George Soros’ Insight on Leadership and World Politics

One of the most revered personalities in the field of philanthropy and business is George Soros. His hard can be dated back to ten years ago. Aside from business, George is also a force to reckon in international politics and philanthropy. Through his educational programs and by offering motivational talks, George Soros has been able to mentor leaders who are hardworking, intelligent and transparent. The businessman gained a lot of popularity in the corporate world when he placed a bet against the British pound and managed to earn himself a sum of $1 billion in just 24 hours. He is accorded a lot of respect for his wittiness and smart moves in making investments. He has been documented in many newspapers and publication platforms. One of his documentaries is the Tragedy of The European Union. Learn more about George at The Atlantic.

Recently, George Soros decided to fulfill one of his long-term goals in the business world. According to the Wall Street Journal, the business leader transferred a massive $18 billion to the OSF charity so that the organization can continue advancing the gospel of good leadership, democratic governments, and protection of human rights. This act puts George Soros ahead of the pack on matters philanthropy. It is expected that the billionaire will transfer most his wealth to charity during his lifetime.

George Soros does not flinch when it comes to taking part in an initiative that creates a positive impact in communities all around the world. Most of his books talk of how overly relying on capitalistic ideologies affect the economy. As a person known for speaking out against lousy leadership, George has managed to bring to light many conversations about leadership and democracy. Soros also holds various degrees from universities in the US. Among them the Yale School of Management and the University of Oxford. These institutions proudly recognize the excellent work of Soros towards developing the world’s economy. Learn more about his profile at

Many future entrepreneurs look up to George Soros as a mentor. He mentors them on how they can improve leadership and find solutions that will improve the lives of people. During apartheid in South Africa, he was in the frontline and stood with the black students who were denied education because of their race. He offered the grants and scholarships so they could go to school and in turn better their communities. In the US he is a proponent of minority groups that are despised. Among these groups, we have the LGBT community, sex workers and victims of drug and substance abuse.

George Soros is committed in his bid to mentor leaders who can hold the governments accountable. According to George, transparent, just and responsible politics play a significant role in ensuring the society grows. A considerable part of his wealth is directed towards programs that aim at empowering young people. This is so that they can push for better leadership from the leaders they elect. His charity firm known as the Open Society Foundations has achieved a lot of results from looking into humanitarian crises all around the world.


Attorney Karl Heideck Advises Pennsylvannians Not to Sing in the Bath Tub

Every state no doubt has some bizarre laws on the books. Letting a donkey sleep in a bathtub is illegal in Arizona. There are also some unique laws in force in Pennsylvania.

The Key Stone State has established its own laws governing residential bathrooms. Campers and house trailers are exempt from a law mandating that a child’s bedroom be no more than 200′ from the lavatory.

Further compliance with this law requires the bathroom have a shower stall or tub. One word of caution, if the child or any household member should sing while in that tub they will be committing an illegal act.

Outdoorsmen in Pennsylvania should be aware that employing dynamite to catch fish is illegal. It also violates state game laws to use goldfish, the variety of goldfish known as comets, and carp as live bait. Also, please use a line and hook instead of your hands to land fish.

Big game hunters are not allowed to shoot an animal if the animal is swimming. The penalties for this are such that if you shoot a bathing deer or bear and get caught you will not be laughing. It is also illegal to undertake bagging game in a cemetery.

Ladies, do not have more than fifteen roommates. A sixteenth roommate will cause your home to be reclassified as a bordello. When cleaning your house whatever you do do not sweep dirt under the rug.

If someone uses being inebriated during the ceremony as grounds for ending a marriage they will be confessing to breaking the law. Members of the clergy need to make sure a bride and groom are sober before proceeding with a wedding ceremony.

If anyone celebrates recent nuptials with firearms, fireworks, or literally, with artillery, they will be violating a law prohibiting private citizens from touching off cannons.

Karl Heideck currently practices law in the Philadelphia area. He made a name for himself addressing issues stemming from the financial meltdown of 2008. Karl Heideck has experience with acquisition, liquidity, and risk management. He has also worked on cases involving securities fraud and banking litigation.

A 2003 graduate of Swarthmore College Karl Heideck holds a bachelor’s degree from that school. While at Swarthmore he focused on English and writing. Skills that he uses today to publish a legal blog. Karl Heideck’s law degree is from Temple University where he was recognized as an outstanding student.

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Fabletic’s ability to leverage the Power of Client Reviews

Most successful companies have managed to get to where they are because of their ability to leverage the rapidly growing power of the crowd. One of such brands is Fabletics, which has managed to attract millions of subscribers to its online platform. The fashion enterprise was founded by Kate Hudson and Techstyle’s executive. Many consumers buy products because of their excellent reputation and the positive reviews that they receive from clients. Brands have started capitalizing on the new consumer behavior and have developed unique marketing strategies that are based on reviews. Fabletics has focused on the opinions of its customers, and this has enabled it to experience a 200 percent growth since 2013. The worth of the company is currently more than $250 million.


The positive consumer reviews that the fashion company gets drive thousands of clients to buy its products. The remarks have also been critical in boosting client loyalty and retention. Most consumers trust online reviews, and they consider them as an honest opinion about brands or products. Fabletics has established its online presence, and people can quickly get information about it. All the reviews about the company are crowdsourced. Over 80 percent of internet users believe in consumer reviews, and this has greatly assisted in enhancing Fabletic’s reputation.


Many people have lost their trust in the traditional advertising methods. The crowd currently has the power to decide the best products in the markets. Fabletic’s administrators understand how to utilize the power of the crown in improving the image of a brand. A significant percentage of consumers read online reviews since the internet is easily accessible in the current world. Companies that receive negative comments from clients are likely to be ignored by people since they will not have faith in their products. Fabletics has been striving to retain an excellent online reputation. The firm includes consumer reviews and testimonial whenever it conducts marketing campaigns, and this has helped in boosting its sales since many people depend on the crowdsourced remarks for information.


Fabletics’s online platform engages its consumers. All the athletics wear clothing and accessories that it offers to its subscribers are based on information that is the acquired from reviews. The company also provides membership forms to its new clients to learn more about their fashion preferences. The information that the firm collects from the customers enables it to know the type of clothes that it will offer them. Its consumer reviews attract hundreds of thousands of clients every year.


Companies that are reviewed well online have excellent search engine rankings. Fabletics is determined to give outstanding products and customer service that can help in improving its online reputation. Most subscribers are satisfied with the quality of the brand’s athletic wear and have been referring other people to become members. The firm has successfully retained about 85 percent of its customers. Kate Hudson and Fabletic’s employees have mastered the art of the leveraging the power of consumer reviews. She is a confident individual and understands how to interact with customers in a friendly manner.

Mighty Fortress Church, Among Others, Make It To The List Of Top Churches In Minnesota

Churches are some of the most beautiful structures in any area owing to the beautiful architecture that encapsulates these places. They are not just an essential part of the community, but also adds a certain touch of serenity to the place that they are in. We have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful churches in the state of Minnesota.

  1. Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church

Number one on our list of most beautiful churches in Minnesota is the Mighty Fortress Church. The church has a beautiful aura and atmosphere around it that is calming and serene, just as a church should be. The Mighty Fortress Church in itself has some of the most beautiful architecture around and stands as an icon in the area around which it is in. The church is open to anyone coming from different walks of life and encourages people to participate in the services that take place here. Visitors who want to have a look at the church and not participate in the services are also permitted to do so. Watch this video on Youtube.

  1.  Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church

 Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church

Coming in at number two on our list is the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church. The church is again a magnificent structure in the area and gets visitors from all over the country who want to come and admire the beauty of this church. The church has a wonderful composition and follows traditional Gothic architecture. Built in the 1920s, this church has been able to stand the test of time and is also one of the second tallest buildings in the state.


  1.  Assumption Chapel

 Assumption Chapel

One look at the Assumption Chapel and one would think that they are in a magical place straight out of a fairytale. In the midst of lush greenery and beautiful sceneries, this magnificent chapel is one of a kind, and a must visit for anyone who wants to have a look at some of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota. The church is extremely small but looks like a little wooden house which gives it its magical feel. The chapel is actually in its second iteration since the first chapel was destroyed by a devastating tornado. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Sentient AI and the Future of A/B Testing

The future of sentient A/I is rapidly expanding, entering our homes and businesses. With sentient A/I programs and tools being developed around the world, utilizing software that assists with A/B testing is more useful than ever. Implementing A/B testing is a major component when developing and executing advertising and marketing campaigns. Combining sentient AI and A/B testing has a number of benefits that are ideal for any industry.

What is Sentient AI?

AI is wildly known as “artificial intelligence” within both the science and sci-fi communities today. While artificial intelligence continues to grow in popularity and within modern trends, it is also beginning to show signs of having the ability to live as a “sentient” being. Sentient AI refers to technology created that is fully aware of its own existence, which is both alarming and exciting to many involved within the tech field. With sentient AI, it is much easier to receive emotionally-based responses with the robot’s increased self-awareness.


Benefits of Utilizing Sentient AI with A/B Testing

Because A/B testing is implemented throughout most businesses today, utilizing sentient AI is extremely useful to quickly gain more information about the metrics of each marketing campaign you launch.

Tracking data with sentient AI allows you to do so with the assistance of a computer while also having the ability to gather data regarding emotional responses of those who share information with you. A/B testing can be done in less time by selecting optimized images, videos, and other media you plan to share during the testing phase of your marketing campaign.

Selecting the right choice when launching a widespread marketing campaign for potential customers is often done with various types of A/B tests prior to going live. Using sentient AI helps to keep better track of all data while also saving as much time as possible during A/B tests with proper optimization.

As AI technology continues to grow and expand in everyday life, choosing to use sentient A/I for marketing techniques such as A/B testing is likely to soon become the “norm” within society as we know it. With the right tools and programs, implementing sentient AI with A/B testing is sure to take off as one of the industry’s standards in terms of marketing and growth.

Migrant Rights Group Comes Down hard on Moria Migrant Camp

The Moria Migrant Camp, located on the Aegean Island in Lesvas, was brought to the attention of the Greek parliament for its migrant rights violations by the human rights group, Human Rights Watch (HRW).

HRW’s Finding

The island’s migrant camp currently under Greek rule, was said to be in direct violation of disability rights by HRV researchers.

The researchers claimed that both Greek and European governments have failed to provide proper living conditions for those seeking shelter and employment at the camp.

HRW researchers believed that the less than humane conditions of the camp were due largely to its high population. As of right now, the migrant camp in Lesvos has to accommodate a population that is more than twice the capacity it can reasonably handle.

Other criticisms of the camp included food shortages, improper supplies and medication for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, sexual harassment, not enough blankets, and inadequate showering facilities.

HRW’s Pleas to Government Officials

HRW has already contacted Greek government officials in charge of such matters to discuss the situation in Moria. However, until now they have not gotten any reply. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

What is more, all of HRW’s efforts to engage European officials have also ended in failure as the European Government does not feel itself responsible for the situation. They basically think that is up to Greece to solve the problem.


Greece seems to not want to handle the situation either, as the government says that their policies for the transfer of camp members to the mainland is strictly prohibited and therefore it can do nothing about the overpopulation problem there. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

HRW, however, is not going along with this so-called policy as they say that they can not find any legal agreement that makes such claims.

The human rights group has also challenged the idea by certain officials to transfer camp members to ships to reduce the population problem within the camp. This suggestion seems a bit inhumane to them.

Instead, HRW would like Greece to consider a transfer policy to accommodate the extra members on the island camp. They think this is the only viable solution at the moment to overcome the population problem in Moria.

Lacy & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund was started by Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. They started the fund through settlement money won from a case uncovering corruption within the Phoenix Sheriff’s department.

The fund seeks to help migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona, as well as support groups that uphold civil and human rights.

Greg Secker — Account Expert

Greg Secker is many things in his extravagant life. He is a father. He is an entrepreneur. He is a philanthropist. He is an international speaker. He is a master trader. Perhaps, the most impressive thing he is, is a multifaceted human being. He has founded many companies, including: Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, FX Capital, the Knowledge to Action Group, and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Learn to Trade is one of the global leaders in securities trading education. Their offices are located in London, Sydney, Manila, and Johannesburg. Greg Secker is often called to speak at many occasions and thanks to his motivation and trading courses, many people have been able to change their lives. He is a shining light in the world of finance. SmartCharts Software is an excellent provider of trading technology; they develop securities trading platforms that make traders’ and brokers’ jobs easier. The software is visual and informative. Greg works hard with his team of developers to provide the highest quality product possible. Capital Index is Greg’s brokerage firm. With them, he assists families and businesses wisely invest their savings. His team of brokers create high levels of rapport with clientele and coach them through the best investments and investment strategies to achieve their life goals. FX Capital is Greg Secker’s exclusively managed account for forex investment services. When high profile clients wish to invest in foreign exchange, Greg helps them grow their money. The Greg Secker Foundation is Greg’s philanthropic exploration and a wonderful service to humankind. The organization is one hundred percent committed to helping people around the world improve their quality of life. It is quite a wondrous endeavor.

Greg Secker began his career in the field of investment through Thomas Cook Financial services. He enjoyed his time with the firm and learned the ins and outs of the business. While at Thomas Cook Financial services, clients would often brag to their friends, “Oh yes, Greg. He’s a great guy, he doubled my portfolio!” Indeed, Greg went the extra mile to fish out the best stocks for all of his clients.

Historical figure James Larkin

James Larkin parents were Irish, but he was born in Liverpool on January 21, 1876. He didn’t come from a very wealthy family, and they had to struggle just to make ends meets. He received a deficient formal education.

Due to poverty, he worked as a casual labor, by the time he was in his twenties he had gotten a regular employment. While he was working, he saw the poor state people were working in, and he believed that workers were being mistreated.

That’s what lead him to join the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) in 1905. Which lead to him becoming the activists when it came to the trade union organizing.

In 1907, there as an alarm that had caused James Larkin to be moved to Dublin. When he arrived in Dublin, his activism didn’t end there. The Irish transport and general worker (ITGWU) was the one that he founded when he got to Dublin. His goal was that all the workers belong to one welfare it didn’t matter if they were skilled, unskilled and industrial workers.

Later on, Larkin went ahead to form the Irish labor party. The responsibility of the party was to lead the strikes. One of the significant strike that it lead was the one that was carried in 1913 the Dublin lockout, more than 1000,000 workers participated in the strike. The strike went on for like eight months, but at the end, they won.

After James got what he wanted from the Dublin Lockout. In 1914 he traveled to the United States where he was going to attend a lecture tour, and still raise funds to enable fight the British.

While in America he joined the socialist party of America, and the other one was the industrial workers. After the death of his friend James Connolly in 1918, that’s when Larkin founded the James Connolly socialist club while still in New York.

In 920, things did not go well for him because he was convicted because of criminal anarchy, he was then pardoned for three years, and later it caused him to be deported back to Ireland. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

There, in 1924 he formed the worker union, and he became the member of the labor party. Even until his death on 30th January 1797, he was still working for the welfare of the workers.

Goettl Tells People The Following Ways To Manage Their Home’s Cooling

When people have questions about installing or managing a heating and cooling system, Goettl is one company that they call to find out all they need to know. Goettl has spent years installing and maintaining heating and cooling units for residents all across Arizona and parts of Nevada, California and Colorado and they’ve achieved some of the highest satisfaction ratings in the HVAC industry. Goettl has also been very generous to their local communities from helping out families in need, to donating to community college programs with HVAC training. They put out a recent article on what homeowners should do to help keep cooling costs down.

Goettl says that homes aren’t just cooled by having a big central air system, and in fact air conditioning units that are too big could actually drive up cooling costs even more. It’s important to have installation technicians pick the right size condenser and run the right length of ducts through the home to make sure the unit is only running when its supposed to. Goettl also says the unit should be installed in a location where it won’t be constantly exposed to sunlight because the extra heat from the sunlight could cause it to run more often. Goettl also says homeowners should have their homes insulated thoroughly for both summer and winter. Check out to know more.

Goettl is named for its founders Adam and Gust Goettl who began the company back in 1939. At times the company prospered, and at at times it went through hardships, but it was Ken Goodrich who took over in 2010 and helped make it highly profitable and even has formed partnerships with other companies such as the Sunny Plumber and Las Vegas Air. Goettl is also a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America and has won several awards for outstanding HVAC service.

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End Citizens United: The Peoples Fight for Campaign Finance Reform

On January 21st, 2010 the United States Supreme Court decided Citizens United V. F.E.C by a 5-4 decision. The Court held that the free speech clause of the first amendment prevents the government from restricting political expenditures by corporations and other associations. Citizens United v. F.E.C. revolutionized the landscape of American elections. It established the legal precedent for the idea that “Corporations are people” with the same rights as citizens, opening the door for special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money in American elections.

On March 1st, 2015 the people decided to fight back by forming End Citizens United; a grassroots Political Action Committee dedicated to reforming our campaign finance system. End Citizens United is working toward this goal by electing pro-reform candidates, raising awareness to the corrosive nature of money in politics, and using the ballot referendum process to pass pro-reform laws at the state level.

Campaign finance advocates should find hope in polling. Campaign finance reform has become a key talking point and a hot-button issue among voters. Surveys show Americans overwhelmingly support groups pushing for policies that would create public financing or limit corporate money in politics. A recent study shows that almost 90% of Americans believe that the influence of special interests negatively effects government. Research conducted by End Citizens United itself reported that two out of every three voters believe the amount of money in politics affects peoples daily lives.

Having endorsed 87 candidates to date, End Citizens United is supporting a wide array of pro-reform candidates. From political heavyweights such as Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi to Randy Brice, Speaker Paul Ryan’s Democratic challenger, End Citizens united hopes to usher in leaders that will end the rigged system and reform our campaign finance laws.

End Citizens United will connect these campaigns with local grassroots supporters at the state and district level. End Citizens United has also built a 380,000 small-dollar national donor network with the hopes of being able to raise massive amounts of money to help fight corporate donations. This cycle, End Citizens United has already raised more than $3 million for its endorsed candidate from thousands of small-dollar grassroots donors. End Citizens United estimates project that they will raise $35million for the 2018 cycle, with an average donation of $14. For more info about us: click here.

Citizens United destroyed a century’s worth of legal precedent aimed at reducing the amount of corruption in our electoral system. The people, however, are taking a stand to reject corporate Super PAC money and make sure that politicians are accountable to their constituents rather than special interests. Overturning Citizens United would mean that anyone could run for office, no longer limited by monetary or financial constraints. It would give us an electoral system that more fairly and accurately represents us, the people.