Sussex Healthcare Become a Leader in the Market

Sussex Healthcare has been recognized in the past because of its milestones in the last two decades. The healthcare company is doing so well, but few people know the origin of the institution and why it is performing so well. First of all, the firm came into the market over twenty years ago. The first facility was established in Southern Coast, England. At the moment, however, the company boasts for operating twenty homes, and all have the best equipment. Sussex Healthcare has a special mission in the community. The founders of the healthcare company realized that senior members of the community were living miserable lives without the specialized care they deserved. The founders wanted to offer only the best services, and they had to hire professionals who had the knowledge so that everything could run in the right direction.

There are two joint chairmen who are believed to have played a leading role in starting Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani, an executive in the hotel section and Shafik Sachedina, a renowned medical professional based in the UK, has worked as a team since the first day to make the seniors happy. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these people have created an award winning firm that gives only the best to its customers around the globe. Shafik Sachedina worked as a dental surgeon in England for a long time. In the course of his career, the doctor realized that elderly members of the community needed to be handled by an institution that had the right equipment. His knowledge in healthcare is what makes Sussex Healthcare shine, despite the hardships in the market.

Not long ago, Shiraz and Sachedina announced some news. According to the executives, the residents living close to their company will enjoy the services of a new gym that has been opened. Sussex Healthcare has brought one of the best facilities in the region so that individuals with any physical problems can work out in the presence of professionals. The gym has all the modern state of the art facilities to ensure that its services are the best in the market.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Voted Best Plastic Surgeon in the Dallas

Dr. Rohrich is a highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon based out of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a broad certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Rodrich serves as a certified professor for UT Southwestern. He has subsequently received high ratings for his work in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rohrich is commonly known as on of the best cosmetic surgeons in the USA. Shows such as Good Morning America have applauded his work in the industry.

When a plastic surgeon is constantly reliable and reputable, the public will notice. With years of education and medical residency, Dr. Rohrich’s experience has been cultivated over many years. When an individual decides to explore the field of cosmetic surgery, proper education must be preformed. Attending a reputable college is crucial to the success of an individual. Dr. Rohrich receives new patients in Texas and the surrounding areas on a daily basis. New patients and clients request for their surgery to be preformed by Dr. Rohrich.

With consistent reliability, Dr. Rohrich has been accredited in many countries aside from the United States. Dr. Rod Rohrich has taught the skill of cosmetic surgery to many aspiring surgeon. With credentials and education in the field, Dr. Rod Rohrich has been able to influence other young and aspiring surgeons. In the medical field, cosmetic surgery is similar to any other form of surgery. When a patient decides to undergo a cosmetic procedure, safety mechanism are set in place in order to allow for the greatest possible outcome. The cosmetic procedures available through Dr. Rod Rohrich’s office include facelifts, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty as well as correctional procedures. Following the procedure, proper post-surgery care techniques should immediately be taken in order to facilitate the recovery process for each individual patient.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Gives a Glimpse Into Her Life Through Instagram

Social media platforms offer viewers a glimpse into the private life of professionals from a range of walks of life. The Austin, Texas-based cosmetic surgery expert, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a confident user of Instagram which allows her to provide the public with a look at both her work and personal life. The mother of two and head of her own cosmetic surgery practice provides her followers with all the information they may need about the work she completes from her Austin, Texas offices.

Among the information provided through the Instagram account of Dr. Walden is that regarding the use of new techniques at her New York and Auston offices. Both offices are offering the innovative non-surgical buttock lift which can help patients reduce their cellulite and stretch marks in a minimally-invasive way. Dr. Jennifer Walden posts videos of these forms of cosmetic techniques and many of the more invasive techniques such as rhinoplasty which is one of the most commonly approved surgeries of the former New York surgeon. Many of the photos and videos show the surgeon in mid-procedure showing the professional nature of the work of the surgeon.

Alongside the images showing the work of Dr. Jennifer Walden in both New York and Austin are those showing her happy personal life. The mother to twin boys is obviously a proud parent happy to show off the achievements of her children to her Instagram followers. Other images show the impact of the high-profile media career of the medical expert who has been featured in magazines and Websites in Auston and New York. Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently released her own range f cosmetics designed to reduce the impact of aging and has featured on radio and TV infomercials explaining the benefits of these products to the public.