What Makes Hussain Sajwani A Great Investor

The United Arab Emirates is known for its vast petroleum oil resources. For this reason, the country is graced with many tycoons, thanks to the massive oil sales. When you talk of Arab moguls, the next thing that comes to mind is oil. Well, that may be the case with many tycoons, but it is totally different with Hussain Sajwani. Over time, he has amassed a lot of affluence and investments in and out of the UAE. Currently, he sits at the helm of his well-connected property development firm, DAMAC.


Hussain Sajwani rose from a humble beginning. He was born in 1956 in UAE and proceeded to acquire his college education at the University of Washington. Soon after, he joined the job market through GASCO, an oil firm, as a Contracts Manager. Unfortunately for the company, he was not ready to work for them for long. As soon as his management experience and skills were sharpened, he opted out of the oil firm to start a catering business of his own. Lucky, business was so good that over time, he began expanding his services all over the Emirates.


Currently, Hussain Sajwani is among the leading investors in Dubai. Due to his entrepreneurial efforts, he led to the expansion of Dubai’s property market by committing a huge amount of his finances in the securities market. Over his investment journey, he also established the world-renowned DICO Investments as his maiden investment company, which was nothing short of successful. Even with all these achievements on his sleeves, Hussain was not done yet. Using his clinical eye in business, he identified an opportunity in the building and construction industry and resolved to establish DAMAC Properties.


DAMAC Properties is a renowned firm that focuses on developing both commercial and residential properties. It has its headquarters in Dubai. The company has experienced incredible growth and achieved significant milestones to become one of the leading property development firms in the whole of UAE.


To date, its accomplishments are countless. It has successfully developed 17,900 new properties and completely transformed other 44,000 that already existed. Due to his amazing achievements, Sajwani has been placed in a global scale that has enabled him to collaborate with prominent personalities in the world like Donald Trump in the construction of the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai. Amid all this success, Hussain Sajwani has a soft heart for the less fortunate in the society. He donated 2 million AEDs in support of clothing a million underprivileged children. Learn morer: http://blog.raynatours.com/top-10-richest-men-uae/


Sheldon Lavin Continues to Propel OSI Group to Excellence

Sheldon Lavin currently assumes the role of the President and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, a premier global supplier of meat and food products. OSI Group comprises OSI International Food, LLC and OSI Industries. It currently operates over 70 facilities in 17 nations. Sheldon Lavin is a holder of a degree in Finance and Accounting. His extensive educational background allowed him to initiate a financing deal for the Otto & Sons before becoming its managing partner. Sheldon Lavin’s consulting firm worked closely with food processing companies such as the Otto & Sons to help them secure expansion capital. It is through this that Sheldon Lavin was appointed by Otto & Sons as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Sheldon Lavin gained a 50% controlling stake of OSI Group in the late 1980s and subsequently 100% following the retirement of the company’s founder, Otto Kolschowsky. During his regime, OSI Group has grown from a small family-owned meat shop to a global enterprise operating over 70 facilities across the world. OSI Group currently has more than 20,000 workers across the globe. With an annual revenue of $6 billion, OSI Group ranks as one of the top 50 private enterprises in the world. Throughout his 43-years tenure at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has earned numerous prestigious awards for his excellence. He was recently awarded by the India’s Vision World Academy with the 2016 Global Visionary Award for his excellent performance in the world of food processing. The award goes to individuals who contribute significantly toward humanity through persistence and perseverance to reach their goals. The RSM US LLP awarded Sheldon Lavin with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for his commitment to the food industry and the Chicago business community.

Beyond his role as the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin still finds time to engage in charities. He has interest in the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the Ronald McDonald House Charity, Evans Scholarship Fund, and Jewish United Fund. These awards position Sheldon Lavin as an individual who has worked tirelessly to improve the future of the modern society. Besides scaling OSI Group globally, Sheldon Lavin has also helped the company to earn numerous sustainability and environmental awards. He hopes that the next generation of leaders will continue to invest in sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. The mission of Sheldon Lavin is to inspire young entrepreneurs to dedicate toward the growth of the global commerce and grow their ventures responsibly.

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Highland Capitals Pivot to Asia and Its Incredible Reputation

Founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993, Highland Capital Management, L.P. is one of the largest investment advisory companies in the market, which has assets under management, together with its partners, worth of around $15.4 billion. The staff of Highland Capital is also one of the most experienced ones, trained explicitly by excellent financial managers.

Highland has a very diverse client base, which includes governments, financial institutions, endowments, public pension plans, corporations, fund of funds, and individuals who have achieved their own millions and billions of dollars. Many entrepreneurs and business developers trust Highland Capital Management to take care of their earnings and invest them in the best places. Highland specializes in credit and investment strategies such as distressed and special-situation private equity, long/short equities, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and long-only funds and separate accounts. Read this article at PR Newswire.

To illustrate the financial strategies of the company, in mid-2017, Highland Capital launched a healthcare fund worth $147 million that is backed by South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). The S. Korea NPS has a value of around 565 trillion Korean Won or $499.8 billion and has a corpus worth of $465.13 billion according to a report of Sovereign Wealth Fund.

The objective of investors participating in Highland Capital’s healthcare fund with S. Korea NPS lies within their investment returns in the healthcare space. This benefits their investment strategies in China, Korea, and the US because it gives them access to opportunities for co-investment. Read this article at Dallas News.

In its pivot to Asia, Highland Capital is going to partner with Stonebridge Capital, a Korean-owned venture capital firm and private equity that will co-manage the fund. It has been observed that there is an increase of interest to invest in the healthcare sector among Asian investors and Highland is looking to capitalize on that, nothing that the strategy of the fund is in tune with Highland’s core capabilities.

The company is located in Dallas, Texas. If you live close to Dallas, or want one of the best financial advisory companies in the industry, Highland Capital is one of our biggest recommendations, and you will be paired with experienced professionals who will ask you what type of financial plan do you want, and your personal goals are.

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New Research Points To Healthy Coffee Drinking

The Organo Gold brand has been bringing healthy coffee-based products throughout the 21st-century and has built a loyal fanbase based on a powerful range of products including the healthy supplement Ganoderma. A mushroom-based supplement, Ganoderma has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for its anti-oxidant and healing properties which are now being seen by the consumers choosing to start their day with a healthy coffee beverage from Organo Gold. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Two new studies published in respected medical and scientific journals are now showing the claims of good health linked to coffee of Organo Gold to be true as the chance of death from a range of medical conditions was shown to be reduced in coffee drinkers. The two studies agreed with each other about the lowered risk of commonly seen medical conditions such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes; those who reported drinking two to three cups of coffee were reported to have an 18 percent lower risk of certain medical conditions in a study completed among more than 150,000 U.S. citizens. Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.

Read: http://www.didyouknow.it/coffee/organo-tells-history-coffee-international-coffee-day-approaches/

One of the most impressive aspects of the studies which included one covering ten European nations has been the revelation race has little impact on the reduction of percentage chance of contracting a dangerous medical condition. The European study produced results highlighting the fact the risk of death for those drinking several coffees each day was significantly lower than those who did not.

Organo Gold has set itself some lofty goals including improving the good health of millions of people across the planet; from its headquarters in Canada, Organo Gold has partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation in a bid to build a better future for their customers through a range of empowering books and other products. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

10 Rustic Designs You’re Sure to Love

For that genuine rustic feel, there are a few basics you can keep in mind. First of all, the use of wood (especially reclaimed or salvaged) is definitely a key point. Although it can always be repainted in your preferred colour, fixtures and furniture pieces tend to be heavier for a sturdier look. Metal accents and warm lighting is also used to highlight and brighten up the space.

Here are a few examples of rustic living spaces to inspire you.

Repurposed Barn Structure

Have a barn/garage you’ll like to repurpose? As you can see, this space was converted into a spacious guest room. Honey-tone floor boards instantly brighten up the space and is offset beautifully with a darker tone wall panelling. A partial barn door with metal trim and wooden overhead beams is the perfect addition to this rustic concept.

Exterior Metal Wainscoting

Although wainscoting is more prominently used on home interiors, this here is a perfect example of metal wainscoting for the exterior. Not only does it perfectly suit a rustic design concept, it’s also durable and pairs well with wood accents (in this case the structured beams and columns). The exterior window trim is also made of metal while the interior window trim is made of wood for a double-side effect.

Using Salvaged Wood

For that rustic feel anywhere in your home, the acquisition and display of salvaged wood truly reflects an emphasis on the natural. Take this wooden counter top for example. With the right sanding and polishing, it’s made suitable as a kitchen island top that can last for the longest time.

Emphasis on the Natural

Large pieces of reclaimed oak (not panels) was used to great effect for this bathroom counter. With the addition of warm lighting and a sliding door made of the same material, you’ll end up with a cosy atmosphere that’s just perfectly matched with honey wall tones.

Splashes of Colour

Are you a fan of bright colours and intricate patterns? Beadboard wainscoting can prominently featured in the kitchen on both the cabinetry and walls, but is differentiated by panel sizing. With rustic design, there really is no limit to your preferred colours. The look is completed with accents of colours to brighten up the place.

A Lighter Feel

You wouldn’t normally think of an all-white space when you imagine a rustic concept, but that’s exactly what this bathroom does so well. Just imagine a light, airy feeling as soon as you step inside. Polished silver accents can be seen in several parts and the integration of white beadboard wainscoting and light-tone floor boards serves to brighten up the entire interior.

Mixture of Cool and Warm Tones

A tin bathtub is pretty much expected in a rustic setting and this bathroom definitely doesn’t disappoint. A strategically placed bay window with wooden shutters and slanted wooden panels complete the entire look. Since this design is a mix of both warm and cool tones, the horizontal wainscoting remains a neutral white against limestone wall tiles and travertine floor tiles.

All-Wood Concept

Too much wood? There really is no such thing. The kitchen is a prime example of the right mix of reclaimed wood and carefully polished dark wood panels. With a wooden overhead ceiling and copper plated fixtures, this concept truly represents a traditional touch that’s still welcomed to this day.

A Contemporary Twist

For a lighter contemporary feel, it’s good to mix and match different elements. In this bathroom, the dominant colour is white and black, but the installation of a vanity and wall wainscoting made from reclaimed barn wood provides a dash of nature that pairs well in stark contrast.

An Eclectic Mix

Who doesn’t love the feel of sitting in front of a warm and cosy fireplace? With warm, natural elements dominating the space, you can’t help but feel welcomed the minute you enter. A mixture of reclaimed and polished wood in different tones help to deliver an eclectic flavour to a more traditional concept.

Observe nature and be inspired for your next home renovation idea. Sometimes the perfect solution is going back to the roots of the soul.

Offer to Sponsor the Dallas Women’s Foundation

NexBank is a Dallas-based regional bank. It recently announced that it would sponsor the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. It intends to donate $100,000 to support the organization in advancing the leadership and economic security affairs of women.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation has scheduled its 2017 Annual Luncheon on October 20th. The luncheon will be held at a Dallas-based hotel, the Hilton Anatole Hotel. Dr. Hope Jahrem, one of the TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential Individuals, is expected to feature as a keynote speaker. Dr. Hope Jahrem is one of the best-selling authors and an award-winning scientist. His address will be live-streamed to over 10,000 students in 20 elementary schools across North Texas.

The luncheon is held in every year with over 1000 business, community, and civic leaders in attendance. The Dallas Women’s Foundation features in the list of the world’s leading women’s fund. It is a trusted market leader in advancing economic and leadership change for girls and women across the United States.

About NexBank

NexBank is a Dallas-based regional bank valued at $6.4 billion in assets. It is also a charter operator that dates back to 1922. It specializes in the provision of mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services to all its clients across North Texas. It serves corporations, institutional clients, and financial institutions across the United States.

James Dondero is NexBank’s founder. He is also the founder of Highland Capital Management one of the leading collateralized loan obligations in the United States. He boasts of over three decades of experience as an executive in the credit markets. James Dondero worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary before founding NexBank. Over time, he has grown NexBank from a small investment bank to a premier mortgage bank in North America. James Dondero’s management experience spans from high-yield bonds, derivatives, common stocks, emerging market debt, and mortgage-backed securities. From 1985 to 1989, he was working at American Express where he was responsible for approximately $1 billion worth of assets. He had to undertake a financial training program at JP Morgan before joining American Express. His relentless efforts at the University of Virginia earned him a BS in Commerce.

Talkspace: Let Your Worries Go Away

One of the most exhausting things for someone to deal with is worrying. It is a waste of time and it is very exhausting. However, as someone that worries quite a bit and suffers from mental illness, it is not something that someone can control. It is part of their life, whether they like it or not. I don’t know too many people that like it. As a matter of fact, most people hate it and for good reason. It really damages the quality of their life. They are not able to be themselves, be free, and just simply live.

They see other people do it, and they wish they could feel like them, be like them, and act like them. However, it is always important to stay true to yourself. You can stop worrying and you can also regain your sense of self. That happens when someone joins Talkspace, an app that allows people to chat with therapists via text message, phone call, or video one-on-one. It gives them the tools to talk to a therapist at an affordable price. They don’t even need to leave the house or worry about how they are going to pay for it. Talkspace is for the customers. They are looking out for them and they want them to get the help.

As with most things, there are different cases of mental illness. Some are more severe than others and some are less severe. No matter what they are, Talkspace has the professionals to step up and help them over the phone. Sometimes they just need to hear a calm and soothing voice to know that everything is going to be OK and they have nothing, at all, to worry about and they will have the necessary tools to improve their quality of life.

Clay Siegall: Changing the World Through Innovation

Seattle Genetics is poised to make a big impact in the world of biotechnology. Under the leadership of dedicated Chairman, President, CEO, and co-founder Clay Siegall, the company is working harder than ever to make the switch from a moderately sized biotech company to the world of big pharma. Siegall explains that he modeled the business strategy of the famed entrepreneur Art Levison and his work with Genentech in the early development of Seattle Genetics. He hopes to mimic important aspects of Levison’s business plan to bolster his already successful pharmaceutical company. To accomplish this goal, Siegall has Seattle Genetics pointed in a very specific direction with the development of several new drugs with big treatment goals. One major field of medicine that Seattle Genetics has taken interest in is oncology. In a recent article with Seattlebusinessmag.com, Siegel discusses the implications these drugs will have in the medical community after their successful testing. While Seattle Genetics is currently working on the release of 11 pharmaceuticals, Siegall is specifically interested in the success of four. These four are Adcetris, 33A, 22ME. And LIV1. Each drug has been created to target specific cancer, and Siegall is confident that they will hit the market with stunning medical implications for those who may stand to benefit from them.

Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, Siegall obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He eventually used his degree to obtain a job with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute, and The National Institute of Health. While each of these jobs represented a major time in Siegall’s knowledge development, they were also stepping stones to his eventual development of Seattle Genetics.

Currently, Siegall is still serving as the company’s Chairman, CEO, and president. In 2001, Siegall spearheaded a funding raising campaign in which Seattle Genetics went to a public offering company. This event generated over $675 million in revenue and contributed to the significant development of the company. In addition to his duties with Seattle Genetics, Siegall is also a sitting member of the Board of Directors for Alder BioPharmaceuticals. While Siegall seems to have everything he might need professionally, he has made it clear that Seattle Genetics is always going to be pushing forward in the biotech industry. His hard work and dedication have helped push the company into the top tier of its field. As Siegel leads Seattle Genetics into the future, there is no doubt they are only just beginning to change the world.

The History and Development of The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects is a prestigious organization that was designed to adhere to a certain code of conducts for licensed architectures around the world. The organization is stationed in Washington, D.C., where it began its origin of rules. The constitutional bylaws directly related to the AIA was crafted by 13 architects in 1857. They worked together to construct the overall design by promoting their professional public image. The AIA offers educational benefits, advocacy related to the government, subsequent community restructures, and primal support from the public. Robert Ivy serves as the CEO while Thomas Vonier acts as the President.

The original architects that founded the AIA worked together for several months before they decided to invite 16 other architects. Alexander Jackson Davis, Thomas U. Walter, and Calvert Vaux were among the 16 prominent architects invited to help construct the bylaws. The group worked together to help promote the overall architectural profession. Prior to AIA becoming a recognized organization, many could categorize themselves as architects without being licensed. The American Institute of Architects now makes it possible for licensed members to become part of a very distinguished and famed organization.

By March 10th, 1857, the group drafted the first laws for the architect constitution. The original name of the organization was called the New York Society of Architects. They eventually changed the name to the American Insititute of Architects on April 15th, 1857. They amended the bylaws several times until they finally settled with the mission “to promote the artistic, scientific, and practical profession of its members.” Twenty years later, many architects from other cities were asking to join the group. Chapters were eventually formed in the cities of Albany, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Rhode Island and many others.

Today there are nearly 90,000 licensed architects and prominent professionals related to the members. All AIA members must comply with a certain code of ethics in order to retain their membership within the organization. By following the code of conducts and following the essential rules, they can assure that clients within the community in addition to international clients will understand the professionalism, dedication and high standards that are placed on each member. The organization operates within five levels of membership guidelines, and each level must hold a certain standard. The five levels involve architect members, associate members, international associate members, emeritus members and allied members. The AIA is proud to serve their members with professional development and a wide array of opportunities.

For more, please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ2CmY7_W5o.

Neurocore: Treating Depression by Training Your Brain to Focus on Positive Aspects of Your Life

What most people suffering from depression do not know is that they can be treated. One of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to seeking professional help is the stigma that is associated with depression. Most people living with people suffering from depression do not quite understand much about the condition. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

One of the interesting facts about depression is that it is not simply one disease. It can manifest itself in different types. Some of the common types of depression include major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder. The good news is that for all these types of depression, there is a cure.

Another fact which most people do not know about depression is that is one of the leading causes of suicide cases in the United States. Statistics also show that depression is to thank for some of the disabilities in the country. With such statistics, the reality is that people suffering from depression are not as productive as their mentally stable counterparts.

In order to cure depression, there are various treatment options. One of the most effective treatments is training the brain to change how it looks at things. Instead of focusing negative aspects of your life, therapy can help you to appreciate the positives.

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About Neurocore

According to the neuroscientists at Neurocore, understanding these facts about depression can help in changing people’s perception of the condition. It will also encourage more people suffering from depression and related illnesses to seek treatment.

Neurocore is a network of brain performance centers which use technology to identify symptoms of mental health conditions, for example depression and anxiety. After diagnosing a specific condition, the experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which is personalized. They will also put you through a brain-training program that is best-suited to address your individual needs.

At Neurocore, experts believe that the brain can be trained to change. There are many training modules which can help a patient to develop a healthier and more active brain. The brain centers pride themselves in providing long-lasting solutions to their patients. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.