Texas Banking

NextBank Capital is a financial service company that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company focuses on three particular sectors of business and that is commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The company offers four different accounts and they are NexBank CD, savings, money market, and checking accounts. NexBank Capital provides its services throughout the United States. In 2017 the company completed a 54 million dollar deal of their fix to floating rate subordinated notes. The notes will have an interest rate that is fixed for the next five years at 6.375% and they currently have an investment grade of BBB which was given by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.


According to slideshare.net, NexBank is the 10th largest bank in Dallas and 158th largest bank in the nation. It currently has three locations and was founded in 1934. The company currently has 8.4 billion in assets. The leadership focuses on combining industry expertise with excellent customer service. Mr. James Dondero is the chairman of the company. Mr. Dandero is also the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management LP. John Holt is currently the president and Chief Executive Officer of Nextbank and has been with the company since the 2011. Under Mr. Holts leadership the company has flourished and grown tremendously. Not only bringing in big profits for itself but for the companies clients as well.


NextBank  is also dedicated to being an asset to the community of Dallas,Texas and the surrounding areas. The company employs about 89 people at all three locations and on the website there is a career link that will display the current employment opportunities for every branch of the company. NexBank has clearly went from a local financial service company to a giant in the industry. They have built billions of dollars in assets and been a benefit to the entire investment world and most importantly to the entire state of Texas.




The Journey Between OSI Group And McDonald

OSI Group has been a leading company when it comes to food services. The company has over a hundred years of experience providing meat products to its customers. The company has 65 facilities distributed across 17 countries. It has over 20,000 employees whose hard work has enabled millions of people to enjoy their services.

Otto Kolschowsky founded the company in 1909 under the name Otto and sons. McDonald entered into a business agreement when Kolschowsky sons, Arthur and Harry got into a handshake agreement with Ray Kroc. The deal was to allow the Kolschowsky brothers to supply fresh-grounded beef to the OSI Group McDonalds.

Over the years, various factors have contributed to the growth of OSI Group McDonalds success. In the 60s, a breakthrough in technology helped the OSI and other food suppliers expand their operations. Technology helped the suppliers to transport their products over a long distance by using liquid nitrogen to free the products. This helped the McDonald Corporation to open new restaurants in different countries away from the production facilities. They no longer had to fear to get spoiled products due to the long distances between the production facilities and their restaurants.

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Despite their small beginning, both companies have worked hard to achieve their successes. They have had to take various risks, form new alliances and spend a fortune into equipment and constructions. McDonald restaurant is currently among the leading restaurants with the help of quality products from OSI Group McDonalds.

Since McDonald is OSI main client, the company makes millions from producing products to the restaurant. OSI had also created a facility that only deals with manufacturing products for the McDonald product line. Due to a successful partnership, OSI Group was ranked #58 on Forbes list of largest private companies with a sales worth of $6.1 billion. In July 2018, one of its subsidiaries in Australia merged with Turi Foods to create one enterprise.

OSI Group McDonalds hope to continue this partnership. They have both benefited a lot from the years of working together from small local shops to big international organizations.

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Two Important Acquisitions in One Year, Flagship Europe and Tyson Facility, Property Buys which prove OSI Food Solutions is Never Willing to Stop Improving its Capabilities

A world-acknowledged leader in the realm of food processing, manufacturing and distribution, OSI Food Solutions, started its life nearly 100 years ago as a butcher shop in Chicago. Today, it’s roots are still proudly flourishing in the Aurora, Illinois region, where OSI headquarters. However, the butcher shop from Chicago is now a world-wide concern. Under the guiding wing of long-time CEO, Sheldon Lavin, who saw the potential of the business when it was still Otto & Sons, OSI Food Solutions has evolved exponentially, acquiring subsidiaries in North America, in South America, Europe and Asia.

Creating tailor-made protein products has become the company’s signature enterprise, including for the McDonald’s chain of fast-food restaurants, which has been a long-time customer. With more than 60 companies in 17 countries and a state-of-the-art system that has streamlined its operational structure from sourcing, through processing and distribution, OSI has the means to enhance the food options of its clients all over the world. In 2016 the OSI Food Solutions Group added value to its Aurora, Chicago, holdings by acquiring a local Tyson Foods Facility. Cook County documents attest to the purchase price as being 7.4 million dollars.

The deal provided OSI with an additional 200,000 ft. of infrastructure capability in an area proximal to its Chicago-based facility. Tyson had announced the dissolution of the plant a year prior. During the same busy year, OSI Food Solutions also acquired Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group, Denver. Flagship inventory offerings included frozen poultry, pies, sauces, dressings and food preparation products, all of which provided an excellent fit with the line of products available through OSI. Both of these savvy acquisitions have only broadened the reach of the company’s distribution and manufacturing capabilities as well as the breadth of the potential offerings of the food-processing world leader.

Meet the CEO of the Prestigious OSI Industries; Sheldon Lavin

The accomplishments of other individuals encourage us to keep moving on our journeys. It gives us hope of overcoming the storms that we are facing. Sheldon Lavin is an inspiration to many individuals. He is the CEO and owner of the OSI Industries. Note that Sheldon Lavin did not start as an owner of the firm. It is his continued contribution to the organization that led him to own the firm. After his finance and accounting education, Lavin wanted to start a firm that could distribute products that people use daily, as well as food products. The first move was to become a financial consultant, so he began his consultancy firm. He knew that many companies could need money to expand their enterprises. He was right about that.

Soon after he began his company, the Otto & Sons approached him for financial support to expand their organization. After listening to their plan, Sheldon believed in their dream and financed the Otto & Sons. It was not long before the father’s sons retired and they requested Lavin to join as a partner. Later, Sheldon Lavin decided to serve in the OSI Industries on a full-time basis.The firm has grown, and it has been able to reach very many people. OSI Industries has dominated the China market. The time the OSI Industries has been serving the residence has contributed to the popularity of the firm.

The occupants trust the firm. The OSI Industries also understand the needs of the residents and values their feedback which has led to the creation of long-term relationships with the clients. Sheldon Lavin says that when he was beginning his business, there were times he lost confidence in his skills. However, he had to go ahead with his dream. He had to try. It was later after experiencing his breakthrough with the OSI Industries that he became confident.The perseverance that he had in the process of trying to make his dream work led to him being awarded the Global Visionary Award. India’s Vision World Academy gives the award to the entrepreneurs who went through thick and thin to actualize their dream despite the circumstances.

Roseann Bennett Completes An Interview About Her Career

The first question during Roseann Bennett’s interview on interview.net asked about her pre-work routine. She responded simply by saying that she just heads straight to work and dives right into her job. The marriage and family therapist also stressed the need for self-care and highlighted her work ethic. It is these two things that drive her and motivate her to go above and beyond to her non-profit counseling group job.


The next question asked of Roseann Bennett was what her priorities and responsibilities at The Center for Treatment and Assessment in New Jersey are. Roseann says that she helps develop and implement programs that serve the diverse populations and cases her organization handles. She also prepares a budget for the agency and makes sure the accounting records are accurate. Roseann considers the most fulfilling aspect of her work to work on cases and connect with people.


Next, interview.net inquired what Roseann Bennett does throughout the day. Roseann Bennett says that she develops policy, coordinates programs and handles accounting records. She also deals with daily mundane tasks as well. Bennett says that she is first and foremost a marriage and family therapist. That is where she wants to spend the bulk of her time and where it usually is spent on. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Mrs. Bennett was then asked if she could share any productivity tips or ways to keep yourself focused and grounded. Roseann Bennett believes that there needs to be a balance between both spending time and effort on an idea and thinking about it after a break. She also thinks it is a good idea to revisit a problem after thinking about it and trying to solve it right away. Visit This Page for more information.


Roseann Bennett says that solving problems does not always involve trying to figure out the logistics of an issue. She says there needs to be a risk assessment done and sustainability, and execution feasibility must be considered. Passion is also very important to Roseann Bennett. She says that if she does not have a strong enthusiasm for an idea or project, then she will most likely not pursue it. Mrs. Bennett believes that passion is a significant driver of ideas and leads to successful execution.


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