Learn Business Success Tips with Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the founder and the President of the LaunchPad Holdings. Glen was inspired by helping young investors make their ideas a success. He says that during his research, he realized that the best ideas were from the startups, but still they failed so often (https://www.dailyforexreport.com/glen-wakeman-global-mogul/). On getting to the core of the failure, he realized that many young investors could not differentiate between a plan and an idea.

Many individuals have excellent ideas but fail when it comes to bringing them to life. Glen Wakeman says that he understands that some ideas are brilliant while others are not as good as they may sound in one’s brain (Blogwebpedia). This is why he forces himself to loudly explain his ideas to other people, to listen to himself and get the opinion of others. He explains that this is helpful because to convince his audience, he has to come up with a well-planned detailed discussion supporting his idea.

Glen says that this strategy can only work if the individuals around you do not agree with everything you say. He needs people who will go beyond asking why and criticize his idea. It is through answering the questions that the idea comes to life.

Glen says that one trait that makes him effective in his business is his level of curiosity. He confesses that he is always trying to understand why things happen the way they do. It is through his curiosity that he understands the customer behavior, making it easier to satisfy his clients. His curiosity also ensures his always one step ahead of his competitors.

Glen’s worst job was in an auto parts factory, where he worked as a washroom cleaner. He says that the bathrooms were filthy and greasy, but that was the only job he would get at the time. He faithfully committed to his work to accumulate his college fee. Through this job, he learned that no matter how bad any job may seem, it has dignity. He also learned never to take for granted any opportunity that life gives him.

The best $100 that Glen has spent was on learning the Spanish language; it gave him a chance to explore another culture and most importantly convince his wife to go on a date with him.