Rebel Wilson’s New Way of celebrating her Birthday

Rebel Wilson was born in 1980 in Sydney. She is an actress, a writer as well as a producer. Wilson attended the University of New South Wales and acquired two degrees; Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. She then graduated in 2009.

Wilson was once in South Africa as a Youth Ambassador for Australia. While she was there, she contracted malaria and since then, Rebel has never ceased speaking of malaria-induced hallucinations she undergoes. She says that when hallucinating, Rebel sees herself as a successful actress with an Oscar Award. This is what has been motivating her to nature her acting career.

While growing up, Rebel was a very shy kid but since she really wanted her acting career to be a success, she decided to cement her personality. She is known for her character as Toula on the Pizza series. She also has an award she got as the Tropfest Best Actress. And has appeared in several comedy shows. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Recently on March 2nd, Rebel Wilson turned 39. She share some of her birthday celebration fun pictures on Instagram. Among these pictures include one which she was taking a class on how to make a cake.

Another one was when she was trying to do a unique kind of exercise which she calls ‘catzercise’. Rebel Wilson will be a star at the Cats movie expected to be released in 2019. She will be acting alongside other famous people, Taylor Swift being one of them.

Once again, Rebel is expected to be starring a movie called Cats that will be released this year. Dressed in cat costumes, she shared some videos that showed some new moves she had learned together with her friends during a rehearsal.

In the videos, Wilson was sported wearing a costume that had pink armbands as well as cat ears. On her Instergram, Rebel wrote about a surprise birthday party that her friends threw for her in Beverly Hills and how the party ended with them doing some ‘catzercise’.

She wrote how it was fun working out and urges his Instagram friends to try it as well. Additionally, Rebel thanked the Milk Bar, a place where she took a class on making a cake. This is after she baked her own birthday cake. Rebel Wilson has shown to the world that she is a good actor and that she adapts to any role that she is assigned.

Isn’t it romantic and its break from typical romantic comedies

Isn’t it romantic, a movie featuring Rebel Wilson, a graduate from the Australian Theatre for Young People and a one-time MTV awards winner, deviates from the normal expectations and norms of romantic comedies. Bright and colorful scenes normally characterize them, and so do unattainable hot leads who are attracted to each other but slow to discover, lead’s sexless best friend with no independent story and a clumsy but adorable woman.

In this case, however, Rebel Wilson is unable to realize that her best friend Devine is perfect for her. The movie, to some extent, fails to emancipate itself from the norms of the genre.


In the movie, the Australian born actress, songwriter, and producer is the heroine and features as Natalie. She is told by Jennifer Saunders who acts as her mother that for her to find a mate to marry, the man must require a visa.

They’re giving dirty rotten men a run for their money. Get ready for the mother of all cons. #HustleMovie in theaters May 10.— The Hustle Movie (@hustlemovie) March 11, 2019

This breaks her confidence really hard, and she carries this into adulthood. She then moves to New York where she is an architect, but instead of being treated as such, she is regarded as coffee goffer. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Her treatment does not reflect the fact that she is a qualified architect who is in fact in charge of designing a new hotel. Natalie is robbed in the subway where she badly hits her head and is hospitalized. When she wakes up, instead of a bored, overworked doctor, she meets a hot doctor in a private room full of flowers and extremely dazzling light which marks the start of her romantic comedy life.

Thumbs up

The soundtracks are awesome, filled with romantic tunes and marvelous radio hits from Vanessa Carlton, Donna Lewis, Annie Lenox, and Six Pence None the Richer. The movie as well brings life to the normal over-used statements, plots, and ideas of romantic comedy movies.

Accompanied by loads of satire, the movie is entertaining, and it even encompasses the non-romance-comedy lovers’ type of audience. Wilson as well, with her good sense of humor, fits in as a perfect cast giving more light to the movie. Also, her ability to identify her weaknesses and boldly come out to point them out in a humorous way makes her a perfect cast.


Formation of the characters is not complete or cannot otherwise be classified as so since they are thinly written. There is a wave of disappointment as well when Australian actors playing Australian characters use American vocabulary when talking to each other.

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Rebel Wilson’s Role in the Movie Isn’t it Romantic

Rebel Wilson was born and grew up in Australia. She is an actor, producer, and writer. As a young kid Rebel was shy and used to spend most of her time indoors.

Rebel developed confidence as a teenager; this was when she joined a creative arts program at her school. Rebel exploited acting through the help of her mum and teacher. Rebel is currently an icon for many young girls. She exudes confidence and is very humble.

Despite her success as an actress, Rebel is very down to earth and respects others. Rebel joined the movie theatre after she contracted malaria in South Africa. Her sickness motivated her to pursue acting more since she used to dream of winning an acting award while sick.

Rebel graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People which was the start of her career. She auditioned for her first movie but was astonished when she got a comedy role. Rebel had expected to play a more serious role but later decided to use comedy to her advantage.

Rebel has acted in numerous TV films both in Australia and in Hollywood. She is famous in Australia and is recognized from some of the films that she has starred in globally. Rebel has written and produced her films. She is a powerful woman and is glad to have grown up in a community where women are respected and treated as equals.

After Rebel made her name in Australia, she moved to Hollywood to continue pursuing her career. Rebel Wilson got initiated fast due to her unique trait. She also got signed under William Morris Endeavor which took her job to a whole new level. Rebel Wilson has several upcoming films, and some of them are to be released this year.

Rebel’s recent movie Isn’t it Romantic is to be launched on February 14th. The movie is a romantic comedy and is produced by Todd Strauss-Schulson. Isn’t it romantic is about a young girl, Natalie who does not believe in the existence of rom-coms.

To her romantic comedies are fantasy things. She is a timid and naïve girl from Australia who works as an architect in New York. Natalie suffers a concussion after getting hit on the head by muggers at the subway on her way home from work. Natalie wakes up in a romance world and has to find love and became joyful to get back to normal.

Rebel Wilson recently tweeted about the release of the movie. In her tweet, she talks of how she has never gone on a valentines date. Rebel is telling all those who don’t have a valentine date to get a date to the movies and watch the premiere of her movie, Isn’t it Romantic.

Miley Cyrus immediately responded to her tweet asking her out on 14th February. Miley and her newly wedded husband, Liam Hemsworth would be glad to have Rebel join them on a throuple. The two just got married in December and are still in the honeymoon phase in of their marriage. Rebel is a determined and motivated woman.

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