Ford Customer Experience To Be Improved By The Newly Appointed CXO, Elena Ford

Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company became an empire over its 115 years of activity. The American multinational with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan went public back in 1956, and is one of the biggest as well as one of the most profitable companies in the world. In addition, for more than 100 years it has been in continuous family control, being one of the largest companies in the world to be family-controlled. In 2008, the company produced 5.532 million automobiles, and in 2017 it had global revenues of $156.7 billion – showing that it continues to be successful in the 21st century.

When it comes to the Ford customer experience, the company followed the model of other big brands such as Delta Airlines, Apple, and Amazon, naming a top executive whose role is to eliminate problems regarding customer service. Ford Motor Company appointed Elena Ford as the Chief Customer Experience Officer, who worked with the Chief Executive Officer of Ford, Jim Hackett and the Executive Chairman of the Board, Bill Ford in order to design a plan which can improve customer engagement.

Elena Ford is the great-great granddaughter of Henry Ford, and the daughter of Charlotte Ford, an heiress to the Ford Motor Co. fortune. She has been with the company for more than 24 years, dedicating her long career towards understanding what drives customer’ perception. She joined the operations in January of 1995, and is the first female Ford family member to have a significant position in the company. She is leading the transformation of online as well as offline interaction between Ford, customers, and dealers into world-class experiences.

Prior to her new role, Elena Ford worked as the Vice President of Global Dealer and Customer Experience, and the Director of Global Marketing, Sales and Service Operations, among other roles. In order to train for her new position as Chief Customer Experience Officer, she spent time in Dallas and Beijing, where she studied customer behavior as well as corporate strategies in order to identify the problems which are plaguing customers.

Elena Ford stated that this is a global effort, the improvement of the Ford customer experience being done in Europe, Brazil, Chine, and throughout the Untied States. Ford’s President of Global Operations, Joe Hinrichs stated that Elena Ford is the ideal leader who can take on the challenge of bringing the company to world-class levels when it comes to customer experience.

ClassDogo Introduces At-home Tool for Parents

For many a seven-year investment is more than enough to require an exit from it and for ClassDogo its taken that long to see a paid offering on their services. ClassDogo is an educational technology startup based out in San Franciso. The company has not seen revenue from its service, however, the app is widely popular amongst teachers across the country, in fact, ClassDogo states that 2 in 3 schools are using the app on the daily. In addition, the company also adds that the app is now being used outside the class with 1 in 6 parents with children under the age of 14 utilizing the app’s services.

The fact that ClassDojo has not seen a penny in revenue since their creation in 2011 is due to the promise by its creators to never charge a teacher for the service. Recently, however, the company announced that they will be rolling out a monthly subscription service for parents to use outside the classroom. The new communication platform will be named “ClassDojo Beyond School”. The service will include features such as reflection activities as well as a digital feedback tool that will show chuldren how they are doing. Co-founder and CEO, Sam Chaudhary was quoted as saying that today children have an endless amount of opportunities to learn, why not use these opportunities as a learning experience. The home service will be very similar to the classroom version but with different tasks.

Although some have argued against this type of learning method, many teachers who took part in the testing of the service found that the tools aided in the overall encouragment of positive actions from the children. The company today is going strong with a recent influx of investments from General Catalyst, GSV Acceleration, and the Reach Capital. Chaudhary states that the company is able to run in an effective and long term manner because it is very conservative with its funds, keeping the team small and practically eliminating the marketing budget has allowed them to remain financially strong year after year.