have a fair cash flow as they are publicly traded companies.

Despite the hyperbole, the bottom line is that stakeholders are taking part in a wonderful opportunity to invest in MLP’s and enjoy the benefit of being paid dividends from financially secure corporations. Many of these corporations have a history of making investors rich. Compared to other investments, this investment opprotunity has the potential for massive returns. Experts estimate that for every 1,000 dollars invested for 20 years by stakeholders, they could see returns as high as 14,930% with these investments. Ultimately, companies who want to take part in this program must meet four simple criteria.

First and foremost, they must have 1 Billion of ‘In-Demand Assets.’ Secondly, companies must demonstrate increasing payouts to stakeholders throughout their years of being a publicly traded company. The third stipulation is that companies should have a proven record of making stakeholders consistently rich. Lastly, those businesses taking part in the Freedom Checks program must have bulletproof financials, meaning, their financial portfolio should be impeccable.

When deciding if Freedom Checks are the right way to go for your investment portfolio, keep certain factors in mind. Investing in these investments are cheap, at only ten dollars; investors are getting a steal on the price of shares for many of the nation’s top performing MLP companies. As always, investors should do their own research before coming to a conclusion, the fact of the matter is many have already started reaping the benefits these impressive financial instruments offer.

Madison Street Capital Makes A Move To Help Out The Business Community In Austin, Texas

Madison Street Capital has recently announced that it will be expanding its operations into the Austin, Texas area. As a middle market, boutique investment banking firm, that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the move will help to grow its customer base. Part of what motivated the move to Austin is the city’s thriving business scene where companies of every size are represented. Madison Street is looking forward to offering its corporate financial advisory services to any privately or publicly held companies who need it in the region.


Madison Street Capital is headed up by its chief executive officer, Charles Botchway, and he recently spoke about his excitement related to the move. Botchway lives in Austin, so he will, literally, feel right at home when working in the area. In the past, he has recognized the city’s electric technology and business sector and has commented that his company needs more people in the area to better serve the needs of companies there. He is also honored to be able to a contributing part to the local economy and is looking forward to helping his city to grow. Madison Street is now looking into the perfect location for its offices and is expecting to begin to do business in Austin by early next year.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that operates on an international level. Its leadership and integrity is second-to-none, and the company has been offering its services since 2005. Madison Street Capital reputation is like no other, and the company provides its customers with corporate finance advisory services, financing options, valuation advice, and acquisition and merger services. It has been helping to position its clients to find success on a global level since its inception. One of the things that makes the company unique is its ability to take on its clients’ goals as if they were its own. This kind of focus is sorely lacking in the industry and has been one of the driving reasons for the company’s excellent reputation.


Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa and continues to spread to new locations. While many investment banking firms have a hard time picking up new clients, it has had no problem doing so. The reason for this is that people know about a lot of the work the company has done, and this motivates them to find out what it can do for them.



The Successful Career of Robert Ivy

The Successful Career of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Vice President of the AIA, an abbreviation for the American Institute of Architects. The company which is based in Washington has over 90,000 members. AIA is an organization constituting professional architects, supporting their profession and public image. Robert became the CEO of the company in early 2011. The architect attended the South University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Arts. He then joined the University of Tulane where he got a postgraduate degree in Architecture.

His Successful Career

After he completed his university studies, Robert Ivy began his career as the Editor Chief at Architectural Record in 1996. This experience improved his knowledge, and because of his professionalism, Record had been named the architectural journal of the year. Under his leadership, Robert led the journal to receive several awards including the Editors’ National Magazine awards. Furthermore, he has steered the record towards achieving a folio design award and the MPA digital award in 2008.

Robert Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award

Recently, the architect received the Lifetime Achievement Award which was offered by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. It was the first time an architect received such an award that is always given only to Mississippi-connected art patrons and artists who are dedicated to performing and creating art. Because of the award, he joined the list of distinguished artists who have been honored by Polk Award including actor Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, Walter Anderson, and Shelby Foote.

About Robert Ivy

Robert is a renowned senior member of design futures council. Because of his highly-rated design value, he was voted by Alpha Rho Chi as the master architect. He published his biography in 2001 in which he is currently in its third edition. Robert Ivy is very passionate about making AIA a competent association. He popularizes the organization through public outreach, advocacy channels, and education initiatives. Robert also encourages public awareness of the organization to showcase the value of architects. Since he joined AIA, he has managed to scale its heights.

Graham Edwards – CEO of Telereal Trillium Gives Advice

Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal Trillium since 2001. His leadership and business savvy have led the company to become one of the world leaders in property outsourcing and investment. Today the company generates annual revenues in excess of £1 billion, and continues to improve upon that figure every year.

Graham Edwards built a solid business foundation by placing a premium on getting the best education available ( He studied economics at the highly prestigious Cambridge University, and continues his education into the present day at King’s College London.

Following his education at Cambridge, Graham held various positions at other leading companies in the financial industry. Some of the Other companies include Merrill Lynch Investment Management, as well as the BT GROUP.

Upon gaining a considerable amount of professional experience, Graham was poised to join Telereal Trillium, and make the company the respectable entity it is today. The company began as Trillium, and was founded in order to acquire and manage a 26.9 million square foot Department for Work and Pensions estate ( In the year 2000 the company was then acquired by Land Securities, and went under the name Land Securities Trillium. By 2009 Land Securities sold Trillium and was acquired by Telereal, prompting a final name change to Telereal Trillium, which it still remains named today. This acquisition may not have been made possible if it wasn’t for the leadership of Graham Edwards, who played an integral role in the negotiation phase. Recently in 2016, Telereal Trillium was appointed a four year Promoter Framework for Central Bedfordshire Council. Telereal Trillium will be responsible for management, funding, and disposal for the councils surplus of land and buildings along with four other companies.

With the continued efficient leadership from executives like Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium will no doubt continue soaring to new heights in the coming years. No matter how successful Graham becomes, he remains hungry for more.