Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

Marketing executive Lori Senecal has spent a number of years providing companies with the assistance they need to improve their marketing campaigns. Over the years, Lori has helped numerous companies find better ways to promote their products and services. Along with promoting products and services better, companies have been able to get more customers and provide more satisfaction with current ones due to Lori’s expertise. As of today, she is the current chief executive officer of the advertising firm known as CP+B. In her stint at this firm, she has proven to provide expertise that has helped many companies get more exposure and higher profitability.

According to Ad Week, one of the companies that Lori has helped is Kraft Mac & Cheese. The company recently looked to make their products without any artificial ingredients. Lori advised the company to not do this because it would negatively impact sales. According to Lori, parents would become alienated by their kids due to getting a product that no longer tasted as good. Therefore, the company waited to announce the change. Once the company was able to sell 50 million boxes with no artificial ingredients, Kraft was able to get lots of positive exposure from the media. As of now, the product remains a best seller among consumers.

Another company that Lori has recently assisted is Letgo. says that this company offers people an application which allows them to sell and promote various products. With the help of Lori Senecal, Letgo was introduced to the Commercializer which provided a TV ad on the internet to promote various products. With this new feature, a number of sellers have been able to promote and sell their products more effectively through an engaging advertisement. With this product, 45 million downloads were completed within the last year.

Senecal has also helped the company that makes the NBA 2K video games. In 2016, the newest edition of the game was released. With the new game, players were able to use the Fitbit app to enhance their playing experience. This new feature enabled players to link their game profile to the Fitbit app and improve the abilities of the characters they use. As a result, people who played NBA 2K were in position to have a more positive experience playing this game. View Lori’s full profile on

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The Success Story of Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is the founder and Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe. The company is one of the biggest promotional organizations in the commercial marketing industry in Brazil. Jose Borghi is also a Virtuoso author of a number of large Brazilian promotional publications. Jose’s aspirations for advertising marketing started when he was in high school. Jose says that he was not sure of what to do in his life until his sister took him to watch a performance at the Castro Neves Theatre. It is during this time that Jose decided to venture in the advertising industry. Jose started his professional studies at the Standart Ogilvy group in 1989.

Jose became very successful. His confidence also grew while at Standart Ogilvy Group. This led him to start his company together with Erh Ray. Erh was his business partner. They came up with the enterprise called BorghiErh, and they registered massive success. The company changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2006 after it got the attention of the firm known as Lowe. Borghi Lowe went on to become successful both locally and internationally. They went on to merge the company with Mullen and changed its name to Mullen Lowe Brazil. Jose Borghi is involved in campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat. Visit

Jose Borghi has been involved in companies such as Procter, Delta Airlines, American Express, Globo, Antarctica, and Folha Group. He has also received numerous awards including 10 Clios Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 15 April Advertising Awards, and the 14 Cannes Lions. Jose has gained a reputation as a very hardworking and persistent person. He has made a name for himself in the advertising industry. Jose Borghi attended the PUC-Campinas where he earned his degree in advertising. Other agencies that he has worked with include Leo Burnett, Talent, and FCB.

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The Evolution of Smooth’s Advertising Campaign Begs Attention

Chapped lips and dry skin are conditions that affect everyone at some time in their lives. The condition of chapped lips is simply dry and irritated lips and is usually owing to dry or cold weather. Lip balm is used by many to protect against dry lips, and its use is a necessary part of any mountain climbers face protection. Lip balms work wonders by sealing in the moisture and keeping lips soft.

The use of lip balm has been a common practice for decades in the United States of America and Canada. Some users even form a mild dependency on using lip balm, but the use of the product does protect the lips from drying out and becoming irritated.

A new and promising lip balm and dry skin lotion are being introduced by a company named Evolution of Smooth (EOS). Their advertising campaign promises smooth, soft lips that appeal to both men and women. They package the lip balm in a small, unusual container and not the typical tube lip balm users have become accustomed to.

According to, the minds behind the Evolution of Smooth products are smartly appealing to a young, hip and beautiful audience. This audience has been weaned on reality TV programming and has adopted the mantra that image is everything. These twenty and thirty-somethings along with the teen audience is susceptible to advertising ploys, and EOS lip balm has wisely designed an ad campaign with a fresh, healthy face that appeals to both men and women. The EOS interactive web page makes a solid play for the consumer’s attention. The products address needs and the advertising campaign and the web page continue our interest in eos products.

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