Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot

Whitney Wolfe who is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the founder of Bumble, a dating app, recently got married to the love of her life. She has managed to build her career by assisting other women in finding love. Whitney Wolfe tied the knot with Michael Herd who is a tech guru as well as Texas oil heir. The marriage ceremony took place at the Villa Treville in Positano which is along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The marriage ceremony of the Bumble founder was a sight to behold and she stood out with her Oscar De La Renta gown. Guests at the wedding were also treated to a clear view of the Italian coast which was candle-lit.

Whitney Wolfe joined the dating app industry in 2012 when she became the co-founder of Tinder, her recent competitor app. After working at the company for some time, Whitney decided to establish an app that would offer women with more control when it comes to online dating. She established Bumble in 2014 and has ever since led the company to achieve lots of growth and success. Bumble is a dating application that enables women to start conversations with the matches they find online. Since entering the dating app industry, Whitney has managed to achieve a lot and done lots of contributions to the industry.

In 2016, Whitney Wolfe was one as one of Elle’s Women in Tech. The Business Insider also awarded the Bumble Founder with the award of 30 Most Important Women Under 30. An American Entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe serves as a role model to many women in the society. She encourages women to stand up and make the first initiative in finding love. She also believes that everyone has a chance to love and that the love of their loves is somewhere out there. Since Bumble was established in 2014, it has managed to get over 18 million registered users. Currently, the dating app has ventures into new verticals like BumbleBFF which is for finding friends and BumbleBizz. For more info about us: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe click here.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised up in Salt Lake City in Utah. She managed to graduate from the Southern Methodist University and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies. While at 19 years, Whitney ventured into business and started selling bamboo tote bags which benefited locations affected by the famous BP oil spill. Her success is as a result of hard work and commitment.

NuoDB: Implementing The Better SQL

NuoDB is a database solution company that has been offering their clients some of the most sought-after SQL based technology since 2008. The company has grown extensively over the years to become one of the tops in its sector. One of the reasons the company had managed to reach the top in such a short span of time was because of the kind of technology that they use. The company worked to innovate on the current SQL based technology that is being used in the IT sector. NuoDB has worked with a wide range of clients, offering them solutions that would make their cloud application’s database management more efficient than it ever was.

The new technology that NuoDB works with is called NewSQL and works to make the entire process of database management a lot easier and more efficient. The technology that they have come up with is considered to be a significant step towards better technological developments and is seen as a brilliant development to the current SQL based systems that are being used. This NewSQL technology has been receiving a lot of coverage and light from the IT sector. The company has been featured numerous times in various publications for this revolutionary technology that they use.

Michel Terpins from cross country champion to rallying champion

Michel Terpins is the son of former basketball player Jack Terpins and brother to successful driver Rodrigo Terpins. He is in his mid-forties and has quite an impressive rallying record and career under his belt.

He made is debut in the motorsport industry at quite a tender age after encouragement by his father’s performance in sports. His father had proved that sports was a worthy venture and one can succeed with the right determination, attitude, and hard work.

In 2002 he made his debut in the Brazilian cross country championship as a relatively young rider he was able to grow his riding gradually and in a span of a few years, he was a cross country champion.He would later switch from riding in the cross-country championship and join his brother in Motorsports. His brother had gone straight to vehicles and was starting to achieve incredible results at that young age.

After coming together with his brother they formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team where they paired in various races before each went on to have other navigators as independent drivers.

During the 24th edition, Michel Terpins participated this time he was better prepared for the rally after his vehicle had been involved in a mechanical hitch in the 22nd edition that led to it rolling luckily no one was injured. He had his teammate Maykel Justo as his new navigator and having never been partners before they had to work out each other’s abilities on the go which they did perfectly resulting in spectacular results on board their T-Rex vehicle which is developed by MEM developers. In this edition, they came in at position 5 as well as assuming the first position in the 2nd stage of the rally.

This performance saw them stick together and they were to participate in the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally.Being the 10th participation Michel Terpins was eager to perform in the over the 3,300 kilometers, of which 1,999 was special terrain. That year the course took them into different cities that included Goiás where they passed through Goianésia, Goiânia, Aruanã and Santa Terezinha de Goiás.they emerged position six overall.

Working From Home and Making Significant Income With Traveling Vineyard

Many people hear about working from home. However, very few people actually attempt it. Interestingly enough, there are plenty of ideas about what it takes to work from home. These ideas range from it all being a scam to it being easy to earn a fortune. The truth is that it depends on the opportunity. Many people come across opportunities to work from home. The only thing to know is that it can take a lot of time for people to actually make any type of money with most of these opportunities. While they will earn people money, the most they can hope to make with most of these opportunities is pocket change.

With the internet, it has become a lot easier to learn about and get involved with work from home opportunities. There are many ways for people to work from home through the internet. The only thing is that unless they have a lot of skill, they are not going to make too much money. Fortunately, there is an opportunity that is willing to take in people who do not have that much skill and experience with the opportunity. This type of opportunity allows people to be wine tasters.

The name of the company is Traveling Vineyard. Basically, all that is needed is for someone to sign up for a membership and then get a wine kit. Then the member will be trained to be a wine guide. Once the member has enough training, then the member can move forward as a wine guide. While the wine guide is hosting events, there are a ton of features that the guide has access to. There are harvests where wine guides can meet one another and share different insights on how the experience can be improved for both the guide and the attendees.

The best part of the training is that the member gets all of his information online. This is where the member learns how to approach customers, talk to people and even market the products. After all, one of the most important aspects of any lucrative opportunity in marketing. Therefore, the wine guide has to be very sociable and willing to step out and talk to people about the products. It is important to get some practice as a wine guide so that one can be very comfortable with people. Customers are more likely to respond favorably to confidence.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media: www.instagram.com/travelingvineyard/

Things Every Educator Should Adopt in their Teachings, Courtesy of Rocketship Education and its CEO Preston Smith

Below are several things that Preston Smith, the contemporary CEO of Rocketship Education, has learned throughout his first decade in the administration of the network of public charter schools he helped found in 2007.

Every parent, family member, educator, and administrator involved in public schooling should be proud of its institutions’ public status. Although it’s far from false that the majority of public schools don’t offer the same quality of educational experiences that their private counterparts do, part of this problem is rooted in people’s distaste of public schools. Rocketship Education is a public school system, teaching students through fifth grade. When students leave Rocketship Education’s facilities, they should always be proud of the public schools they later enter.

Teachers’ backgrounds and demographical characteristics are diversified long before that of students are. Most schools make the mistake of diversifying students’ backgrounds prior to doing so with admins and instructors. However, because most educators are of the majority – white Christians – in America, even in low-income areas, Rocketship Education matches its employees’ demographics with that of its students rather than doing the opposite.

Students with learning disabilities are far too often segregated in special education classrooms. Rocketship Education requires its students with special needs to spend a minimum of 80% of their time at school in general education classrooms.

Rocketship Education’s first location was in a tiny church in San Jose. Since its initial year of operation in 2007, Rocketship’s locations have increased from one to eighteen, now located in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Washington DC, and its founding state of California. Also founded by technological guru John Danner, this system of schools is known around the English-speaking world for being one of the first to integrate technology into everyday operations, effectively facilitating individualized learning plans for its thousands of students. Every single one of Rocketship’s locations are nestled away in areas that are economically disadvantaged, notorious for birthing new generations into poverty traps that are solidified with a lack of quality education. Preston Smith, along with the hundreds of instructors and administrators at Rocketship Education’s 18 schools, is helping change disadvantaged communities’ reputations for having poor schools.


Meet Scott M. Rocklage, a Man with Unprecedented Legacy in Management

Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. has worked with 5AM Ventures since 2003. He initially joined as a Venture Partner, and he worked very hard to the satisfaction of the management. Soon after, in 2004, Dr. Rocklage became a managing partner in this company.

Today he boasts of more than three decades of experience in the field of healthcare management. Over the years, he has undertaken strategic leadership responsibilities which have successfully lead to the approval of various U.S New Drug Applications by FDA, and these include Omniscan™, Cubicin®, and Teslascan®.

Throughout his career, Dr. Rocklage has served in various positions in different companies. He was once the CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Scott Rocklage has also doubled as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Nycomed Salutar before holding a number of R&D positions at both Catalytica and Salutar. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

He has been part of Ilypsa, Semprus, and Miikana all of which he served as the Executive Chairman and performed exceptionally well leaving a legacy. He brought changes in these companies some of which have remained in effect to this day.

The boards of various companies have also been privileged to have Dr. Rocklage either as a member or as a chairman. He previously chaired the boards of such companies like Relypsa and Novira. Currently, he is a Board Chairman of Cidara, Rennovia, Kinestral.

Scott Rocklage is a member of the Boards of Pulmatrix (NASDAQ: PULM) and Epirus (NASDAQ: EPRS). Serving either as a member or a chairman of these boards, Dr. Rocklage has always been diligent in his duties and has been one of the most active personalities in this case.

Currently, Dr. Rocklage lives and operates from his office in Boston, MA. His rich educational background could be one of the reasons why he has been successful in his career.

Scott Rocklage attended the University of California and graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry. He is also an alumnus of MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) from where he earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has since either invented or co-invented more than 30 U.S. patents. Dr. Rocklage has also peer-reviewed at least 100 publications to date.

End Citizens United And The Fight Against Campaign Financing

Money talks. Money can move things. Money can influence, and money can change, reform, adapt, enforce and implement. Money can even scream. In the case of the Citizens United case, money still talks because the Federal Election Commission ruling said that the move of James Bopp about campaign financing still showed how the money used to support campaigns is a form of speech and so protected by the Constitution. It is now the basis of the law in campaign funding.

Two years before the ruling to accept funding as a form of speech, news site Mother Jones reported that Mr. James Bopp was laughed out of court because of his push to let the movie Hillary: The Movie, a film meant to diminish the reputation of the Presidential candidate, be aired on public TV. Right now the Supreme Court has already reversed the ruling and now used Bopp’s arguments to make a precedent in the new way that the financing gets designed.

The Fight Against The Ruling

Because of the said changes in the decision, the End Citizens United was born. The organization is a grassroots-fuelled organization that wants to amend the judgment so there’s no more influence from the money donated by people just to distribute propaganda that may strongly influence an electoral decision.

End Citizens United was born out of the need to fight the ruling in 2010 that corporations are people and so making these businesses break into the elections and influence its outcomes with the power of their money. The interests of multinational companies are the center focus of the move to fight Citizens United, and with the existence of End Citizens United, the fight for the freedom to not be influenced by money in elections has finally found its central advocate.

In the report from USA Today, more than $4 million has been hauled over by the group of grassroots organizations, individuals, and other concerned groups to find an end to what Citizens United started.

The fundraising efforts will expect a projected $35 million in the coming months, according to USA Today. End Citizens United continues today to be a very passionate group that has individuals vigorously fighting against the intrusion of big money into how politics operates in the country. There is right now an average of $12 from each person of the donation that is given to the group’s active campaigns to end the money’s influence in American politics.

The spokesman of End Citizens United Adam Bozzi mentioned that the team built more links today to different campaign-finance groups to continue the fight. In their recent campaign, End Citizens United wanted fellow Republicans to rescue themselves against voting Betsy DeVos to be the Republican secretary under Trump’s administration.

Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

Marketing executive Lori Senecal has spent a number of years providing companies with the assistance they need to improve their marketing campaigns. Over the years, Lori has helped numerous companies find better ways to promote their products and services. Along with promoting products and services better, companies have been able to get more customers and provide more satisfaction with current ones due to Lori’s expertise. As of today, she is the current chief executive officer of the advertising firm known as CP+B. In her stint at this firm, she has proven to provide expertise that has helped many companies get more exposure and higher profitability.

According to Ad Week, one of the companies that Lori has helped is Kraft Mac & Cheese. The company recently looked to make their products without any artificial ingredients. Lori advised the company to not do this because it would negatively impact sales. According to Lori, parents would become alienated by their kids due to getting a product that no longer tasted as good. Therefore, the company waited to announce the change. Once the company was able to sell 50 million boxes with no artificial ingredients, Kraft was able to get lots of positive exposure from the media. As of now, the product remains a best seller among consumers.

Another company that Lori has recently assisted is Letgo. Salary.com says that this company offers people an application which allows them to sell and promote various products. With the help of Lori Senecal, Letgo was introduced to the Commercializer which provided a TV ad on the internet to promote various products. With this new feature, a number of sellers have been able to promote and sell their products more effectively through an engaging advertisement. With this product, 45 million downloads were completed within the last year.

Senecal has also helped the company that makes the NBA 2K video games. In 2016, the newest edition of the game was released. With the new game, players were able to use the Fitbit app to enhance their playing experience. This new feature enabled players to link their game profile to the Fitbit app and improve the abilities of the characters they use. As a result, people who played NBA 2K were in position to have a more positive experience playing this game. View Lori’s full profile on crunchbase.com.

Read More: http://affiliatedork.com/lori-senecal-shares-current-trends-for-creating-powerful-facebook-ads

Logan Stout is Dedicated to Health

Logan Stout is someone who founded a company that is focused on health and wellness. He is someone who cares about the health and wellness of various individuals and who works hard to help people improve their lives. He is focused on caring for the body and helping it to stay in good shape. He is the founder and CEO of IDLife, a company that is meant to help people take care of their bodies and keep them in good health. The work that he is doing is making a difference, and it is helping all kinds of people to create brighter futures for themselves by changing the way that they are living their lives now.

Logan Stout is someone who is interested in baseball. He wants to help those who like baseball in the way that he does change the way that they play. This man is all about bettering a person regarding their health but also regarding the way that they play sports. He founded Premier Baseball Academy as a place where people can go to train their bodies. It is a place where people can learn more about baseball and get some practice in, where they can become better at the sport spend time exercising.

Social media is something that is important in the lives of many individuals, and Logan Stout is someone who is active on social media. He is accessible to those who would like to learn from him. This man is available to encourage people on to live their best life. Logan Stout grew up with a single mother, and he knows that life can sometimes be a struggle. He is a motivating individual who knows what sometimes a person has to fight for success, and he is committed to fighting hard and to staying healthy as he fights.

IDLife Learn More: https://www.idlifeforyou.com/

A Review of White Shark Media and PC Ads

White shark media is a leading digital marketing company that has been helping small and medium sized business find online marketing solutions. The organization is well-known, and it is among the fastest growing businesses in North America. Recently, white shark media signed a partnership agreement with Google to assist with the management of AdWords. The role of the agency is to help and support various enterprises that lack time and resources to conduct their advertising campaigns. The company provides skills, customer services and experience offering its clients time to concentrate on operating their business.

White shark media was established in 2011 when three experienced Danish entrepreneurs came together. The three business men had a vast knowledge of how both the offline and online marketing works. By combining a domestic and offshore presence and with a bilingual workers base, the team ensured the success of white shark. The company has triggered the growth of numerous companies in the whole of America, by allowing business use their online marketing techniques and tools. They also strive to track their customers frequently to find out how their efforts are progressing.

Since the economy is experiencing a rampant growth of online shopping, advertising agencies are trying to put more concentration on ads that are retail-related only. Thus, this has forced the retail industry to start using online advertising to market their online business. For that reason, experts have provided some tips on better ways the retailers can successfully conduct their PPC e-commerce campaigns.

Consider where to advertise

Note that retails will have plenty alternatives for advertising when it comes to PPC e-commerce ads. However, the primary options include the Amazon Advertising and Google Merchant Centre. That offers great alternatives where retailers can host their products.

Keep shopping feeds

It is for suitable for those who use Google Merchant Centre as an advertising platform. With the help of shopping feeds, the platform can pull data information for AdWords eCommerce campaigns. Thus, once a retailer merges this platform with the Google AdWords, he will be able to advertise the product in the form of shopping ads. Product Listing Ads will then retrieve all the details about the product from the shopping feed where Google will use the same information to advertise the product. A successful PPC eCommerce campaign must have a good re-marketing campaign since the majority of interested buyers will start as researchers.


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