Victoria Doramus Work in the Media, Charity, and Philanthropy

Having worked in the digital and print media for a long time, Victoria Doramus is known for her creativity. She is well versed with every aspect in the Media field, be it advertising, communication branding and so on. Her creativity is essential as she tries to combine all these fields. She is a woman who has undergone everything to be where she is today. She is a woman who has excelled in every form that she has tried.

She is an experienced market trend analyst and has an extensive understanding of the trends in the global market and consumers. Her long history in the media industry is attributed with creativity she shared with Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Trendera. She has also served as the personal assistant to the producer and film director, Peter Borg.

In her early days, Victoria Doramus was always interested in matters communication. She went to study journalism and mass communication at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She has also been interested in the arts and history, a reason why she took an immersive semester program back in 2012. The idea was to explore the development of art and history in the western world.

Victoria started her career at Mindshare, where she was the assistant media planner. Her job entailed holding negotiations with media vendors and working with clients to come up with branded content. It also involved establishing relationships with media account executives. She then moved to Stila Cosmetics as a creative consultant. She collaborated with the art director on integrate campaign projects. This made her more experienced.

She went to the Creative agency where she had the responsibility of organizing and managing all professional and personal scheduling. She also attended seasonal tradeshows for networking as well as editorial press coverage. Victoria was responsible for the Cassandra Report’s original content. She is also involved with giving back to the community through charities that include Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read and the Women’s Prison Association.

Victoria Doramus is passionate about assisting other people to succeed and fulfill their dreams. Her dedication to philanthropy and charity are essential for her to play this role effectively.

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Gareth Henry, the Fortress Managing director

Gareth Henry is a global expert when it comes to matters relating to business. For many years now since Henry completed school, he has been the head of several potions in various organisations. He has been the head of the global Investor relations for a number of United based companies.

The expert has also been a Director of the strategic solutions in a firm known as Schroders. Additionally, he has held other positions like the head of the International Investor relations and Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group.

Gareth was invited for an interview, and he extensively shared information about his professional life. He had to feed a curious audience that had attended to listen to him. Many wanted to know how his typical day resembled.

The financial and mathematician expert noted that his long day at work was faced with plenty of calls. His day wasn’t a day without attending several meeting to talk out issues related to the organisation.

Gareth Henry noted that he was a happy soul whenever he attended to his clients. However, he was more delighted if he completely understood what the client wanted. He was a cheerful person if he was able to develop a solution to all the clients that visited as this meant success for the organisation.

People at the firm recognise Henry Gareth as an open-minded person who is prepared to share ideas with anyone that he met. He believes that conversing generates brilliant solutions that assist the firm to progress. Possessing such a mind, Gareth Henry makes a minimum of 8-10 calls a day. All these calls are from various. Apart from the calls, he at least makes two to three face to face meetings with the clients.

When all these meetings are summed up, they total to about 500 meetings with clients per year. However, Gareth Henry is very ambitious. He thinks that 1000 meetings with clients would be better. He views this as a goal. Gareth stated that he often attended roadshows around major cities. The essence of the shows is to create more awareness. Residents of these cities are notified of all the services that the firm offers. This trick assists the firm to increase the number of clients.

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Michael Hagele: The Relationship Between Business and Mountain Biking

Michael Hagele is an avid mountain biker and he gives many tips to mountain biking and its correlation to business. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and he studied law at the University of California at Berkeley. After college, he worked on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, employment issues, and intellectual property strategies.

From his experience in providing legal expertise to venture capital companies and playing a role in his own startups, Michael Hagele has decided to downsize his firm and offer his services to smaller companies who need the help. He has even given away valuable information to young technology companies. He has also worked in Silicon Valley working with online commerce and licensing. He now works in the US and globally on important contracts in a variety of fields. Connect with Michael Hagele by visiting his linkedin account.

When he starts his day, Michael Hagele prioritizes his work by taking care of more difficult tasks early and keeping track of deadlines. He says that it is also important to multitask because keeping a schedule with deadlines and priorities can be difficult.

Hagele has stated that being successful is a lot like mountain biking; it involves prioritizing, researching, planning, and getting past difficult challenges. He urges that staying active can help keep your mind clear and retain focus. Beginning mountain bikers try to take on too much at first, he says. Try to gradually get better and improve your skills is the best way to become an expert mountain biker.

Michael Hagele also stresses finding the right gear when mountain biking. The frame of the bike, the wheel size, the suspension, the weight, and staying under budget are all important factors when choosing out a bike. He also stresses focusing on the weather and the time of day that you go out; you don’t want to get caught out on a mountain at night if you’re not prepared!


Shiraz Boghani: Co-Founding the Sussex Healthcare

Shiraz Boghani received the prestigious Asian Busines Award back in 2016. He is a well-known hotelier, who also serves as the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He also co-founded the Sussex Healthcare, one of the leading rehabilitation facilities in the United Kingdom. He is known for his in-depth assessment of his businesses, and he always wanted to be on top when dealing with challenges that his companies faced. As the Splendid Hospitality Group’s chairman, he created a lot of strategies that propelled his business to new heights. Through his efforts, his company grew tremendously, and it was among the fastest growing businesses in the United Kingdom. The chain of hotels that he owned also suit a lot of travelers – from the cheap hotel rooms offered for backpackers to the luxurious rooms provided to affluent tourists. Visit Splendid Hospitality Group to learn more.

One of the business strategies of Shiraz Boghani is to acquire new properties and redesigning them to fit his architectural choice. He recently acquired the Mercure Bristol Brigstow and the New Ellington Hotel, transforming it to become a hotel suitable for the Splendid Hospitality Group. He also acquired top performing hotel brands in the past, including the likes of The York, The Conrad London St. James, and Holiday Inn London. He knew that investing in a vast array of industries would help him get through any economic problems, so he decided to co-found the Sussex Healthcare and invested a lot in transforming the rehabilitation center into a premier healthcare facility outside London.

Shiraz Boghani proudly states that the Sussex Healthcare outperformed other rehabilitation facilities in the United Kingdom. He also revealed that more people are coming to the healthcare facility because of the world-class services offered by their professional staffs. Currently, the facility also accepts senior citizens who wanted to retire and make the Sussex Healthcare as their home. The facility also accepts those who have brain injuries, dementia, mental disorders, and other illnesses that require extensive care. For Shiraz Boghani, helping the public through the businesses that he established makes him contented. He also revealed his plans of opening new businesses that would cater to industries that are in demand.



Wes Edens lifetime achievements

Wes Edens is a successful American businessman who works as the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and the New Fortress Energy. He is also the owner of the Milwaukee Buck’s a basketball team certified and plays in the NBA which is based in Wisconsin as well as the League of Legends. He also has shares in one of the celebrated clubs in the English Championship team Aston Villa in July 2018. Wes Edens was born on October 30, 1961, and currently resides in the city of New York. He is a family man and is married to a lovely wife, Lynn Edens and have four children.

His daughter Mallory caught the attention of the media when she appeared as a representative of the Milwaukee’s Buck. In his free time, he enjoys horse jumping and climbing mountains for leisure activities. Wes Edens grew up as a skier, a very competitive one for that matter. He went to Oregon State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in the year 1984. His career began three years later, which is in the year 1987 when he worked as a partner and a managing director until 1993 at Lehman Brothers. He went to Black Rock’s private equity division and remained as the managing director up until 1997.

At the Fortress Investment Group, he acts as one of the five principle owners alongside Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward, and Randal Norde. It was formed in the year 1998. Fortress has been growing, and in 2007 The Wall Street Journal described the style of Eden as creative financing and based on constraining bets. In the year 2009, they sold 8 percent of the company’s share at six hundred million US dollars to the public. In the year 2009 Wes Edens became the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress. Between 205 and the year 2016, he served as the chairman of the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors. Other groups he served as the chairman include Nationstar which was formerly known as Centex Home Equity Company and Springleaf Financial Services.

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Stansberry Research and Its Newsletter Topics

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that was created in Baltimore, Maryland; which is where the main headquarters of this company is located at. This confidentially owned company also has other offices that reside in California, Oregon, and Florida.


Stansberry Research is a business that has a weakness for investment research. It provides services on information that mainly consist constative newsletters on a bi-monthly and monthly basis; which are all written by professional financial editors. This company declares that it consist subscribers that are located in over 100 different countries. The topics Stansberry Research covers with their newsletters are listed below:


  • Natural Resource


  • Power


  • Oil and Mining


  • Health Care


  • Biotechnology


  • Value


  • Corporate Bond


  • Alternative Investing


In the past, this company was known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. This self-reliant investment research business was created in 1999 by its founder, whose goes by the name Frank Porter Stansberry.


Frank Stansberry creates many financial compositions that cover controversial and disparate issues. Mr. Stansberry is also Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s editor. Before he even began Stansberry Research, Mr. Stansberry was associated with a company called The Fleet Street Letter. This company is the oldest of all financial newsletters written in the English language, which Mr. Stansberry worked for as the first professional editor that was American.


Stansberry Research contains quite a few writers and editors that exist on a high stature among the investment industry. A Stansberry Research publication called True Wealth was launched in 2001. The inventor and editor of this publication, Steve Sjuggerud, is also an co-author of an investment strategy book titled: Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom.


David Eifrig is an consistent writer of Daily Wealth, which is another Stansberry Publication. Mr. Eifrig is the author of two books, and he is also the editor of Retirement Millionaire. Matt Badiali became involved with Stansberry Research in the year 2005. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. Mr. Eifrig also secured a Masters in Geology, which he received from Florida Atlantic University. Then you have Dan Ferris, who is also an editor in multiple categories and has a book that was published by Stansberry Research.


Stansberry Research is a business that has compiled some of the most qualified authors and editors to be apart of the company. Every member of this research investment company are very successful in their fields of work, which allows the company as a whole to operate successfully.

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Stansberry Research Examines Robert Kiyosaki’s Investment Edge

Meet the Owner of DAMAC Premises: Hussain Sajwani

The entrepreneurship world is unpredictable. One minute something is great and the other minute things are not as great as expected. As an investor, you have to learn to be perseverance and fight the storms that you encounter. The DAMAC Properties is among the firms that have been able to remain in business since its founding.

The DAMAC Premises was begun in 2002. The owner of the company, Hussain Sajwani was among the first investors to venture into real estate in Dubai. Prior to this, he built some accommodation rooms to reduce the congestion in Emirates caused by business persons. So far the firm has been able to provide 20000 people with residences, and the numbers are still counting.

Hussain Sajwani says that one factor that helps the firm is being able to see changes before they happen, accept, and take a step. In 2008, multiple firms joined the venture, which reduced the sales of the company. When they realized this, they changed their focus and concentrated on their delivery, which gained their leverage back. He also mentions that during the financial crisis, they were the only ones that survived because they saw it coming and quickly made some fixes.

Hussain Sajwani says that he has been able to accomplish the great things he has by fighting the spirit of fear. He says that although he evaluates his ideas to avoid losses; when he sees potential in an idea, he gives it his all to see it comes to reality. He advises the young business people to do the same, saying that in real estate every day is different: what was cheap today could be unaffordable tomorrow.

Hussain Sajwani has faced some challenges on his way up. However, unlike people who feel if they had a chance to do something they could do it differently, he is contented with the way his life unfolded. He explains that everything he has today is a result of the decisions that he made in his past; both great and bad. This is probably the best lesson that investors can learn from the DAMAC Owner.

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Hussain Sajwani a Successful Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a son of an entrepreneur who used to sell some items in a shop. The family of Hussain Sajwani was not well up and raising his school fees was a challenge. Hussain was lucky enough to get a scholarship from the government. He managed to study from the United States at the University of Washington, and it is from this University where he got his Industrial Engineering and Economics bachelors’ degree. It is in the finance sector that Sajwani started practicing his career, where he worked at Abu Dhabi Gas industries in 1981. After a few years Sajwani decided to start a catering business, the clients of Hussain involved the Bechtel and the military of the United States.

To date, the business is running, and its name was changed to Global Logistics Services. Later, Hussain Sajwani was able to open a firm by the mane DAMAC Properties in the Middle East, and this is among the most prominent firm in property development. From the time that the firm was launched the apartments that it has successfully developed approximately 19,000 and around 44,000 units are in the process of evolution. In the year 2015, the DAMAC Properties appeared on the list of the Dubai Financial Market’s shares. Examples of the projects that DAMAC Properties has managed to launch are the Paramount Hotels, Versace and Fendi extravagance villas that were under the style of Bugatti, the golf course that the Tiger Woods successfully designed and under the supervision of The Trump Organization and Resorts in association with the Paramount Pictures.

Hussain Sajwani is a philanthropist who has done a lot to help the needy. He contributes towards the UAE Red Crescent that is committed to supporting the destitute refugees. Hussain Sajwani pledged to help the UAE through his DAMAC Properties firm, and already a significant number of people have benefited from the support of Sajwani. This has won him the reward of being listed by the Gulf Business as the top 100 worldwide Arabs that are prominent. Hussain is a business partner of Donald Trump, and they have worked a lot of projects together without failure.

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Nick Vertucci and the making of a real estate fortune

When it comes to real estate track record is very important it is proof that you have been consistent and have a client base that is satisfied with what you offer this, in turn, translates to profits for you the agent. One of the most consistent of all the agents is none other than Nick Vertucci he is one of the most successful real estate investors over the last decade who despite the 2007 crisis was still able to pull through and stay afloat in the long term.

Over the years Nick Vertucci has learned a lot of valuable lessons that have enabled him to achieve the level of success that he enjoys today. When he initially ventured into real estate he promised himself that he would one day teach his skills to others giving them a life skill that would enable them and for their families as well as build their financial dreams into reality. This aspiration is what made nick open the Nick Vertucci real estate academy. This was his brainchild, and as so it was going to get his full attention this would enable him to give his students a personal touch at all levels of training. The institution’s mission is to provide solutions to the various challenges that individuals face every day a they try to break into real estate.

Nick Vertucci has partnered with other industry leaders on his quest to offer the best he ensures that the hands-on training bridges the gap that existed between the theory that was previously being taught elsewhere to a more transformative approach that is meant to meet the real market challenges. The training involves workshops on how to get the best deals in the property market as well as identifying high potential growth areas that clients are likely to come and invest.

There is also a lot of training on rehabilitation of property this is very important as it ensures that an investor does not underperform when doing them as well as creating and remaining within a reasonable budget to ensure that the property will still be profitable once its sold. The other aspect is how to obtain finances to support this investment and how to protect it.

Richardo Tosto’s Recognition For His Exceptional Work

An Overview of Richardo Tosto

Richardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer from Brazil. He has made substantial advancements in Brazilian law. He is considered an entrepreneur and pioneer in his field. Tosto assists businesses in litigation.

Tosto is an active member of IBA (International Bar Association), as well as CESA (Study Center for Lawyer Societies). He served as president for the Brazilian Bar Association in the Sao Paulo sector.

Richardo Tosto’s office is among the most popular in Brazil. Tosto has served international groups, politicians and government professionals. Leite, Tosto e Barros is the firm Tosto works under. Their sector contains 91 lawyers, as well as 15 partners.

Richard Tosto Receives Credit

“Chambers Latin America” has recognized Ricardo Tosto’s firm as one of the finest in Brazil. The employees of Richard Tosto’s firm preform exceptionally in the management of clients. Leite, Tosto e Barros have clientele in a variety of industries, including banking and infrastructure. Engineering and construction are also industries the firm regularly assists. Tosto’s firm is highly dedicated to assisting their clients in all parts of the complex process. Even once litigation is finished, the team follows up with their clients to ensure all needs are met.

During the 2018 issue of Chambers Latin America, they credited Tosto’s firm for their groundbreaking efforts in law. Some of the firm’s clients include GM, Banco Fibra, Rabobank, Paranapanema and Azul Linhas Aereas.

The Latin publication has listed Richard Tosto as a top lawyer for many years in row. Leite, Tosto e Barros have offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The staff includes a total of 300 employees. They work in a multitude of industries including family and probate, social security, environmental, criminal law and foreign law.

Richardo Tosto has served Brazil with quality services for many years. His efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated throughout the country. Richardo on facebook