Yonni Hufnagel

The journey of Yanni Hufnagel journey is anything short of greatness. He has served as the assistant head coach for Nevada Wolf Pack, California Golden Bears, and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth are many of the schools that make up the Ivy League college & universities. However, Yonni Hufnagel put Harvard University on the map in a totally different way. As he lives what many may call the dream life in his mid 30’s the Crimson’s has a new found new success in it’s assistant basketball coach at Harvard University. What makes this young man such a great asset to the Harvard franchise no the many franchises in which he served on is his ability to enlist and enroll key players. In order to be a great assistant coach one must first learn the art of recognizing and seeking phenomenal talent. With the many teams and wining records one can only wonder how far his success will go. Being relentless and having that tenacious mindset to win are only some of the key principles to Yanni’s success.


Early in his career he knew he wanted to go to some heavy hitter schools such as Harvard but was extremely nervous thinking that he would not be able to get the job or fit in there. However, as fate would have it he got hired to the basketball team and immediately took the road running in recruitment and the rest is history. With a lot of hard work and summers spent in a gym with players he knew that his hard work was working as he seen daily progress. This mega assistant experience speaks for itself. Now as the assistant coach in Nevada under Eric Musselman the sky is the limit for Yonni. Knowing where he ends up next will be another strategic move that comes natural to him.


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