Dr. Jennifer Walden: Pushing the Limits of Her Field

Dr. Jennifer Walden has spent much of her career pushing against the status quo. She signifies a rare trend that is growing in the surgical world, a female surgeon. After obtaining her degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch she that she wanted to make a big change in the way that patients experience plastic surgery. It was her hope that offers more to them than they had ever experienced before in this healthcare setting. Since starting her practice, she has earned an extensive reputation as a top-performing member of her field and trendsetter for those coming after her.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen her position as a plastic surgeon as one of empowerment for the female gender. She believes that the work that she does allows women to visualize their best self. She isn’t trying to help women become fake shadows of themselves, but rather she is looking to help them deal with areas of their bodies that have caused them great amounts of insecurity. Things like pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, and aging can have a very detrimental effect on the body. During times that should be joyous women are feeling more self-conscious than ever. Dr. Jennifer Walden uses her expertise to help erase some of those insecurities.

In addition to her extensive medical practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished author and inventor in her field. She has helped pen a textbook for future surgeons because of her innovative techniques. She is also responsible for the development of machines that aid in the surgical process and tools. It is her hope that through this type of work she will inspire more women to break out into the surgical field, a field that was once entirely dominated by men. Because of her intense amount of pushing, Dr. Jennifer Walden is regarded as one of the best.