Goettl Tells People The Following Ways To Manage Their Home’s Cooling

When people have questions about installing or managing a heating and cooling system, Goettl is one company that they call to find out all they need to know. Goettl has spent years installing and maintaining heating and cooling units for residents all across Arizona and parts of Nevada, California and Colorado and they’ve achieved some of the highest satisfaction ratings in the HVAC industry. Goettl has also been very generous to their local communities from helping out families in need, to donating to community college programs with HVAC training. They put out a recent article on what homeowners should do to help keep cooling costs down.

Goettl says that homes aren’t just cooled by having a big central air system, and in fact air conditioning units that are too big could actually drive up cooling costs even more. It’s important to have installation technicians pick the right size condenser and run the right length of ducts through the home to make sure the unit is only running when its supposed to. Goettl also says the unit should be installed in a location where it won’t be constantly exposed to sunlight because the extra heat from the sunlight could cause it to run more often. Goettl also says homeowners should have their homes insulated thoroughly for both summer and winter. Check out hvacrbusiness.com to know more.

Goettl is named for its founders Adam and Gust Goettl who began the company back in 1939. At times the company prospered, and at at times it went through hardships, but it was Ken Goodrich who took over in 2010 and helped make it highly profitable and even has formed partnerships with other companies such as the Sunny Plumber and Las Vegas Air. Goettl is also a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America and has won several awards for outstanding HVAC service.

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