Christopher Linkas: Insights About the Real Estate Sector

Christopher Linkas serves as the managing director for the London, United Kingdom, and New York Divisions of the Fortress Investment Group. He joined the company in April 2003, and through the years of working with his experienced colleagues, he managed to develop his skills in dealing with the challenges associated with the financial industry. Previously working under the European Credit Department of the Fortress Investment Group, he was promoted to become the managing director in November 2012 after the company’s management realized that someone like Christopher Linkas should be given a higher position. His promotion was welcomed by other executives working for the Fortress Investment Group, saying that he is an asset to the company’s management and executive team.


When he was still with the European Credit Department, Christopher Linkas was given the responsibility to look after 20 individuals who have been associated with the department. He is making sure that the European regions under their control would have enough number of principal investments either from their clients or groups. Christopher Linkas managed the department well, and it gave him an edge to be selected for upper positions. As one of the current managing directors of the company, Christopher Linkas trained himself to become more knowledgeable about the current trends in the financial market. He became a successful investor in the financial sector due to his hard work and determination. It helped him to overcome a lot of challenge, and in the end, he managed to reach the top.


Today, one of the services that he offers would be assisting the investors in learning more about the real estate sector and why it is important for them to engage in property development. One of the questions that he is frequently asked would be the economic benefits of owning one or more family houses and renting them to others. For Christopher Linkas, people who own and operate a single family home has a lot of risks, and he is advising those who wanted to enter this kind of business to reconsider their plans and opt for a multiple family home to be put up for rental.


Jeffrey Aronin’s Passion for Biotechnology

Jeffrey Aronin is a self-established entrepreneur in the field of Biotechnology. Jeffrey Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences an investment company meant to assist people with severe and rare illnesses who lack approved treatment. This biotechnology company is aimed at utilizing advanced research systems and methods to learn new diagnoses, medication, and treatments. Paragon’s objective is to discover new therapy methods that work better than existing treatment. Jeffrey Aronin is stopping at nothing to surpass the already existing treatment methods and take biotechnology to a whole new level.


Creation of New Medication


Paragon biosciences have already made their name by making 14 advanced medicines which have been approved by FDA. All this has happened under the executive leadership of Jeffrey Aronin. Even with the high ranked position gained due to the approval by FDA, Jeffrey is not satisfied and aims at providing financial aids to committed researchers. Research teams are also being allocated funds depending on the research needs to boost their dedication to developing new medications. We can, therefore, say his research team aim at finding ways to give patients healthier and longer lives with their innovative medicines.


Treating beyond Known Treatment Methods


Being the CEO, Jeffrey Aronin has an innovative mindset which boosts approaches to be used in treating patients. The man has also had a lot of experience of over 20 years in the field of biotechnology. He, therefore, has conversant knowledge and skill to develop research approaches for treating severe and rare diseases. Jeffrey Aronin believes that treating diseases goes way beyond the known concepts and methods. The team behind Jeffrey Aronin vision is one with passionate leading researchers on the field of biotechnology. Also, each company in Paragon‘s network hires researchers who have already developed present-day methods of treating rare diseases. We can, therefore, say that under the leadership of Jeffrey Aronin, Paragon has what it takes to deliver treatments for rare diseases.


Stansberry Research and Its Newsletter Topics

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that was created in Baltimore, Maryland; which is where the main headquarters of this company is located at. This confidentially owned company also has other offices that reside in California, Oregon, and Florida.


Stansberry Research is a business that has a weakness for investment research. It provides services on information that mainly consist constative newsletters on a bi-monthly and monthly basis; which are all written by professional financial editors. This company declares that it consist subscribers that are located in over 100 different countries. The topics Stansberry Research covers with their newsletters are listed below:


  • Natural Resource


  • Power


  • Oil and Mining


  • Health Care


  • Biotechnology


  • Value


  • Corporate Bond


  • Alternative Investing


In the past, this company was known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. This self-reliant investment research business was created in 1999 by its founder, whose goes by the name Frank Porter Stansberry.


Frank Stansberry creates many financial compositions that cover controversial and disparate issues. Mr. Stansberry is also Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s editor. Before he even began Stansberry Research, Mr. Stansberry was associated with a company called The Fleet Street Letter. This company is the oldest of all financial newsletters written in the English language, which Mr. Stansberry worked for as the first professional editor that was American.


Stansberry Research contains quite a few writers and editors that exist on a high stature among the investment industry. A Stansberry Research publication called True Wealth was launched in 2001. The inventor and editor of this publication, Steve Sjuggerud, is also an co-author of an investment strategy book titled: Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom.


David Eifrig is an consistent writer of Daily Wealth, which is another Stansberry Publication. Mr. Eifrig is the author of two books, and he is also the editor of Retirement Millionaire. Matt Badiali became involved with Stansberry Research in the year 2005. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. Mr. Eifrig also secured a Masters in Geology, which he received from Florida Atlantic University. Then you have Dan Ferris, who is also an editor in multiple categories and has a book that was published by Stansberry Research.


Stansberry Research is a business that has compiled some of the most qualified authors and editors to be apart of the company. Every member of this research investment company are very successful in their fields of work, which allows the company as a whole to operate successfully.

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Stansberry Research Examines Robert Kiyosaki’s Investment Edge

Infinity Group Continues To Stand Out As The Only Financial Institution In Australia With Many Positive Reviews

Do you urgently need a financial help? Do not stress yourself about this. Read Infinity Group Australia reviews and you will be sorted. Most if not all of the comments you will read therein show that clients are satisfied with the kind of treatment and service they received from Infinity Group. Graeme Hold, the co-founder of the group says that those praises do not come easy. It is a hard work that is put forth by bankers who work within Infinity Group.


To start with, Graeme has the needed experience to start and lead a financial institution. Although he worked as an indoor soccer representative in Australia, a field that does not have any relation with running a financial institution, Holm is qualified. For over 17 years, he has worked in the banking sector. It is while in the banking industry that he developed an interest in starting a financial institution. It has since grown from humble beginnings in 2012 to become one of the most reputable financial institutions in Aussie according to Infinity Group Australia reviews.


“We strive to be compete with our competitors by offering services that are of high-end. This is perhaps the reason we have many positive reviews. When a client approaches us needing help, first we know we are the right institution that will help this person. With that approach, you listen to the client knowing that you are looking at their problem and offer a solution thereafter,” says Holm.


The CEO adds that in most cases, bankers who work with Infinity have to sit severally in order to listen to clients explain their problems. “Our aim is not to just talk about how much or little the client needs. We tend to go further into looking around the client’s household expenses, ongoing family needs, and several other things that surround the client’s family. We do this to know exactly if the client will be able to repay the loan faster,” Holm adds.


The CEO says that financial institutions do not care how long a client repays the long. All they care is that a client pays. After all, they argue that the longer the client takes, the more the client will be forced to pay. This is what Infinity Group strives to avoid by all means.


Over the years, Infinity Group has helped many people access fast small and big loans and has been able to assist clients offset their loans as fast as possible. “This year, we’ve been able to help a young couple save $96, 271 in only 12 months,” says Mr. Holm.

Infinity Group Australia does not treat its clients as just clients. The company looks at all their clients as family members. They want the best for them and that is why they offer the best personal benefits. Learn more:

GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit is a financial technology company that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and has quickly grown to a global company in the twelve years that it has been in operation. The company offers online services to it’s clients that include items such as installment loans and offers credit programs for companies in the home improvement and elective medical practices. GreenSky Credit is prided on giving it’s clients the credit to assist their customers better and gives clients the option to find lenders on site of the project being evaluated. Since the 2006 beginning of the company, the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of GreenSky Credit has been David Zalik.


David Zalik has created a billionaire’s fortune for himself during his business years. Zalik comes from an interesting background compared to many of his colleagues and similar businessmen. He moved to America from Israel when he was a young boy and began his ventures then. Zalik managed to skip right past high school and at the age of 14, he registered for classes at Auburn University where his father worked. After a brief stint at Auburn, David Zalik removed himself from the university and began to focus his attention elsewhere, mainly towards a computer assembly company that he himself had founded.


During his infamous tenure at Greensky Credit, Zalik has managed to keep himself out of the business world spotlight, being quoted as giving his first ever interview in August of 2017. David Zalik and his company Greensky Credit has managed to assist a multitude of companies in their selling aspects. The company uses today’s technology to give merchants an on site option to lenders for their clients, giving merchants a higher chance for solidifying the agreement for services to be rendered. David Zalik has taken Greensky Credit from the ground in 2006 to a billion dollar industry in twelve short years.

The Oxford Club Provides Valuable Benefits for Investors

The Oxford Club represents exclusive membership in a group that is populated with investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to outperform the index and reap substantial profits from the market. Emerging trends can be a very lucrative investing situation and that’s a primary focus of the researchers who help write the investing products of the club.

The analysis and knowledge of macro and micro factors that drive global markets are what sets apart the experts at The Oxford Club. They are seasoned, talented professionals with a great depth of finance and investing experience which gives them an edge in researching the markets. Furthermore, they utilize strategies that have been proven over time to outpace the general indexes and reduce portfolio risk in the process.

There are three monthly newsletters that provide the backbone of The Oxford Club’s research products. The Oxford Communique is their flagship and they also feature newsletters based on income strategies and opportunities in natural resources. This gives members multiple choices as many are drawn to particular markets and the possibilities that they offer.

The Oxford Club is also home to 12 different trading services which give members the chance to piggyback on an expert’s choices and high-level analytical skills. A good example is the one focused on options strategies as income generators and smart ways to purchase stocks at a discount. The amazing versatility of options, unfortunately, comes with a high level of complexity and this trading service allows investors to use the talents of an expert in the field.

The founding of The Oxford Club occurred in 1989 when a small group of investors and entrepreneurs came together to figure out superior ways to invest. They became convinced that networking with other talented professionals in various fields would provide the best opportunities to profit from emerging market trends. It is still a part of what they do today almost three decades later.

Memberships are available at three different levels and each provides a growing range of benefits. This private network has more than 157,000 members in over 130 countries around the world and they have been instrumental for many who have realized financial freedom with their help.

Ronald Fowlkes, The Legendary Hero.

Mr. Ronnie, as commonly called by the people who are more familiar to him, is currently the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited (ATK), which is quite a core position in the company. The business basically deals with the modern, efficient, rigid and powerful tactical gear products. When it comes to this field, Fowlkes is a guru for his vast experience in tactical gears. Prior to joining Eagle Industries, he had served both County and Metropolitan Police Department of St. Louis for three and ten years respectively where he thoroughly enforced the law.

To add to his experience in commercial and law enforcement, Ronald Fowlkes was part of the United States military in the Marine Corps where he served for 4 years from 1989 to 1993. Every successful person is diligent and Ronnie is not an exception, that’s why he received two promotions while in Marine Corps because of his commitment and diligence to the assigned duty. He received thorough Marine Combat Training in the Marine Corps School of Infantry and later enrolled in engineering classes. It goes without mentioning that he is also a Gulf War veteran.

In his days in the Marine Corps, Ronnie underwent much training like the Advanced Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia, the United States Army Parachute School, Naval Special Warfare Foundation (NSWF) combat diver school, and the basic course in Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO). During his service in the army, he happened to be sent to Iraq by the United States Army where he was deployed as DOD contractor. His work was to mount and dismount infantry operations in various combat zones. He worked with Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).

He has worked with Human Rescue Team (HRT) for 3 years where he later became the leader of HRT in 2003. As a leader, he was approved as an instructor in hostage rescue, tactical rifle, SWAT warfare tactics, shoot house and defense tactics. Fowlkes is usually involved in evidence collection and questioning of the detained individuals because of his great experience in law enforcement. When on holidays, he used to carry out investigations around his neighborhood on various issues like robbery, gangs, illicit drugs, illegal possessions of firearms Etc. That’s quite a recommendable character that shows commitment to serve his country.

The legendary Fowlkes is not only involved in his business and military stuff but he also has his hobby time and favorite activities he enjoys doing. He likes everything to do with sports particularly hockey and consequently, he happens to be a great coach for his kids and the youth hockey, team. Besides, his training skills, he loves writing blogs about hockey in his Ronald medium blog platform. He enjoys spending his hobby time with his children and family at large.


American Energy Independence: Matt Badiali And Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Bindle publishing company the publishing company that publishes advice columns on potential investment opportunities. Matt Badiali’s position within Banyan Hill Publishing Company is as their chief expert on natural resource and commodity markets. Matt Badiali did not begin his career in the finance industry. He, in fact, began his career as a scientist. He originally received his bachelor’s science degree in Earth sciences and went on to receive his master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in geology. He was in the process of pursuing his Ph.D. when he was persuaded by a close acquaintance to join the world of finance. Upon entering the finance, he realizes that he could capitalize on his unique knowledge and expertise that he had gained from his time as a scientist. He utilizes unique accommodation of expertise and knowledge in order to develop actionable advice for the everyday investor that wish to take advantage of opportunities in the natural resource commodities markets. Read this article at Money Morning.

He is perhaps best known for his recent discovery of what he has called Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are unique investment opportunity that is related to energy production domestically within the United States of America. During the 1980s Congress enacted legislation which is known as statute 27 – F which enabled master limited partnerships or MLPs to operate in a tax-free manner. As a result of the statute if the corporation were able to meet a list of requirements which includes the corporations revenues must be generated at 90% or greater from the production, distribution, storage, transportation of oil and natural gas domestically within the borders of the gods of America and the corporation were to pay out 90% of its revenues to shareholders in a process called distribution it would qualify to be an MLP.

This is created an innovative method of investment where you were able to both invest in your financial future and in the future energy independence of America. The way that Freedom Checks works is very similar to the way that dividends work in the traditional stock market. You receive returns on either a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the performance of the company. However, instead of being treated as traditional income and tax at the income tax rate you are treated as if the money were a return of capital and you are only subject to the capital gains tax which is much lower. View:


CTO of Stellar Jed McCaleb Explains his Thoughts on the Future of Cryptocurrency

Jed McCaleb is the current CTO of Stellar. In this position, he leads the technical development team and oversees all new technology. Jed McCaleb and Stellar bring banking services to areas all over the world who were previously lacking these institutions. Due to their partnership with IBM, they have been able to go through a large amount of growth in recent years.

Prior to his involvement in Stellar, McCaleb has worked in a handful of other tech industries. McCaleb worked to create a decentralized file sharing protocol that was eventually used in the programs eDonkey and Overnet. The ideas behind these two companies are still used to this day in file sharing programs according to

McCaleb is also the mind behind the world’s first bitcoin exchange platform. Even though Mt. Gox was founded as a marketplace for gamers to trade virtual goods, McCaleb transformed it into the bitcoin exchange just before selling it to a businessman in Japan. See further details from this article.

With years of experience behind him, McCaleb is now predicting the future of his newest industry: blockchain. He believes that the futures of blockchain and financial institutions are interlocked. McCaleb says that with-in the next 10 years all of equity will be kept on record by using blockchain. “I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate,” he confessed over at this website.

Jed McCaleb believes that in addition to banking institutions all over the world using blockchain to secure its transactions, stocks will also operate solely by using blockchain record keeping. This isn’t where Stellar focuses its attention;however, one such company, Securrency, is already offering a way for investors to purchase stocks with Bitcoin.

Money2020 published a blogpost saying Stellar is working to fulfill McCaleb’s prophecy in a different way. Stellar is already working with dozens of companies located all through-out Europe and Asia. If Stellar wants to become the only operating worldwide financial system, it has lots of miles ahead of it on the road towards global operations.

Jeunesse Global strikes a chord with Instantly Ageless

It’s not often that a new player in a well-established industry can come along and shake things to their core. It is even rarer to see a company with no venture capital financing of any kind being literally built from scratch out of a garage, then going on to take over large swaths of a global industry.

But as it incredible as it may be, this is the story of Jeunesse Global, one of the most important health and beauty manufacturers in the world today. Started in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global had the humblest of beginnings. The couple had long been independently wealthy and had decided to finally throw in the entrepreneurial towel, having accomplished more over their career than most corporations accomplish over hundred-year histories.

But the couple quickly discovered that the boredom and ennui produced by retired life wasn’t their calling. They began selling a few beauty products out of their Florida mansion’s garage. Before long, they found themselves spending more than 40 hours per week on the new venture. Jeunesse Global was birthed.

Over the next decade, the company would go on to experience exponential growth every year. Today, Jeunesse Global has been estimated by some analysts to be a nearly $1 billion company, recording hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year and having more than 10,000 distributors across the globe.

The secret to this phenomenal success has been the ability of the company to spot market opportunities and then create innovative products to fill those niches. One such product has been the company’s wildly popular micro-crème known as Instantly Ageless. This product has been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also acts as a facial wash, preventing pores from becoming infected as well as improving the skin’s natural elasticity, instantly taking the appearance of the user’s face back 5 to 10 years.

Instantly Ageless is designed to go on easily and last all day. With just one application in the morning, it can provide lasting beauty enhancement throughout the entire workday, no matter how stressful the circumstances.