Christopher Linkas: Insights About the Real Estate Sector

Christopher Linkas serves as the managing director for the London, United Kingdom, and New York Divisions of the Fortress Investment Group. He joined the company in April 2003, and through the years of working with his experienced colleagues, he managed to develop his skills in dealing with the challenges associated with the financial industry. Previously working under the European Credit Department of the Fortress Investment Group, he was promoted to become the managing director in November 2012 after the company’s management realized that someone like Christopher Linkas should be given a higher position. His promotion was welcomed by other executives working for the Fortress Investment Group, saying that he is an asset to the company’s management and executive team.


When he was still with the European Credit Department, Christopher Linkas was given the responsibility to look after 20 individuals who have been associated with the department. He is making sure that the European regions under their control would have enough number of principal investments either from their clients or groups. Christopher Linkas managed the department well, and it gave him an edge to be selected for upper positions. As one of the current managing directors of the company, Christopher Linkas trained himself to become more knowledgeable about the current trends in the financial market. He became a successful investor in the financial sector due to his hard work and determination. It helped him to overcome a lot of challenge, and in the end, he managed to reach the top.


Today, one of the services that he offers would be assisting the investors in learning more about the real estate sector and why it is important for them to engage in property development. One of the questions that he is frequently asked would be the economic benefits of owning one or more family houses and renting them to others. For Christopher Linkas, people who own and operate a single family home has a lot of risks, and he is advising those who wanted to enter this kind of business to reconsider their plans and opt for a multiple family home to be put up for rental.


Jeffrey Aronin’s Passion for Biotechnology

Jeffrey Aronin is a self-established entrepreneur in the field of Biotechnology. Jeffrey Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences an investment company meant to assist people with severe and rare illnesses who lack approved treatment. This biotechnology company is aimed at utilizing advanced research systems and methods to learn new diagnoses, medication, and treatments. Paragon’s objective is to discover new therapy methods that work better than existing treatment. Jeffrey Aronin is stopping at nothing to surpass the already existing treatment methods and take biotechnology to a whole new level.


Creation of New Medication


Paragon biosciences have already made their name by making 14 advanced medicines which have been approved by FDA. All this has happened under the executive leadership of Jeffrey Aronin. Even with the high ranked position gained due to the approval by FDA, Jeffrey is not satisfied and aims at providing financial aids to committed researchers. Research teams are also being allocated funds depending on the research needs to boost their dedication to developing new medications. We can, therefore, say his research team aim at finding ways to give patients healthier and longer lives with their innovative medicines.


Treating beyond Known Treatment Methods


Being the CEO, Jeffrey Aronin has an innovative mindset which boosts approaches to be used in treating patients. The man has also had a lot of experience of over 20 years in the field of biotechnology. He, therefore, has conversant knowledge and skill to develop research approaches for treating severe and rare diseases. Jeffrey Aronin believes that treating diseases goes way beyond the known concepts and methods. The team behind Jeffrey Aronin vision is one with passionate leading researchers on the field of biotechnology. Also, each company in Paragon‘s network hires researchers who have already developed present-day methods of treating rare diseases. We can, therefore, say that under the leadership of Jeffrey Aronin, Paragon has what it takes to deliver treatments for rare diseases.


Stansberry Research and Its Newsletter Topics

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that was created in Baltimore, Maryland; which is where the main headquarters of this company is located at. This confidentially owned company also has other offices that reside in California, Oregon, and Florida.


Stansberry Research is a business that has a weakness for investment research. It provides services on information that mainly consist constative newsletters on a bi-monthly and monthly basis; which are all written by professional financial editors. This company declares that it consist subscribers that are located in over 100 different countries. The topics Stansberry Research covers with their newsletters are listed below:


  • Natural Resource


  • Power


  • Oil and Mining


  • Health Care


  • Biotechnology


  • Value


  • Corporate Bond


  • Alternative Investing


In the past, this company was known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. This self-reliant investment research business was created in 1999 by its founder, whose goes by the name Frank Porter Stansberry.


Frank Stansberry creates many financial compositions that cover controversial and disparate issues. Mr. Stansberry is also Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s editor. Before he even began Stansberry Research, Mr. Stansberry was associated with a company called The Fleet Street Letter. This company is the oldest of all financial newsletters written in the English language, which Mr. Stansberry worked for as the first professional editor that was American.


Stansberry Research contains quite a few writers and editors that exist on a high stature among the investment industry. A Stansberry Research publication called True Wealth was launched in 2001. The inventor and editor of this publication, Steve Sjuggerud, is also an co-author of an investment strategy book titled: Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom.


David Eifrig is an consistent writer of Daily Wealth, which is another Stansberry Publication. Mr. Eifrig is the author of two books, and he is also the editor of Retirement Millionaire. Matt Badiali became involved with Stansberry Research in the year 2005. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. Mr. Eifrig also secured a Masters in Geology, which he received from Florida Atlantic University. Then you have Dan Ferris, who is also an editor in multiple categories and has a book that was published by Stansberry Research.


Stansberry Research is a business that has compiled some of the most qualified authors and editors to be apart of the company. Every member of this research investment company are very successful in their fields of work, which allows the company as a whole to operate successfully.

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Stansberry Research Examines Robert Kiyosaki’s Investment Edge

Ted Bauman Presents Accessible Content to His Growing Readership

Ted Bauman is a financial expert, as well as the editor of columns such as The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Mr. Bauman has enjoyed a significant readership by presenting complex, and in some cases, mundane, financial information to his audience in a manner that is narratively engrossing, as well as accessible to his audience. Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman spent the better part of 25 years abroad, working primarily as an executive in South Africa’s nonprofit sector. After growing up in the Washington D.C. area, he emigrated to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town. While a student, he garnered postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. Today, he resides in Atlanta, GA with his family.

Ted Bauman’s workday usually begins around 5 am, where he researches the latest trends regarding the most important topics to readers and subscribers. Over the years, he has noticed a growing trend amongst his audience, in being that they are becoming increasingly aware of the declining nature of the US economy. This has prompted many of them to ask questions, while also seeking new and applicable solutions. According to Ted Bauman, many of these problems are a result of the free capital movement, which is void of adequate governmental regulation. Although he is not a proponent of government involvement in these issues, the fact that his audience is aware of the circumstances, and are willing to find solutions, signifies a monumental shift.

As an economic expert, Ted Bauman consistently champions financial sovereignty, as well as the protection of accrued wealth. In order to do so, he recommends developing a balanced point of view regarding the stock market, as well as investing in both, stocks and bonds. Because of the monies available through stock investing, most investors seem to negate investing in bonds. By his estimation, this is an oversight, as investing in bonds can help to protect your wealth during times of market volatility. Investing in bonds allows the investor to accrue wealth through monthly dividends, instead of daily fluctuations, and have historically been deemed much safer than their counterpart.

Ryan Seacrest Living Life for a Better Self

Ryan Seacrest finds himself once more after having moved to New York from Los Angeles to host “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. This transition included an acclimation with his new environment and personal goals. Ryan has an extensive background hosting shows, most notably with American Idol in 2000. He also continues to host “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, a radio show that airs out of Los Angeles.

Ryan prepares for daily endeavors while keeping strong with his mental and physical health. His morning routine includes a healthy start of matcha tea and coffee, and making time mid-day for exercise. He addresses requests and actions during the first half of his day, while the latter being time to review longer term obligations. Ryan states he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and finds taking time away from his phone provides a mental reprieve.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan enjoys food with a rich vegan diet and quality wine. Food is an integral part of his life that provides a great deal of fulfillment. His schedule can make it difficult to find the time to have a relaxing meal and unwind, but he devotes Fridays and Saturdays to making it happen.

Ryan’s experience taught him how best to assure others. His favorite email response to send is “got it!”, to help the sender know that things will go well. Ryan was influenced by Dick Clark on hosting. Watching him as a kid and learning from him during the time they worked together, he was taught the easier it seems a host’s job is to the viewer, the more skilled they are at it.

Outside of hosting Ryan founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which provides entertainment for child patients and their families at hospitals, and educational resources for students in journalism schools. He has a men’s suit fashion line at Macy’s, “Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction” with a work intuitive color matching system. Ryan has also partnered with Dr. Harold Lancer in founding POLISHED, a men’s grooming and skincare brand scientifically designed to meet the challenges of men’s skin.

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Jason Hope: Future Advancements in Airline Technology

Some of the things that are going to matter the most in the airline industry are customer service and safety. In fact, highly regarded futurist Jason hope believes that the airline industry is currently taking steps to implement ways to control these constructs within their field. An article, “Tapping in: Jason Hope Reveals How IOT Is Revamping the Airline Industry”, discusses some of his predictions for the airline industry as well as some of the steps that officials have already taken to increase the positive experiences with this form of travel. He believes that as more information is known, and technology grows, the airline industry will update and adapt as well.

The way that the airlines will be able to do this is by utilizing items that are on the network of the Internet of things, often referred to as the IOT. The IOT is simply any device that is able to connect to the Internet and communicate freely with other devices all around the world. Anyone that is familiar with the Internet will understand the significance of IOT devices. Such devices are already in use when it comes to air travel, but many airlines are looking to expand their presence within other aviation technology.

Safety is going to be one of the biggest ways that IOT is going to change the industry. Using wireless beacons, the size of a small sticker, maintenance staff will be able to monitor the engine of a plane while it is still in flight. This gives them an edge over such instances because they are able to secure the parts necessary to make the plane safe and ready to continue its flight. Such technology will help to decrease delays and increase reliance on the safety of these devices. It may come to a point where maintenance workers are checking these devices more than the actual equipment because of their accuracy.

Jason Hope explains that customer service is also going to be a major part of the revamp. Travelers will be able to check in in a variety of ways, sometimes not even needing to speak with someone. This automation will make it easier for them to travel through the airport and he even speaks of devices that can track them as they move through. These proposed technologies are quite exciting and represent a new age in tech. Jason Hope continues to remain excited about these wonderful advancements in airline technology.

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Three Steps to Building Wealth with HCR Wealth Advisors

Few people are completely comfortable with their financial future. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that helps people all over the United States. Some people think that financial planning has to be complicated, but HCR Wealth Advisors takes a simple approach to financial recommendations. There are several ways that people can improve their financial position. By following this plan, anyone can help move towards financial success and start preparing for the future.

Pay Down Debt

Debt is one of the most significant issues that people have to deal with. Consumer debt is an issue because of the high rates of interest. Credit cards are the perfect example of consumer debt. Over the past few years, the average person has increased their overall consumer debt.

HCR Wealth Advisors recommends that clients pay down consumer debt as much as possible. Student loans are another common source of debt more most people. Many students never intentionally pay down student loans and end up further in debt than they planned.

Increase Income

HCR Wealth Advisors also suggests that clients increase their income in many cases. Some people simply do not make enough money to reach their financial goals.

In today’s economy, there are multiple ways for people to increase their income. Working an extra job may seem like a major inconvenience, but it is a proven way for people to have more financial success. An extra job can also increase a person’s skillset for their career.


The final step to building wealth is investing. Investing is critical for anyone who wants to reach various financial goals. Investing allows a person to harness the incredible power of compound interest. Compound interest is especially valuable for young people. By working with HCR Wealth Advisors, many people can improve their financial position in just a few months.

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Roseann Bennett Completes An Interview About Her Career

The first question during Roseann Bennett’s interview on asked about her pre-work routine. She responded simply by saying that she just heads straight to work and dives right into her job. The marriage and family therapist also stressed the need for self-care and highlighted her work ethic. It is these two things that drive her and motivate her to go above and beyond to her non-profit counseling group job.


The next question asked of Roseann Bennett was what her priorities and responsibilities at The Center for Treatment and Assessment in New Jersey are. Roseann says that she helps develop and implement programs that serve the diverse populations and cases her organization handles. She also prepares a budget for the agency and makes sure the accounting records are accurate. Roseann considers the most fulfilling aspect of her work to work on cases and connect with people.


Next, inquired what Roseann Bennett does throughout the day. Roseann Bennett says that she develops policy, coordinates programs and handles accounting records. She also deals with daily mundane tasks as well. Bennett says that she is first and foremost a marriage and family therapist. That is where she wants to spend the bulk of her time and where it usually is spent on. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


Mrs. Bennett was then asked if she could share any productivity tips or ways to keep yourself focused and grounded. Roseann Bennett believes that there needs to be a balance between both spending time and effort on an idea and thinking about it after a break. She also thinks it is a good idea to revisit a problem after thinking about it and trying to solve it right away. Visit This Page for more information.


Roseann Bennett says that solving problems does not always involve trying to figure out the logistics of an issue. She says there needs to be a risk assessment done and sustainability, and execution feasibility must be considered. Passion is also very important to Roseann Bennett. She says that if she does not have a strong enthusiasm for an idea or project, then she will most likely not pursue it. Mrs. Bennett believes that passion is a significant driver of ideas and leads to successful execution.


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Michael Burwell Is Elated To Join Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, an international reinsurance, insurance, and advisory firm appointed Michael “Mike” Burwell as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. He will be replacing Roger Millay on the 2nd of October 2017.


Mike Burwell has more than three decades of professional services and finance knowledge he attained at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he held top rank management positions such as Head of Transaction Services in the United States; Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the United States, and Head of Global Transformation.


In addition to the above, Mike Burwell has 12 years of experience in Transaction Services Advisory, and 11 years of audit that likewise includes pre-merger and valuation due diligence.


Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, stated that they are thrilled that Mike will be joining their team of leaders during a significant time when the company is evolving. He also said that Mike Burwell has a deep comprehension on leading and managing a global and complex company that is customer-oriented to realize anticipated results.


John Haley said that he is assured that Michael Burwell’s knowledge in transformation, transactions, and finance is a perfect complement that can help provide the proper guide for longstanding development and outstanding efforts on integration that would permit the company to attain its full capability in the industry.


Chief Executive Officer Haley likewise said that in behalf of the company, he would like to acknowledge the contribution and service that Roger Millay gave during his stint with Willis Towers Watson. The leadership and service he contributed left the company in a better position to attain more success. View More Information Here.


In answer to the comment made by John Haley, Mike Burwell says that he feels privileged to join a company like Willis Towers Watson that has an all-encompassing culture, is very committed to customers, and has a strong leadership. Hence, he looks forward to becoming a part of the cited company and contributing to any of its future accomplishments.


Willis Towers Watson is an international broking solutions and global advisory firm that assist existing and potential clients in the development of investments that have high risks. The firm was founded in 1828 and currently has offices in 140 countries around the globe with 40,000 employees. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the delivery and creation of resolutions related to capital growth, talent refinement, maximization of benefits, and management of risks, to reinforce and safeguard individual and institutional clients.

Ara Chackerian Business Leader

Ara Chackerian is a prominent business leader who spends a lot of time and money on various charities around the world. He is the type of person who is always willing to help other people achieve at a high level. Many new business owners seek his advice on various topics.


One aspect that makes Ara Chackerian unique is his commitment to the environment. Few business leaders constantly try to improve the environment. Ara Chackerian is involved in a project to protect forests in his area. He enjoys spending time outdoors, and he firmly believes that companies should attempt to limit pollution as much as possible.







Ara Chackerian attended Florida State University and earned a degree in marketing. While he was in school, he was able to network with prominent business leaders across the country. He does a great job of staying in contact with friends from college.



Early Career


Ara Chackerian started working at a large company immediately after he graduated from Florida State University. Although he was thankful to have a job, he did not enjoy the work. He wanted to make a more significant impact on the world than what he was able to do at his position. He decided to leave the company and start his own business. He tried multiple business ideas before finally finding an idea that worked. Ara Chackerian is excited about his plans for the coming years.

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Environmental Protection


Ara Chackerian wants business leaders across the world to take care of the environment. Far too many business leaders only care about profits. Many companies cut down forests and burn land to build new buildings. Ara Chackerian is part of various environmental organizations designed to protect specific areas of the world. He plans to expand his roles in the coming years.



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