Gareth Henry; A Man With Phenomenal Experience In Numbers And Investments

Gareth Henry has been phenomenal in the alternative assets industry playing a critical role in assisting directors in building awareness for their products and services. He has held previous positions at Fortress Investments as a consultant between asset managers and potential investors. He derives the intelligence and knowledge from the University of Heriot-Watt where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics. His mathematics prowess has placed him best in positions capable of finding solutions to complicated programs incorporated by modern hedge fund companies.

During his career journey, Gareth Henry had the chance to interact with influential contacts in the pension fund, sovereign wealth funds and other capital markets that opened venues for him to continue expanding knowledge on the know-how of how investors manage the hedge fund, equity and bond investments. His in-depth experience in the alternative investment industry enabled him to convince other professionals that he was the right man for the Global Head Of Investor Relations heading various US-based managers.

In his path to creating a successful career, Henry worked as a Director of strategic solutions employed by Schroders a money management company in London. He also picked some experience from SEI investments as an investment manager in Philadelphia and an analyst for Watson Wyatt situated in London.

Before joining Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry was part of the team that raised significant capital for the Fortress Investment Group especially the real estate, hedge funds, and equity section. The management team at Fortress gained confidence in Gareth and made him the head on Investor relations department that saw the company acquire $ 4 billion hedge fund for expansion and growth.

Angelo Gordon was going to benefit from Henry’s expertise after leaving Fortress Group. Gareth was offered full partnership at the giant company that manages an estimate of $26 billion in credit investments, private equity, and real estate. Gareth suited the perfect description with broad experience and knowledge on global investor relations and the specific ability to meet clientele needs. He also believes in creating and maintaining close contacts with clients which have enabled him to understand clientele needs at a better perspective. All these aspects place Gareth Henry as a valuable resource.

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Talos Energy Is Keen On Higher Risk Gulf Water Explorations

Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan knows full well that drilling into the ground on the dusty plains of the Texas Permian basin might be more of a sure thing than sinking a well deep into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But he also knows something else. An underwater Gulf well can produce oil for decades while a so-called “sure thing” on the plains of Texas may give up in just a year or two.

That’s why Duncan is putting his company’s focus on the often stormy Gulf waters. Yes, it more expensive, dangerous, risky and chancy to drill underwater, but the payoff can be huge.

Take, for example, the bold venture Talos Energy has entered with the Mexican energy giant Pemex and two other partners. Leading the way, Talos engineers dropped a well in Mexican Gulf waters in 2017. The results look spectacular so far.

Dubbed the ZAMA-1, the well appears to have found possibly as much a two billion barrels of crude equivalent. Lower end estimates say the well may bring 1.4 billion. Whatever the case, once the site is developed, it promises to pump forth millions of barrels of oil over a multi-year time span. Pemex and Mexican government officials have high hopes that ZAMA-1 will prove to be a lucrative gamble.

Talos partnered with Premier Oil of the U.K. and Sierra Gas & Oil, a Latin American energy exploration company. Talos will hold a 35% share in ZAMA-1.

The project is a striking example of how Tim Duncan plans to roll out the future of his company. High-risk, high-stakes ventures, yes, but potentially mega-profitable deepwater wells in locations few others are willing to tackle.

Talos Energy is based in Houston, Texas. The Houston Chronicle named Talos as a Best Places To Work for the past four years — another accolade that Tim Duncan wears proudly as leader of his team.

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Freedom Checks Is A Great Investment System

The idea of the Freedom Checks was introduced at the beginning of the year by Matt Badiali. When he introduced the idea, the reception was confusing. Some people concluded very fast that it was a get-rich-quick scheme even before they had done the necessary research. Those who made that mistake are now watching as those who took the idea seriously are making returns from the market. Freedom checks is a real investment opportunity, but it is not implemented in the manner in which some people thought about it. It was not a source of free goodies at all. It is an investment strategy that must be implemented through the application of knowledge about investments. You cannot expect to enter and make money even without the necessary information regarding investments.

When Matt Badiali introduced this idea, he did so because he believed that it was an opportunity that would benefit a lot of people who were interested in making money through a 100 percent sure opportunity, he was ready to offer guidance to those who were interested through his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. Freedom Checks is an idea that is based on the knowledge of the mining industry. He is giving the people a chance to make money through the opportunities that are arising in this industry. Those who are keen to follow his sentiments about the market know that he had projected that the prices of oil would be doing up. As oil prices go up, there will also be a rise in the oil produced locally. Trade wars between the Middle East countries and the western countries will affect the industry forcing consumers to go for the local companies. This was also coming at the backdrop of the tax cuts that president Trump passed.

Freedom Checks comes from the local companies that are involved in the exploration of oil. The government gives these companies tax exemptions. So, now that the prices of oil will be going up and the demand will also increase, they will be making some supernormal profits. Matt Badiali estimates that there will be $34 billion up for grabs.

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Peter Briger Helps Fortress Investment Group In Many Ways

Fortress Investment Group is a company that has built an excellent reputation since it started. The right leadership at company and the use of advanced technology have enabled the company to help its customers across the world to achieve their investment goals. The company has been there for several years, and all these years it has been successful in its endeavors. Its success has enabled it to attract customers. Today, Fortress Investment Group has more than 2000 customers and has established offices in other parts of the world. The firm recently merged with Softbank, which is a worldwide organization that has been serving clients with diligence. Even after the merger with Softbank, Fortress Investment Group will be run as an independent firm, and people like Peter Briger remains in the management. He is essential in the running of the company.

Who is Peter Briger? He is a talented investor who is admired by his colleagues and other investors around the world for being successful. When it comes to running an organization, Peter Briger is one of the best individuals in investment sector. He works hard to ensure everything is running smoothly at the organization. That is why companies like Fortress Investment Group are at the top. The firm is led by people who have vast experience in entrepreneurship because they have successfully worked with several organizations. Why has Peter Briger managed to achieve success in investment world? He has the best educational background, and he is committed in his work.

Peter Briger is not the person to give up on something that he has started. The many years he has spent in entrepreneurship has enabled him to acquire a lot of skills and the knowledge to run any large company. Peter is the best when it comes to private equity management. Peter understands it is crucial to have the right knowledge before starting something. That is why he went to school first before launching his career. After graduation, he had gained excellent credentials and went to work with Goldman Sachs. When he was working at the company, he helped it in many ways. He came up with the best policies that enabled the company to achieve its goals.

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Randal Nardone – The Financial Investor Mastermind Behind Fortress Investment

Fortress Investment Group had been a leading light since its formation back in 1998. The company has risen to glorious heights. Thanks to Randal Nardone and his partners. The company is a global investment management firm that has over $43 billion assets over 1750 investors in various fields.

Randal Nardone has been a critical figure in the Fortress Investment Group. Since its creation, Nardone has worked to ensure that the company not only thrives through the test of time but also grows and prospers. Nardone is a very educated man. He has a degree in law from Boston University. He also has bachelors of Art in English and Biology. He began his professional career as a layer and worked in various companies. During this time, Randal Nardone got the opportunity to work at Blackrock Investment Management where he was made an executive committee member. He also had a chance to become a partner at the Wood Law firm.

Nardone also got the opportunity to become the managing director at Union Bank of Switzerland. While he was serving in the various financial institution s including the bank, Nardone realized that the financial market had a lot to offer. He started learning everything there is about the market and finally left to open Fortress Investment Group. Currently, Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group, a position he had held since 2011. He has also served in several posts in various financial institutions.

Nardone raises to success has taken him a lifetime of commitment, willingness to listen to others and learn from many disappointments. He believes that without the support of his able employers, Fortress would not be the international investment company it is. Recent reports from Forbes show that Randal Nardone has a net worth of $1.8 billion. He was rank as  respectable 557 on Forbes list of billionaires. He is an amazing employer who is always ready to work with his juniors for the benefit of the company. He has also committed to helping his employees attain the skills to work in not only his company but also in other industries as well.

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Organo Gold Offers Gourmet Coffees

There are few people around the world today that haven’t had a cup of coffee or ran into someone that drinks it religiously. This is not necessarily a good thing either since coffee is generally unhealthy to consume on a regular basis. However, Organo Gold is producing healthy coffee products for people around the world as an alternative to their usual routines. More importantly, Organo Gold is looking to improve the overall health of their customers. Organo Gold Started up back in 2008 as a global marketing company offering gourmet coffee to their customers, today they are selling their products all over the world and they offer a much larger variety than they did in the past. Customers can go to Organo for coffee, tea, personal care, shakes, beauty products, spore powder, and much more, most of which is prepared to be as healthy as possible for the body.

Organo’s coffees are not only gourmet, made up of all natural ingredients, but they contain the powerful Ganoderma Mushroom as well. For many centuries, people around the world have used Ganoderma for various health benefits that it provides to the body, including hydration and stamina. In recent years, Ganoderma has been found to have a positive effect on the brain, offering greater mental health when it is consumed as a drink. Organo Gold has even taken to making soaps and toothpaste’s for their customers to try which also come in different flavors like honey. In just 10 years, Organo Gold has gone from selling organic coffee to virtually everything else a person uses for their body throughout the day.

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When it comes to investment management as a profession there are a number of goals that many of these professionals try to achieve when looking for talent and hiring staff. This is a challenging field of work to find good employees in. There is a big shortage of experienced and educated professionals. This has drastically decreased the confidence that people have in the hiring process. There are some specific problems that exist with this process. There are also potential solutions that just need to be developed further in order to be successful. Companies such as GoBuyside are using some successful techniques to conduct business and make the hiring process simpler. This recruiting firm is currently one of the top businesses of its kind and has some tried and true approaches that can be learned from.

The Problem With Competition

Finding experienced and specialized talent is extremely important in this field of work. Many companies find it hard to secure talent but then comes the challenge of getting people to stay on board. Inexperienced human resources professionals aren’t going to get the job done. Only the best will be able to use experience to find professionals that are in high demand and to impress clients.

Networking Challenges

Recruitment agencies are having a lot of challenges when it comes to networking and connecting. Social media is popular but this isn’t a great way to find talent and find companies to work for. There are ways to use the internet to one’s benefit when it comes to networking with people and finding professionals to hire. Technology can actually stand in the way if the proper tools are not being used.

Companies such as GoBuyside are using successful methods of connecting with talent. As industries evolve and the internet changes, there are new processes that need to take place. This is the process used by GoBuyside and it has proven to be very successful in recent years. It is important to adapt and change as need be.

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The Top Businessman And Philanthropist In The United States – Eric Lefkofsky

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a renowned businessman who has founded several successful companies that are operational in the United States. He was born on September 2, 1969, and grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where his father was a structural engineer while his mother worked as a school teacher. Lefkofsky attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School and cleared in 1987 before joining the University of Michigan from where he graduated in 1991. Also, after graduating with honors for his first degree, Eric Lefkofsky continued with his studies to earn Juris Doctorate in 1993 from the University of Michigan School of Law.

About Eric Lefkofsky’s Career

One of the most popular companies that Eric Lefkofsky founded is the Tempus Company, a top organization that deals with technology and medicine. Lefkofsky is also the manager and the founding partner of Lightbank LLC, which focuses on business fund investing in the disruptive kind of technology ventures. Besides, Eric Lefkofsky is also the chairman and founder of Groupon organization, a leading marketplace company in global e-commerce. Another one of the firms that Lefkofsky helped to find was the Mediaocean, where its area of specialization is on the integrated technology involving the media procurement. Other companies that have since been established by the businessman include the Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, and Inner Workings among others.

Further, Eric Lefkofsky is also a philanthropic individual where part of his major charitable acts was to establish the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He founded the private foundation together with his wife Liz to help in improving the lives of the people in their community. The foundation again supports educational institutions for children all over the world and has already supported over 50 organizations. Equally important, Eric Lefkofsky serves in various institutions as a trustee where some include the Museum of Science and Industry, Lurie Children’s Home, and the World Business Chicago among many others. Additionally, Lefkofsky serves as the chairman of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company where he is one of the boards of trustees besides working at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor.

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Gareth Henry, The Force Behind The Blossom Of Angelo, Gordon & Co

Mr. Gareth Henry is the current Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations at Angelo, Gordon & Co., an alternative investment company. He is also a partner. The company was established in November 1988. It presently manages over $28 billion, and its priority investment areas are real estate, private equity investments, and credit.

It is a privately owned company headquartered in New York with several offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States  Mr. Henry is not new to the business world. He has valuable knowledge and experience in investor relations. Before joining Angelo, Gordon & Co., he worked at Fortress Investment Group as the Global Head of Investor Relations. At Fortress Investment Group, his primary role included oversight of all sales, client services, and marketing. Earlier, he worked at Schroder Investment Management Limited as a Director of Strategic Solutions. He has also served as the Manager of Investment at SEI Investments Co. and, at Watson Wyatt LLP as an Analyst. Gareth Henry is a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, from Heriot Watt University. He is a qualified actuary in both UK and US.

Since his debut at Angelo, Gordon & Co., Gareth Henry has done a great job. He has dramatically improved the reputation of the company through the delivery of good returns across market cycles and strategies. He has played a pivotal role in strengthening the firm’s talented investment team of professionals and strong investor relations. His remarkable, global relationships have enabled Angelo, Gordon & Co to reinforce its already strong foundation on investor relations established throughout Asia, United States and Europe.

The main areas of operation for Gareth Henry in the company include intensifying the firm’s client relationships marketing, chiefly overseas, and developing global distribution channels for the new products. He is very keen on fulfilling customer’s needs to the best of expert ability. While working at Angelo, Gordon & Co, he has come up with smart strategies that have, in return, yielded significant benefits for the company.

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Talos Energy: What A Cool Name!

Energy is the name of the game, and as the old saying goes, “may the best man win.” Talos Energy is in it to win it. Of course, the same goes for everyone who goes into business doing anything. Success is always the ultimate goal. Those who can’t compete go out of business. It’s sad, but true. It is a tough world, and this particular tough world runs on oil.

It’s safe to say that everyone alive depends on oil in some way. Virtually everything mankind manufactures today, and for quite some time now, depends on crude oil, again, in some small way. There are those who may say that agriculture is all natural and good, however, the machinery used to cultivate large crops runs on fuel. Even if the machinery didn’t run on fuel, the raw materials needed to make heavy equipment, and manufacture it, require serious energy. Even the teeny tiny screws holding your cell phone together are composed of high quality steel which has to be mined and manufactured. The glass screen on your cell phone has to be melted and manufactured. Even the so called “Alternative Energy” methods require equipment that cannot even be manufactured without fossil fuel, or crude oil. For example, solar panels can’t even be made without crude oil. So, even alternative energy relies on fossil fuel. It’s a tough equation, but the answer is pretty much the same every time: Oil.

The entire population will throw their opinions into the ring all day long, making arguments for and against fossil fuel. The debates get heated at times (no pun intended) yet the demand for oil only ever increases. Thankfully there are great, capable people out there willing to dedicate their lives to extracting the black gold that already exists right here on the good Earth. Talos Energy is a team of staggeringly experienced people in the most important field of energy. Exploration and exploitation of the valuable resources in America are their specialty, and since we all depend on oil in one way or another, we should all be rooting for team Talos. Who else is going to get that oil, you? No, of course not. We the people only ever take advantage of energy brought to us by these very hard-working people. We complain about the prices all the time, however, I suspect that we would stop complaining so much if we had to get our own oil.

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