End Citizens United Continues To Stand Strong In Backing Democrats

It is now not a crime for any person whether rich or poor to spend money on any elections. At least, this is a ruling that was reached by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010. Back then, the case that was before the court involved End Citizens United and F.E.C. The case touched on very important issues that have marred U.S. elections for many years. But since the ruling, it is now easy for anyone to spend money on any political party as they want.

The court maintained that the term ‘corporations’ can mean people because no single is made up of only buildings. Each corporation, whether small or large is made up of people. Besides, it gave interest groups as well as wealthy people to use millions of dollars in campaigns as they wish. On hearing about the ruling, End Citizens United embarked on a campaign to collect money from those that were willing to donate. According to political analysts, the ruling meant that it is now easy to buy an election in the U.S. It doesn’t matter which side the candidate is. As long as the candidate or party can afford to rally its people to donate, the candidate can have a better chance to win the election.

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It is for this reason End Citizens United was formed back on March 1, 2015. The aim was to try much as they can to combat large spending that comes with elections. The group agrees that it is not easy to stop people from spending during an election. The founder understands that in every election, there must be spending. All they wanted was to combat careless expenditure.

On their official website, endcitizensunited.org, End Citizens United categorically says that they do not get their money for a few selfish people whose intention is to change the way people vote but the use of money. The site says that their money comes from small donations that people make. In doing this, End Citizens United wants to ensure that true patriots who stand for the rights of the common people are elected in big office. In the end, they want people to learn a lesson that it is not necessary to have big money in order to win an election.

The Midterm Elections Will Be Trying Times For Ends Citizens United

The Big Money 20, a list of politicians known to have links o big money interests, are up for reelection this year and End Citizens United wants to do everything it can to make sure that the Big Money 20 are out of office. It isn’t a particularly difficult goal when you realize that so many of these on the lost have been involved in unsavory ordeals.

All you need to do is take those that seem to be most vulnerable and give their opponent the funding necessary to succeed. So far it seems that End Citizens United has done a great job of making sure that this happens.

The most amazing thing about the midterms is that it has brought people out who normally don’t get involved in politics. Those who are tired of Trump and what he has done are looking for ways to help fight against what he has done. This is where the PAC comes into play. They are doing everything they can to make sure that people understand what is at stake. Once people realize what they’re trying to do they’ll realize here is a serious need to devote ourselves to doing everything and anything to fight against corporate takeover of politics through campaign contributions.

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There are certainly reasons to believe that the midterms are going to go in the favor of the Democrats. We can see from polls that the left is now favored in the midterms by double digit points. That turn of events is making it much more likely that the GOP loses its control over Congress and opens it up to the left. If Democrats can take back Congress, they can help to undo the damage that has been done with the Citizens United Supreme Court case that happened 8 years ago.

End Citizens United was created with a specific goal in mind and it wants to make sure that we end big money in politics. Everything so far seems to be going in the favor of the Democrats. They are ahead in the polls, their base is enthusiastic, and there is greater interest in this midterm than previous ones. The Big Money 20 are going to have a hard time staying afloat as more people decide they want to have their voice heard. Let’s just hope the turnout in this midterm election is exactly what it needs to be.

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End Citizens United And The Fight Against Campaign Financing

Money talks. Money can move things. Money can influence, and money can change, reform, adapt, enforce and implement. Money can even scream. In the case of the Citizens United case, money still talks because the Federal Election Commission ruling said that the move of James Bopp about campaign financing still showed how the money used to support campaigns is a form of speech and so protected by the Constitution. It is now the basis of the law in campaign funding.

Two years before the ruling to accept funding as a form of speech, news site Mother Jones reported that Mr. James Bopp was laughed out of court because of his push to let the movie Hillary: The Movie, a film meant to diminish the reputation of the Presidential candidate, be aired on public TV. Right now the Supreme Court has already reversed the ruling and now used Bopp’s arguments to make a precedent in the new way that the financing gets designed.

The Fight Against The Ruling

Because of the said changes in the decision, the End Citizens United was born. The organization is a grassroots-fuelled organization that wants to amend the judgment so there’s no more influence from the money donated by people just to distribute propaganda that may strongly influence an electoral decision.

End Citizens United was born out of the need to fight the ruling in 2010 that corporations are people and so making these businesses break into the elections and influence its outcomes with the power of their money. The interests of multinational companies are the center focus of the move to fight Citizens United, and with the existence of End Citizens United, the fight for the freedom to not be influenced by money in elections has finally found its central advocate.

In the report from USA Today, more than $4 million has been hauled over by the group of grassroots organizations, individuals, and other concerned groups to find an end to what Citizens United started.

The fundraising efforts will expect a projected $35 million in the coming months, according to USA Today. End Citizens United continues today to be a very passionate group that has individuals vigorously fighting against the intrusion of big money into how politics operates in the country. There is right now an average of $12 from each person of the donation that is given to the group’s active campaigns to end the money’s influence in American politics.

The spokesman of End Citizens United Adam Bozzi mentioned that the team built more links today to different campaign-finance groups to continue the fight. In their recent campaign, End Citizens United wanted fellow Republicans to rescue themselves against voting Betsy DeVos to be the Republican secretary under Trump’s administration.

George Soros uses his money to battle Trump

George Soros seems more politically engaged than he’s been since the time of the Bush Administration, according to a recent report in Politico. That could be because the stakes of this year’s election are strikingly high. The democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton is facing off against a decidedly illiberal Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. Trump has a warm relationship with Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin, he wants to build a wall along the U.S.’s southern border with Mexico, ban Muslims from entering the country, and strike down the First Amendment. The latest news is that he didn’t pay income taxes for 18 years.

Soros might not be a young man anymore, but the 85-year-old billionaire is using his money to help defeat the dangerous Trump. Indeed, Soros has claimed that Trump is, “doing the work of ISIS,” by stoking fear in the American electorate on politico.com.

The Hungarian-born Soros is based in New York, where he made his fortune in high-risk currency trading on Bloomberg. He uses his wealth to bankroll causes he cares about, including religious tolerance, criminal justice issues, and immigration reform. All issues of which Trump is hostile.

Soros, consequently, has pledged more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton, along with other Democratic candidates, to make sure the Republicans cannot achieve their goals, according to interviews Politico has done with Democratic operatives and those close to George Soros. The billionaire has already donated $7 million to one Clinton super PAC, and democratic officials say he’s deciding whether to give another $3 million. He’s also given a cool $5 million to a liberal super PAC that helps get out the Latino vote in swing states, which overwhelmingly favors Clinton.

Soros is also fighting voting restrictions by donating $5 million to a group that seeks to defeat restrictive voting on twitter.com, a conservative cause of recent years. Not to be outdone, he’s so far donated $1.5 million this year to Planned Parenthood Votes, a super PAC that advocates for abortion rights.

Soros’ relationship with the Clintons stretches back at least 25 years to the first Clinton Administration. Soros had planned to attend last summer’s Democratic National Convention, but was hamstrung by volatility in European financial markets. The philanthropist, worth a reported $24.9 billion, felt he needed to keep a watchful eye on his investments.

The Democratic Party’s leadership see Soros’ injection of money as a harbinger of good things to come. They think Soros can jump start the giving of other wealthy liberal philanthropists.

Soros, however, doesn’t only spend his largess on American political causes. He’s donated around $13 billion over the last thirty years to groups and foundations that seek to defend human rights, democratize Eastern Europe, and expand educational and healthcare opportunities for people in developing countries.