The Outstanding Leadership Skills Behind Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is among the respected individuals on the issue of bundled payment. She lives in the Colorado area in a place known as Denver. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Southern Illinois. Deirdre also holds an MBA from Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business in Illinois. He also holds a Ph.D. from the Colorado University in Denver.

In 1997, Baggot served at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She was a staff nurse and resource coordinator in this hospital. Deirdre also served as a manager in all departments. She worked in Northwestern Memorial for six years and later she joined Michigan health System University. In this organization, she served as the administrative manager and business analyst. She served three years in Michigan health System University. Deidre was awarded because of his good leadership skills. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

In 2006, Cardiac and Vascular Institute appointed Deirdre as the senior administrator. She was able to apply her outstanding leadership skills in leading over 450 people in this organization. His role included marketing, recruiting new employees, acquisitions and payer contracting. She served in this firm for four years. Deirdre employed more skilled people and opened more eleven clinic facilities. Deirdre was able to secure a position in GE Healthcare partners that is located in California. She was appointed to be the vice president, and she was determined in making Healthcare payment system better. As a result of her determination, she founded a consulting organization that was worth 6.6 million annual revenues. Deirdre has remained focused on offering quality services in any position that he serves.

Deirdre Baggot has written over twenty articles on healthcare reforms, payment transformation, and bundled payment. She has also been involved in the preparation of public Radios morning edition. Deirdre has been invited as a speaker at several medical conferences because of her experience and expertise skills.

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Deirdre Baggot impact on the health sector

Deirdre Baggot is well conversant and skilled personnel in the health care issues and also in the payment creation. She has a wide range of education as she attended numerous universities to acquire the knowledge and skills to become a professional in what she does now. Some include acquiring a Ph.D. In Philosophy from the University of Colorado, an MBA from Loyola University and also pursued a degree in nursing from Southern Illinois University. In the past, a decade ago, she used to be in academic healthcare at the Northwestern memorial hospital and later went ahead to join the University of Michigan health system. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

In her duties, she was able to author 20 papers on bundled payments, health reform, and payment transformation. Furthermore, she has been recognized as a specialist on a national public radio station. She utilized six years at the Camden Group as a senior vice president and the practice manager for bundled payment. Deirdre Baggot is among the most recognized and appreciated individuals in the healthcare payment sector. From the experience and skills she acquired as a doctor and hospital director, it was an easy task to manage and control CMS Acute Care Episode bundled payment.

She has been able to create and run the consulting operations that focus on payment creativity. Through this action, it was able to accumulate $5 million in yearly revenue for two health companies. In addition, she designed and executed the improved payment methods with the employers and Medicare in beyond 200 health facilities. According to her research, the outcome revealed that the strategies used served a huge interest to the business such as decreasing the costs, developing quality and enhancing THE patient experience through care methods conversion. In the Medicaid, she played the role of an advisor to assist with the bundled payment schemes.

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