Jeunesse Global strikes a chord with Instantly Ageless

It’s not often that a new player in a well-established industry can come along and shake things to their core. It is even rarer to see a company with no venture capital financing of any kind being literally built from scratch out of a garage, then going on to take over large swaths of a global industry.

But as it incredible as it may be, this is the story of Jeunesse Global, one of the most important health and beauty manufacturers in the world today. Started in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global had the humblest of beginnings. The couple had long been independently wealthy and had decided to finally throw in the entrepreneurial towel, having accomplished more over their career than most corporations accomplish over hundred-year histories.

But the couple quickly discovered that the boredom and ennui produced by retired life wasn’t their calling. They began selling a few beauty products out of their Florida mansion’s garage. Before long, they found themselves spending more than 40 hours per week on the new venture. Jeunesse Global was birthed.

Over the next decade, the company would go on to experience exponential growth every year. Today, Jeunesse Global has been estimated by some analysts to be a nearly $1 billion company, recording hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year and having more than 10,000 distributors across the globe.

The secret to this phenomenal success has been the ability of the company to spot market opportunities and then create innovative products to fill those niches. One such product has been the company’s wildly popular micro-crème known as Instantly Ageless. This product has been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also acts as a facial wash, preventing pores from becoming infected as well as improving the skin’s natural elasticity, instantly taking the appearance of the user’s face back 5 to 10 years.

Instantly Ageless is designed to go on easily and last all day. With just one application in the morning, it can provide lasting beauty enhancement throughout the entire workday, no matter how stressful the circumstances.

Lime Crime Red Velvetine Matte Collection Is Worn on Riverdale by Cheryl Blossom

Do you watch the show Riverdale by chance? Are you familiar with the show? If so, you know the love for red that Cheryl Blossom has onset. She pulls off the red lips week after week, month after month. She should have a love for red, she wears it so well. So well in fact that she uses the shade of red off screen and on screen. Why does she like this shade so much? That’s easy to answer.

Cheryl is in love with Lime Crime Red Velvet Matte collection because she never has to worry that it might not make it through scene after scene. When you spend all day in front of the camera filming, you want to choose something that you only need to apply once. If you have to go off screen for something, you do not want it to be to reapply more lipstick. Instead, the moments you spend from in front of the camera should be spent on the finer things you will love. Like napping, you want to take a moment from in front of the camera to rest after shooting all hours of the day. For this reason, you want to grab a few moments of silence before heading back out on set.

Cheryl knows that she must choose something that will live up to her expectations and for this, she knows the brand she trusts well is going to do everything that she wants it to do. That is why she chooses the Lime Crime red velvet look. She knows that when she is trying to pull off a kiss scene, there are times when she is required to leave some red behind but if the scene does not call for this, she must instead prove that her red lips are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

When she was asked about the products she uses on screen and off screen, there was no pause for Madelaine as she thought of an answer. The answer came immediately to mind and she spoke openly about her love for LimeCrime. She loves everything about the brand and chooses it over many other high end brands. The only difference is the cost she shells out on the brand.