Paul Saunders the C.E.O of James River Capital insights on Employees’ Burnouts

Paul Saunders’s recent article on managing employees’ burnouts explores the signs and remedies of a burnout. The founder of James River Capital Corp. identifies loss of confidence, lack of motivation, and a shift in attitude as the warning signs of exhaustion in employees. In his article, Paul advises employers to take appropriate action to keep the employees motivated.

Paul describes burnout as emotional and physical exhaustion because of stress or overwork. A burn out is characterized by poor performance, cynicism, and fatigue due to long periods of work-related stress. Paul notes that burnout is a pervasive issue that results in a decrease in competence and ability to meet job demands. According to research, burnout has a growing impact on places of work, especially in advanced economies and during economic downturns.

Remedies to burnouts

Paul suggests that employees should have some sense of control in companies’ policies as a remedy for exhaustion. Fixed policies and schedules indeed lead to burnout because employees feel hopeless and helpless. Paul believes that employees should be given room to give their views on particular issues. Employers should do away with restrictions that make the personnel feel trapped. Encouraging employees to outline their goals of the day each morning will give them a sense of control.

Paul Saunders stresses on transparency as another remedy for burnout. If employees feel neglected in terms of promotions, inadequate compensation, and communication, they are likely to create an environment of resentment and negativity. Employees will feel valued if management provides logical decisions for decisions made. Paul points out that good communication and honesty will create a good relationship with the employees, hence increased productivity.

Who is Paul Saunders?

Paul Saunders is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of James River Capital Corp. and affiliate companies. He earned a B.A. from the University of Virginia. Also, he holds an M.B.A from the University of Chicago.

Paul Saunders’s deep-rooted passion for finance drove him to a profession in an investment bank and finally in investment and trading. He initially worked at Warburg Paribas in the Corporate Finance Department. He then moved to A. G. Becker in the Commodity Department. After that, he joined Kidder as the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds until he became the president of KP Future Management Corps. In 1995, Paul Saunders became the president of James River Corp. a role he has maintained up to date.

Paul together with his friend Kevin Brandt got James River Capital Corp from the Kidder, Peabody, and Co. in the 1995. The firm offers investment advisory services including investment management, commodity trading, and advisory in the United States. The company’s investment philosophy is to provide an alternative investment exposure through a different multi-manager approach to develop an overall risk-adjusted return. Learn more:

“Marc Beer’s Contribution to a Worthy Cause “

There is something that makes people who give back to the community different from people who hold on to their success and accomplishments. The one thing that separates these two people is the passion the former has to make the world better regardless of age, status, race, or community. These people go beyond the status quo and develop a way of life that a majority of people end up emulating. One such person is Marc Beer. He is known as the co-founder of a pharmaceutical company that helped revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry with the various creations that he introduced during his time in the company.

However, after leaving the company he helped co-found ,he immediately ventured into another medtech company that is making strides in developing numerous therapeutic and diagnostic products. These products are meant to treat various pelvic floor disorders, for example, urinary incontinence. According to research, there are approximately 250 million women affected by this condition worldwide, and this makes these products a necessity for women across the world. However, to produce this drug in large numbers, funding is a requirement, and sometimes it can be quite difficult for such companies to acquire the funding. Despite the obstacles, thanks to Marc Beer Renovia, the Boston-based pharmaceutical will receive the funds it requires.

The funding that Marc Renovia offered to this medtech company will make it possible for them to develop and test other diagnostic and therapeutic products without having to worry about the expenses. It will also make it possible for them to include a Leva device. According to Marc Beer Renovia, having the support of a medtech company that supports the vision to treat, diagnose, and improve the lives of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders is what enables them to keep fighting against the disease and develop a cure within the shortest time possible.

The combination of proprietary and innovative sensor technologies will help offer customers valuable data when it comes to the diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders. This will help doctors’ drive greater understanding and knowledge of these pelvic floor disorders. This will also enable the earlier detection of the disease and make it possible to treat this disorder beforehand. Apart from being successful in the pharmaceutical industry, Marc Beer Renovia is also known for his exemplary leadership skills in the companies he has helped co-found over the years. With more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, he has helped make his companies a success.

Another attribute that a majority of people know him for is his ability to create innovative drugs that help treat diseases, which were earlier considered to be untreatable. His drive and passion are what makes him the leader he is today. Learn more:


Sandy Chin’s Comments on Dwindling Stocks

Recently, America’s stock market was served with a hit that shook investors. Many didn’t understand the reason behind the decrease in stock. Recently, some investors in the industry started shedding some light on what could have happened. Market analysts on the other side assume that recent international events have caused it. As such, many are scared of the impending economic repercussions following the trade between China and the United States of America. Moreover, political instability has affected the two states. This doesn’t create a good, stable relationship between them since the state of trading markets and stock have significantly been affected.


Amateur investors, as well as those who aren’t familiar with the shifts in various stock markets, could be interested in understanding that the recent drop was as a result of the chain reactions on multiple investments. On the other side, professional investors have seen this as a significant indicator of the economic slowdown that impacted the interaction of investors with stocks. Moreover, investment apps, as well as algorithms, also saw the drop before reacting accordingly. This caused more descent. Finally, some of the individual investors in the industry responded to the fall in stocks.


A week from the damage, and with the stock progressively falling, the future is pretty uncertain for many investors. One thing is sure though. All eyes are looking into the insight of professional investors who can relate to these events and can contribute by sharing their opinion regarding the future of the falling stocks. Market analysts are also expected to give opinion. Although it’s vital to listen to those voices, it’s not prudent to assume that established investors are wiser and successful in this business.


There is a massive difference between novice investors and established, professional investors. The difference is more than their age. If that were the only factor to consider when looking at when highlighting the differences, then the stock market wouldn’t evolve. It would also be on a significant start toward self-destruction. But successful investors have a primary strategy involving more than their knowledge. Stocks can fluctuate. However, the recent fluctuation has been fueled by foreign as well as domestic deals that provide unclear direction.


Sandy Chin’s Comments Regarding Fluctuating Stocks


Research Your Stock’s History


According to Sandy Chin, a prominent stock analyst, it’s important to understand the industry of stocks by analyzing the challenges and different shifts made in the market. It’s also vital to grasp the basics of your investment in order to understand the factors that can affect your investment.


Have More Options


Many voices at ones can be confusing to some people. But it helps in the long run. Understand your investments. Work with investment experts since they are good at putting their resources into specific stocks. Rely on man choices in order to diversify and spread your risks in the case of volatility in the market.


Best Management Practice Advisory Services with James River Capital

James River Capital Corp. is a privately owned company, which specializes in the provision of investment advisory services. Commonly referred to as James River Capital, the company offers a variety of services including investment management, advisory, and commodity trading among other investment services in the United States.


The Richmond-based company was founded in 1986 and was then known as KP Futures Management Corp. In its early years, the company operated as the alternative investment arm of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. However, the entry of Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt in 1995 signaled a period of drastic changes in the company’s management structure and business operations. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt acquired KP Futures Management from Kidder, Peabody & Co at the same time as Paine Webber acquired Kidder. In 1995, KP Futures Management Corp. rebranded into James River Capital Corp.


Today, James River is registered with SEC in the United States as an Investment Advisor. Additionally, the company is registered with the CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator as well as a Commodity Trading Advisor. James River has more than $570 million worth of assets under its management.


James River Capital has a team of highly qualified and extensively experienced professionals at its helm. Chief among them is Paul Saunders, who doubles up as the Principal and Founder of the company and its affiliates. Saunders also serves as the portfolio manager, James River’s funds of hedge funds. Presently, he acts as the Chief Executive Officer of both James River Financial Corp. and James River Capital Corp.


Paul Saunders graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977. He later joined the University of Chicago, where he attained an M.B.A in 1979. Immediately after graduation, Saunders started working at the Corporate Finance Department of Warburg Paribas Becker and later in the Commodity Department. He then joined Kidder, Peabody & Co., where he served as the Director of Commodity Funds and Managed Accounts. From 1986, he became the president of President of KP Futures Management Corp. until 1995, when it rebranded into James River Corporation.


James River Capital is well-known for its valuable advice on matters of management. The company advises that the job of managers is not just to lead the team; they should always be available to offer much-needed support. According to James River, the biggest obstacle to the smooth running of organizations is the withdrawal of team members. One way of ensuring that members do not hold back is to make them feel appreciated.


To bring everyone on board, managers should encourage everyone in a team or departmental meeting to contribute. The managers should also moderate discussions in meeting to prevent the most talkative members from dominating the session. Learn more:


Infinity Group Continues To Stand Out As The Only Financial Institution In Australia With Many Positive Reviews

Do you urgently need a financial help? Do not stress yourself about this. Read Infinity Group Australia reviews and you will be sorted. Most if not all of the comments you will read therein show that clients are satisfied with the kind of treatment and service they received from Infinity Group. Graeme Hold, the co-founder of the group says that those praises do not come easy. It is a hard work that is put forth by bankers who work within Infinity Group.


To start with, Graeme has the needed experience to start and lead a financial institution. Although he worked as an indoor soccer representative in Australia, a field that does not have any relation with running a financial institution, Holm is qualified. For over 17 years, he has worked in the banking sector. It is while in the banking industry that he developed an interest in starting a financial institution. It has since grown from humble beginnings in 2012 to become one of the most reputable financial institutions in Aussie according to Infinity Group Australia reviews.


“We strive to be compete with our competitors by offering services that are of high-end. This is perhaps the reason we have many positive reviews. When a client approaches us needing help, first we know we are the right institution that will help this person. With that approach, you listen to the client knowing that you are looking at their problem and offer a solution thereafter,” says Holm.


The CEO adds that in most cases, bankers who work with Infinity have to sit severally in order to listen to clients explain their problems. “Our aim is not to just talk about how much or little the client needs. We tend to go further into looking around the client’s household expenses, ongoing family needs, and several other things that surround the client’s family. We do this to know exactly if the client will be able to repay the loan faster,” Holm adds.


The CEO says that financial institutions do not care how long a client repays the long. All they care is that a client pays. After all, they argue that the longer the client takes, the more the client will be forced to pay. This is what Infinity Group strives to avoid by all means.


Over the years, Infinity Group has helped many people access fast small and big loans and has been able to assist clients offset their loans as fast as possible. “This year, we’ve been able to help a young couple save $96, 271 in only 12 months,” says Mr. Holm.

Infinity Group Australia does not treat its clients as just clients. The company looks at all their clients as family members. They want the best for them and that is why they offer the best personal benefits. Learn more:

Michael Burwell Is Elated To Join Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, an international reinsurance, insurance, and advisory firm appointed Michael “Mike” Burwell as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. He will be replacing Roger Millay on the 2nd of October 2017.


Mike Burwell has more than three decades of professional services and finance knowledge he attained at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he held top rank management positions such as Head of Transaction Services in the United States; Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the United States, and Head of Global Transformation.


In addition to the above, Mike Burwell has 12 years of experience in Transaction Services Advisory, and 11 years of audit that likewise includes pre-merger and valuation due diligence.


Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, stated that they are thrilled that Mike will be joining their team of leaders during a significant time when the company is evolving. He also said that Mike Burwell has a deep comprehension on leading and managing a global and complex company that is customer-oriented to realize anticipated results.


John Haley said that he is assured that Michael Burwell’s knowledge in transformation, transactions, and finance is a perfect complement that can help provide the proper guide for longstanding development and outstanding efforts on integration that would permit the company to attain its full capability in the industry.


Chief Executive Officer Haley likewise said that in behalf of the company, he would like to acknowledge the contribution and service that Roger Millay gave during his stint with Willis Towers Watson. The leadership and service he contributed left the company in a better position to attain more success. View More Information Here.


In answer to the comment made by John Haley, Mike Burwell says that he feels privileged to join a company like Willis Towers Watson that has an all-encompassing culture, is very committed to customers, and has a strong leadership. Hence, he looks forward to becoming a part of the cited company and contributing to any of its future accomplishments.


Willis Towers Watson is an international broking solutions and global advisory firm that assist existing and potential clients in the development of investments that have high risks. The firm was founded in 1828 and currently has offices in 140 countries around the globe with 40,000 employees. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the delivery and creation of resolutions related to capital growth, talent refinement, maximization of benefits, and management of risks, to reinforce and safeguard individual and institutional clients.

A Brief Review Of Avatrade: CFDs and Forex Broker

AvaTrade was established back in 2006, and it is one of the best Forex brokers in the world. AvaTrade has offices in Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, Dublin, New York, and other parts of the world. The company is licensed by MiFID in the EU and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company is also regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Japan, the ASIC in Australia, and the FSC in the British Virgin Islands.

AvaTrade Accounts

AvaTrade has one standard account, and only a minimum deposit of $100 is required. AvaTrade offer both fixed and floating, or variable, spreads beginning at 0.9 pips. The spread of AvaTrade is among the top competitive spreads of any online broker.

AvaTrade has several orders including Limit orders, Market orders, Stop Loss orders, Trailing Stops, Entry Limits, and Entry Stops. The funds of users are held in segregated accounts for better security.

Features of AvaTrade

AvaTrade was part of the first set of Forex brokers that introduced CFD trading on stocks, indices, and commodities. It was also part of the pack that introduced cryptocurrency trading, giving ordinary retail traders access to the Bitcoin market. The company is also very transparent as it strictly adheres to its trading policies and conditions.

AvaTrade also offers a lot of amazing features that are not offered by other Forex brokers. With the CFD Rollover feature of the company, matured contract prices are swapped with new ones before the old one expires. The system also adjusts the price difference between the two contracts. The site is clearly tabbed and very easy to navigate. It is also available in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and German.

AvaTrade Account Opening Bonus

New users opening an AvaTrade account get a huge deposit bonus beginning at $40 for deposits worth $200, and up to $10k for deposits worth $50k. Also, there is an amazing, unique program known as the Ava Select program.

This program rewards users that make deposits worth $100k or more in trade capacity with a lot of special offerings and goodies such as customized educational programs, dedicated Ava Select hotline, express approvals of withdrawal, tailored trading terms as well as other benefits.

Get more from this AvaTrade review:

AvaTrade Review: Get ahead with online portfolio management

There are a lot of ways that AvaTrade is a superior platform and service when compared to other stock and Forex markets online. The multidimensional nature of this exchange can be seen in multiple areas that affect technical methods in addition to customer service outcomes. AvaTrade has propagated significant change in the way that they provide customers with ongoing support and helpful methods in the online trading process.

There is a large customer base that demonstrates the high quality and reliable nature of AvaTrade. This organization has worked hard in the industry since 2006 to garner the best results for their customers. Results include better standards of operation through online technology, revolutionary systems of operation as well as management techniques that are unique when compared to other standards.

AvaTrade has reformed their systems over the years in order to give the best user experience to customers. Now, people can leverage these years of expertise in order to yield ongoing results that are better than many other Forex management platforms online.

AvaTrade is an industry leader when it comes to MT4 technology. Their consistent and diversified use of resources has led to one of the best and most diverse organizational offerings that can result in success for users. Another way that AvaTrade establishes beneficial standards for users is with ongoing tutorials and information that articulates the success of new users. by having ongoing instructions it is possible for new traders to experience the greatest amount of success. They can also utilize resources that are updated on a steady basis.

Since there are so many advantages to this platform, it is important to understand the changes that online portfolio management will experience in years to come. The steadfast improvements of AvaTrade will result in more useful techniques that are easy to access and help people get the best results when trading online. Research tools and software that can carefully analyze ongoing standards of operation will make a big difference in the future as well. AvaTrade is a reliable and safe way to trade online. There are ongoing advantages that they continue to give over the years.

Growth Financing And Debt Restructuring With Equities First Holdings

On the off chance that you are trying to build up your business project and take it into the next level, most likely you will need working capital to give you the financial muscles. It does not matter whether seeking to increase your sales, extend the scope of your services, shift into new premises, hire more staff workers or opening new offices, you need an affordable loan for development. With the present economic crisis where you can not entirely depend on traditional loans, Equities First a leader in alternative lending solutions is the company to seek help.

Business Growth

For those looking ahead to expand their businesses, with improvement support, you can have the capacity to explore on new open entryways and make your longing a reality. Often any business will require daily financial support to run its functions and sustain its normal activities. Unlike conventional loans where a lot of documents are needed, acquiring equity loan from Equities First is as easy as abc. The company uses your stock as collateral and provides borrowers with non-resource capital that is paid within 3 years.

Working on Debts

If trying to rebuild the debt of your organization, acquiring a loan that solidifies the borrowings and limits costs makes it easy when handling your business debts. A loan to reconstruct your present debt will make the arrangements of your funds simpler while limiting the amount of month to month repayments you have to screen. It could also possibly reduce your month to month total repayments. Rebuilding your present organization’s debt helps your association to grow as it liberates your business money for development and working capital.

Business Funding

Regardless of the fact that associations have specific purposes for the financing of their operations, most SMEs work to grow by expanding their business operations, and extending their scope of products & services. Equities First provides businesses with the quick working capital to manage their debts and for their development strategies. for more.

U.S. Money Reserve And Its Coin Catalogue

U.S. Money Reserve has an online catalog that features rare gold, silver as well as platinum coins. This can be considered as a consumer-friendly experience. It offers functionality along with product information.

All this can be considered as their online face. has a completely new look. It reflects that company is a market leader today in the industry of precious metals. The new features depict the core values of the company. These indicate the trust as well as commitment of the company towards a better customer experience.

The online redesigning incorporates impressive photos of the distinguished leader of the brand, former U.S. Mint Director as well as currently President, Philip N. Diehl.

There is a new feature which is the gallery of coin photos.

This new site is aimed at educating consumers on the various benefits of owning this bullion that has been issued by the government, as well as enhance their experience of buying these precious metals by using gold coins.

This is a responsive tool. It helps in generating quality content all across various platforms. It also helps in further interacting with the clients. This is an effective way to offer products made of precious metals to the world. All this can now be done through this highly secure storefront that is present online. Ryan Buchanan is the VP of Brand and Creative. He has overseen this entire redesign. He has also been involved in the implementing of many new applications as well as features that are designed to educate consumers and make their purchase of bullion much easier.

This online shop is providing live pricing on precious metals like gold as well as silver bullion and bars. In addition, U.S. Money Reserve is offering coins that are PCGS certified, along with other exclusive products for the buyer of precious metals. Visitors can sign up and get a gold information kit absolutely free. They can visit Knowledge Center and get updated information on various precious metals. They can also know more about the terms that are related to coin minting and grading, as well as purchasing it. There is a Full Headline Gold News Room. It has the updates about this market.

U.S. Money Reserve offers the Client-Connect Advantage too. Here clients can be contacted by U.S. Money Reserve for consultations, knowing about offline releases, any kind of purchasing assistance and be able to do offline transactions too. Besides, they are offering BuyBack Guarantee too, which is the best return policy available in the industry today.

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