Classdojo Creates Innovative Communication Platform for Classrooms

The classroom is one of the most important places for young minds to grow and learn. Now, an innovative company has created a breakthrough platform which allows teachers to better engage with both students and parents. This platform, Classdojo, is creating community in classrooms across the country.

So what is Classdojo? It is an app that can be used to help teachers, parents and students communicate with each other through the use of various programs within the app. Known as an EdTech product, Classdojo is an innovative way for teachers to perform certain tasks such as assign homework, create random groups for breakout sessions or communicate specific instructions to individual students.

What makes Classdojo really stand out is the fact that the product was tested in actual classrooms and received feedback from teachers, parents, and students before a wide roll out of the product. Classdojo is a ground-up change in the way schools foster a sense of community in the classroom.

So how popular is Classdojo? As of 2018, 2 out of 3 classrooms use Classdojo in their everyday work. Now teachers can easily communicate with parents beyond the scheduled parent-teacher conferences. And students are able to express themselves on the digital platform with pictures and videos which can be shared to the rest of the class. Best of all, Classdojo helps bring everyone together is a positive environment.

Classdojo was co-founded by its current CEO Sam Chaudhary. Among the features available on Classdojo include the ability to translate messages into 30 different languages, the ability to share classroom moments with parents and the creation of “read receipts” which allow teachers to know which parents had read her messages.

From kindergarten to the eighth grade, Classdojo is transforming the classroom from a simple learning environment to a driver for positive culture in schools across the country. As more and more schools continue to integrate Classdojo into their classroom, millions of more students, teachers, and parents will have the opportunity to bring their educational community closer together.

Creating A Positive Environment With ClassDojo

Parents know the importance of communicating with their children’s teachers. They are aware of the benefits of having a fruitful relationship with the teacher. A relationship that is built on respect between teacher and parent allows the students to have a great experience at school. The teacher will know what to expect of the student and the parent will know what to expect of the teacher. New technology is making it easier for parents to communicate with teachers and the other way around.

A new mobile application called ClassDojo is taking the academic world by storm. With ClassDojo, teachers can message parents whenever they like. ClassDojo creates a positive culture between classrooms and schools. It is a communication platform that skips the guessing work and puts the control in the hands of the parents. This mobile application allows students to let their parents know how they are doing in school. ClassDojo is a great resource because it makes it easier for parents to know what is going on in their children’s lives, especially during times when they are not around them.

ClassDojo has recently done something great. They have raised over $21 million in venture capital during a Series B round of venture funding. The co-founders of the application Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don stated that the company loses the round in 2015. The company will be using the money to grow their team and new content and features for parents to use. They are trying to implement new features that will make it easier for parents to use the application at home. The founders are looking to guide parents to allow them to enhance the learning experience for their students at home.   Follow ClassDojo at its page.

There are many features to the application already. Teachers can share the school schedule to parents. Teachers can also send photos and videos to parents within the app. ClassDojo is used by 85,000 schools in the United States. The schools that use ClassDojo are private schools, charter schools, and large public schools. The grades that are using ClassDojo are kindergarten through 8th grade. Privacy is very important for the co-founders. They are dedicated to making sure that children’s information is never shared and compromised.   For more info, refer to

ClassDojo is doing great things within the education industry. They are taking a simple thing like communication and making it a hugely successful mobile application that many, teachers, parents, and students will use for years to come.  Related Articles here.

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